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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
OthelloOth IV.i.134place. I was the other day talking on the sea-bank withplace. I was the other day talking on the Sea-banke with


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bankcoast, shore
bankriver bank
bank[unclear meaning] put in a bank, win; pass by [as in a boat]
brinesea water, sea
calmcalm sea
ColchosColchis, ancient region at the eastern end of the Black Sea; in mythology, home of the Golden Fleece
congertype of sea-eel
continentbank, embankment, course
cungertype of sea-eel
Dalmatianspeople from ancient Dalmatia, bordering the Adriatic Sea, modern SW Croatia
Epidamnum[pron: epi'damnum] town on the coast of Illyricum (Dalmatia), Adriatic Sea
Epidaurus[epi'dawrus] town on the coast of Illyricum (Dalmatia), Adriatic Sea
eringocandied sweetmeat from the sea holly [eryngium] believed to be an aphrodisiac
fightscreen raised for protecting the crew during a sea-battle
floodsea, deep, waves, rushing water
floodsea voyage
flotesea, waves
groundbottom [as of the sea]
Hellespont['helespont] Dardanelles; narrow strait in NW Turkey, connecting the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara
landmanfighter on land [as opposed to sea]
leviathansea-monster, whale
limitbank, edge, boundary
mainopen sea, ocean
MediterraneumMediterranean Sea
Minotaur['minotawr] son of Pasiphae and a bull from the sea, half bull and half human; kept in Minos' labyrinth; killed by Theseus
muddyat a loss, confused, all at sea
NeptuneRoman water-god, chiefly associated with the sea and sea-weather
Nereids[pron: 'nerayidz] sea-nymphs, daughters of Nereus and Doris, who lived with their father in the depths of the sea
Pontic SeaBlack Sea
Portugal, Bay of sea of supposed great depth off Portugal
Propontic SeaSea of Marmora, Turkey
Proteus['prohtius] old man of the sea, shepherd of Poseidon's flock, with the ability to change his shape
rivagecoast, shore, bank
saltsalt water, sea
Scylla[pron: 'sila] rock (or sea-monster) in the Straits of Messina, opposite to Charybdis
seariver estuary
sea-boyship's boy
sea-coalmined coal of high quality brought by sea
sea-gowntype of robe with a high collar, short sleeves, and mid-leg length
sea-likein sea-going trim; or: like a stormy sea
sea-maidmermaid, sea-nymph
sea-margemargin of the sea, coast
sea-margentseashore, edge of the sea
sea-markprominent landmark used as a guide for sailors, beacon
sea-roomspace at sea to manoeuvre a ship
seasickweary of sea travel, tired of voyaging
sea-sonsea-boy, ship's boy
sea-wingmeans of flight by sea
shorebank, edge
Sirensea demon of Greek mythology, half bird, half woman, whose music lured sailors to destruction on the rocky shores of her island
South SeaSouth Seas, seen as a distant and unknown location
surgeheavy wave, violent sea
Thetis[pron: 'theetis] sea-nymph married to Peleus, destined to bear a son (Achilles) greater than his father
Triton[pron: 'triyton] minor Greek sea god, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite
waftcarry, convey, transport [over the sea]
Washesthe Wash; shallow inlet of the North Sea on E coast of England
wharfriver bank
wrackwreck, shipwreck, lose at sea
yare[nautical] manageable, easy to manouevre, ready for sea


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bank, put in abank
calm seacalm
demon, seaSiren
edge of the seasea-margent
eel, seaconger
eel, seacunger
fighter on land [as opposed to sea]landman
flight by sea, means ofsea-wing
lose at seawrack
margin of the seasea-marge
mined coal brought by seasea-coal
open seamain
ready for seayare
river bankbank
river bankwharf
screen protecting crew during a sea-battlefight
seaPontic Sea
seaPropontic Sea
seaPortugal, Bay of
seaSouth Sea
sea clothingsea-gown
sea demonSiren
sea godNeptune
sea godTriton
sea hollyeringo
sea nymphsNereids
sea travel, weary of seasick
sea voyageflood
sea, calmcalm
sea, edge of thesea-margent
sea, like a stormysea-like
sea, lose atwrack
sea, margin of thesea-marge
sea, means of flight bysea-wing
sea, mined coal brought bysea-coal
sea, openmain
sea, ready foryare
sea, space to manoeuvre a shipsea-room
sea, violentsurge
sea-battle, screen protecting crew during afight
sea-going trim, insea-like
ship, space at sea to manoeuvre a sea-room
South SeasSouth Sea
space at sea to manoeuvre a shipsea-room
violent seasurge
voyage, seaflood
weary of sea travelseasick

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