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All's Well That Ends WellAW I.iii.74And gave this sentence then:And gaue this sentence then,
All's Well That Ends WellAW III.ii.60This is a dreadful sentence.This is a dreadfull sentence.
As You Like ItAYL I.iii.83Pronounce that sentence then on me, my liege,Pronounce that sentence then on me my Leige,
As You Like ItAYL III.ii.132Or at every sentence end,or at euerie sentence end;
The Comedy of ErrorsCE I.i.148And passed sentence may not be recalledAnd passed sentence may not be recal'd
CoriolanusCor III.iii.22.1Of what we chance to sentence.Of what we chance to Sentence.
CymbelineCym I.ii.9You leaned unto his sentence, with what patienceYou lean'd vnto his Sentence, with what patience
CymbelineCym V.v.289Pluck a hard sentence: prithee, valiant youth,Plucke a hard sentence: Prythee valiant youth
Henry IV Part 22H4 V.ii.98After this cold considerance sentence me,After this cold considerance, sentence me;
Henry VH5 II.ii.166God quit you in His mercy! Hear your sentence.God quit you in his mercy: Hear your sentence
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.iii.3Receive the sentence of the law for sinsReceiue the Sentence of the Law for sinne,
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.i.56Write in the dust this sentence with thy blood:Write in the dust this Sentence with thy blood,
Julius CaesarJC IV.i.17In our black sentence and proscription.In our blacke Sentence and Proscription.
King LearKL I.i.170To come betwixt our sentence and our power,To come betwixt our sentences, and our power,
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.i.287Sir, I will pronounce your sentence: you shall fast aSir I will pronounce your sentence: You shall fast a
Measure for MeasureMM II.ii.106So you must be the first that gives this sentence,So you must be ye first that giues this sentence,
Measure for MeasureMM II.iv.37Under your sentence?Vnder your Sentence?
Measure for MeasureMM II.iv.62Pronounce a sentence on your brother's life;Pronounce a sentence on your Brothers life,
Measure for MeasureMM II.iv.109Were not you then as cruel as the sentenceWere not you then as cruell as the Sentence,
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.370Immediate sentence, then, and sequent deathImmediate sentence then, and sequent death,
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.202Must needs give sentence 'gainst the merchant there.Must needes giue sentence 'gainst the Merchant there.
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.295We trifle time. I pray thee pursue sentence.We trifle time, I pray thee pursue sentence.
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.301Most learned judge! A sentence! Come, prepare!Most learned Iudge, a sentence, come prepare.
OthelloOth I.iii.119Not only take away, but let your sentenceNot onely take away, but let your Sentence
OthelloOth I.iii.197Let me speak like yourself and lay a sentenceLet me speake like your selfe: / And lay a Sentence,
OthelloOth I.iii.210He bears the sentence well that nothing bearsHe beares the Sentence well, that nothing beares,
OthelloOth I.iii.212But he bears both the sentence and the sorrowBut he beares both the Sentence, and the sorrow,
PericlesPer I.i.91Either expound now or receive your sentence.Either expound now, or receiue your sentence.
Richard IIR2 I.iii.154A heavy sentence, my most sovereign liege,A heauy sentence, my most Soueraigne Liege,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.172What is thy sentence then but speechless death,What is thy sentence then, but speechlesse death,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.175After our sentence plaining comes too late.After our sentence, plaining comes too late.
Richard IIR2 I.iii.242And in the sentence my own life destroyed.
Richard IIR2 III.iii.134That laid the sentence of dread banishmentThat layd the Sentence of dread Banishment
Richard IIR2 IV.i.121What subject can give sentence on his king? – What Subiect can giue Sentence on his King?
Richard IIR2 V.vi.23Thy kingly doom and sentence of his pride.Thy Kingly doome, and sentence of his pride.
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.189The bitter sentence of poor Clarence' deathThe bitter sentence of poore Clarence death,
Romeo and JulietRJ I.i.88And hear the sentence of your moved prince.And heare the Sentence of your mooued Prince.
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.75And art thou changed? Pronounce this sentence then:And art thou chang'd? pronounce this sentence then,
Titus AndronicusTit V.iii.176Give sentence on this execrable wretchGiue sentence on this execrable Wretch,
Twelfth NightTN III.i.11You have said, sir. To see this age! A sentence isYou haue said sir: To see this age: A sentence is


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The Rape of LucreceLuc.244 Who fears a sentence or an old man's saw Who feares a sentence or an old mans saw,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.566 And 'midst the sentence so her accent breaks And midst the sentence so her accent breakes,


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adjudgesentence, condemn
attaintureconviction, condemnation, sentence
censurepass judgement on, condemn, pronounce sentence on
comma[subordinate part of a sentence] detail, jot
doomjudgement, sentence, decision
passpass sentence, adjudicate
periodrhetorical pause, sentence ending, termination
sentencepronouncement, authoritative decision
sentencemaxim, wise saying, precept
terminationexpression, utterance, sentence ending


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ending, sentenceperiod
ending, sentencetermination
pass sentencepass
pronounce sentencecensure
sentence endingperiod
sentence endingtermination
sentence, passpass
sentence, pronouncecensure

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Elision... a line or focuses the emphasis within a sentence more sharply in others it helps to capt...
...amidst > ’midst luc 566 ’midst the sentence so her accent breaks amongst > ...
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