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All's Well That Ends WellAW I.iii.212But riddle-like lives sweetly where she dies.But riddle like, liues sweetely where she dies.


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affectlove, like, be fond of
affectincline to, like, favour, be drawn to
allusionriddle, wordplay, figure
AmazonianAmazon-like; beardless, hairless
anticly, antiquelygrotesquely, like a buffoon, in an antic manner
apishape-like in copying, stupidly imitative
backsworda basket-hilted sword with a single-edged blade and a thin back; later, a sword-like stick with a basketwork hilt, used in fencing practice
bare-bonedlike a skeleton, fleshless
baublelike a toy, paltry, insignificant
beastlylike an animal, in a beastly manner
beastlybeast-like, brutish, abominable
beetleoverhang, project [like threatening eyebrows]
biasswollen like the biased side of a bowl
bill[applied to various kinds of long-handled spear-like weapon] halberd; bill-hook
brass, brazeharden (like brass)
brazeharden (like brass)
buglebead-like, beady, glittering
carewant, like, wish
carrionlean as carrion, skeleton-like; or: putrefying
championflat and open, like a plain
childishchild-like, befitting childhood
chirurgeonlylike a surgeon
chorus-likein the manner of a chorus, like a running commentary
church-likepious, devout, devotional
cicatricescar, scar-like mark
clerk-likein the ways of learning, in scholarly ways
colossus-wiselike a colossus, with legs astride
conclusionriddle, enigma, conundrum
corslethold tightl embrace [like a corslet = defensive armour]
coxcombfool's cap [with a crest like a cock's crest]
cry[hunting] call like a hound
cullionlylike a cullion [= rogue], rascally, despicable
darthurl like an arrow
deaddeath-like, lifeless, spiritless
deadlydeathly, death-like
death-tokenfatal symptom, death-like sign
demi-puppettiny puppet, dwarf-like creature
desiredliked, admired, esteemed
dogfollow closely, pursue like a dog
down-gyvedhanging down like fetters [gyves]
dragonishshaped like a dragon
dungydung-like; or: vile, filthy, loathsome
earat odds, fighting like beasts
envyadmiration, desire [to be like], jealousy
face-royalmajestic face, face like a king
faintlylike a coward, fearfully
fairwell, in a good hand, elegantly [like a clerk]
fancylike, love, admire
ferretferret-like, red, blazing
ferretworry [like a ferret], hunt after
fieryspreading like fire
figurereproduce, look like, shape like
flap-dragonswallow like a flap-dragon
flintflint-like, hard, merciless
Florentiusknight in Gower's 'Confessio Amantis' who married an ugly woman in return for the answer to a riddle on which his life depended
foolishlike an idiot, lacking in sense
foxtype of sword [perhaps with a fox-like engraving on it]
gentlylike a gentleman, honourably, with dignity
giglotwhore-like, fickle, giddy
gobe [like], suggest, present itself
gossip-likegossiping, tattling, chattering
greenlyunskilfully, like an amateur
greenlylike an inexperienced youth, timidly, sheepishly
haggard-likewild, unmanageable, untrainable
haggishlike a hag, ugly, repulsive
hawkinghawk-like, sharp, alert
hem[drinking call] make a noise like ‘ahem’; clear the throat
hemmake a noise like ‘hmm’ or ‘ahem’
hemmake a noise like ‘hmm’
humourlike the mood of, find enjoyable, indulge
jack-dogmongrel, currish, mutt-like
jadedrive like worn-out hacks
jovialmajestic, like Jove [Jupiter]
ladylady-like, effeminately delicate, aristocratic
lazar-likelike leprosy, leprous
leperousinfected, poisoned, leprosy-like
liefshould like just as much
likeidentity, equivalent, counterpart
likesame, similar, alike, equal
likelikely, probable / probably
likeplease, suit
likebe impressed [by], make a choice
likenearly, almost
likefind, think of
likeliken, make like, make resemble
likeequally, similarly, also
likeadmire, enjoy, derive pleasure from
likevery likely
likeresemble, look like, take after
likethrive, look, do
likeas if
likelike-minded, harmonious
likealike, in the same way, identically
likethe same
likesimilar to, comparable with
likejust as
likinglustful affection, sexual attraction
likingbodily shape, good condition
likingapproving, consent, acquiescence
likingdesire, will, pleasure
limekiln, lime-kilnlimestone-like deposit, white lump
listwish, like, please
looklook on, act like a spectator
mankindman-like woman, virago; or: mad, furious, infuriated
mankindman-like, mannish
marbledshining like marble; reminiscent of marble
medlarapple-like fruit eaten when its flesh has begun to decay [also: pun on ‘meddler’]
mewlmew [like a cat]; or: cry feebly
mincewalk like a lady, walk with delicate short steps
mortal-staringwith death-like glare, lethally penetrating
mortisefit together, join tightly [like pieces of wood]
mussel-shellempty-head, gaping idiot [with mouth open like a mussel-shell]
naturallike a half-wit, idiotically
nunclechild-like shortening of ‘mine uncle’; guardian, master
orbedrounded, orb-like, spherical
pagefollow like a page
pair-taunt-likelike a winning hand in the card game ‘post and pair’
penthouselike a lean-to shed
penthouse-likelike a projecting roof
pitchblack tar-like substance [used to waterproof planks, etc; often, a symbol of defilement]
poleaxe, sleddedbattle-axe made like a sledge-hammer
porringerhat shaped like a pudding basin or soup-bowl
precious-princelylike the precious character of a prince
princebehave like a prince, act royally
quoitthrow, pitch, chuck [like a quoit]
rackingwind-driven, passing like smoke
relishliking, taste, inclination
relishappreciate, like, approve of
rheumaticwith symptoms of rheum [watery discharge], catarrhal, cold-like
riddle-likein the manner of a riddle, hiding the truth of a situation
riddlingdealing in riddles, riddle-making
ripered and full like ripe fruit
roguingliving like rogues, villainous, rascally
ropingforming rope-like threads, drooping
rose overcolour over like a rose, make rosy
royallike a king, majestic
rusticallylike a rustic, in a countrified way
sackbuttype of bass trumpet, with a trombone-like slide
Sagittary[pron: 'sajitari] centaur-like being that fought in the Trojan army against the Greeks
scarfwrap round like a scarf or sash
sea-likein sea-going trim; or: like a stormy sea
semblablesimilar, like, comparable
semblativeresembling, looking like
shark up[like a shark] gather together indiscriminately, collect hastily and uncritically
sheavedmade of straw; gathered up like a sheaf
shellyshell-like, shell-covered
ship-tirefashionable head-dress shaped like a ship
showappear, look [like], present [as]
shrewishlylike a woman, shrilly, sharply
sisteringacting like a sister; matching, corresponding
sluggardizedlike a sluggard, made lazy
smackhave a taste, like the flavour
smokespread like mist, grow misty
spanielfawn upon, follow [like a spaniel]
spaniel-likefawningly, slavishly, like a tame dog
spherystar-like, heavenly, celestial
Sphinxfemale monster who killed people unable to answer its riddle
squire-likelike an attendant, submissively
steeledhardened like steel, toughened
stickler-likelike a tournament umpire
strangelylike a stranger, distantly, in an unfriendly manner
strawylike straw, worthless as straw
surety-likelike a guarantor, proxy-like
sympathizeresemble, be like, have an affinity with
thisin this way, thus, like this
thorny-prickingprickly, barbed, pricking like a thorn
thoughtthink what you like
thrillpass like a shiver, tremble
tinder-likequick-tempered, inflammable, volatile
toad-spottedspotted like the toad [as if with poison]
tropicallyfiguratively, like a trope [a figure of speech]
urchin-snoutedwith nose like a hedgehog
vastlylike a wasteland, in desolation
villain-likelike a serf; or: like a rogue
vizard-likelike a mask, expressionless
wantonfeminine; or: child-like
water-gallrainbow-like halo
well-likingthriving, healthy, in good condition
wench-likegirlish, womanish, effeminate
willdesire, wish, liking, inclination
wolvish-raveningdevouring like a wolf
womanmake behave like a woman, weep
wombywomb-like, hollow, cavernous


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amateur, like angreenly
animal, like anbeastly
ape-like in copyingapish
arrow, hurl like andart
attendant, like ansquire-like
battle-axe made like a sledge-hammerpoleaxe, sledded
beasts, fighting likeear
behave like a princeprince
behave like a woman, makewoman
biased side of a bowl, swollen like the bias
buffoon, like aanticly, antiquely
call like a hound [in hunting]cry
colossus, like acolossus-wise
colour over like a roserose over
copying, ape-likeapish
coward, like afaintly
creature, dwarf-likedemi-puppet
cullion, like acullionly
death-like glare, withmortal-staring
death-like signdeath-token
deposit, limestone-likelimekiln, lime-kiln
desire [to be like]envy
devouring like a wolfwolvish-ravening
dog, like a tamespaniel-like
dog, pursue like adog
dragon, shaped like a dragonish
drive like worn-out hacksjade
dwarf-like creaturedemi-puppet
face like a kingface-royal
fetters, hanging down likedown-gyved
fighting like beastsear
fire, spreading likefiery
flap-dragon, swallow like a flap-dragon
flavour, like thesmack
follow like a pagepage
gentleman, like agently
glare, with death-likemortal-staring
guarantor, like asurety-like
hacks, drive like worn-outjade
hag, like ahaggish
half-wit, like anatural
halo, rainbow-likewater-gall
hanging down like fettersdown-gyved
hardened like steelsteeled
hat shaped like a pudding basin or soup-bowlporringer
head-dress shaped like a shipship-tire
hedgehog, with nose like a urchin-snouted
hound, call like a [in hunting]cry
hurl like an arrowdart
idiot, like anfoolish
inexperienced youth, like angreenly
Jove, likejovial
king, face like aface-royal
king, like aroyal
lady, walk like amince
like [similar]semblable
like just as much, should lief
like the flavoursmack
like the mood ofhumour
like, besympathize
like, makelike
limestone-like depositlimekiln, lime-kiln
look likeshow
look likelike
look likefigure
looking likesemblative
man-like womanmankind
marble, shining like marbled
mark, scar-likecicatrice
mask, like avizard-like
mew [like a cat]mewl
mood, like thehumour
noise like 'hmm' or 'ahem', make ahem
nose like a hedgehog, withurchin-snouted
page, follow like apage
passing like smokeracking
plain, like achampion
precious character of a prince, like theprecious-princely
pricking like a thornthorny-pricking
prince, behave like aprince
prince, like the precious character of aprecious-princely
project [like threatening eyebrows]beetle
pursue like a dogdog
rainbow-like halowater-gall
riddle, in the manner of ariddle-like
rogue, like avillain-like
rogues, living likeroguing
roof, like a projectingpenthouse-like
rope-like threads, formingroping
running commentary, like achorus-like
rustic, like arustically
sea, like a stormysea-like
serf, like avillain-like
shape likefigure
shaped like a dragondragonish
sheaf, gathered up like asheaved
shed, like a lean-topenthouse
shining like marblemarbled
ship, head-dress shaped like aship-tire
shiver, pass like athrill
sign, death-likedeath-token
sign, death-likedeath-token
sister, acting like asistering
skeleton, like acarrion
skeleton, like abare-boned
sledge-hammer, battle-axe made like a poleaxe, sledded
sluggard, like asluggardized
spectator, act like alook
spotted like the toadtoad-spotted
spread like mistsmoke
spreading like firefiery
steel, hardened likesteeled
stranger, like astrangely
straw, likestrawy
surgeon, like achirurgeonly
swallow like a flap-dragonflap-dragon
swollen like the biased side of a bowlbias
think what you likethought
thorn, pricking like athorny-pricking
threads, forming rope-likeroping
toad, spotted like the toad-spotted
toy, like abauble
trope, like atropically
umpire, like a tournamentstickler-like
walk like a ladymince
wasteland, like avastly
wolf, devouring like awolvish-ravening
woman, like ashrewishly
woman, make behave like awoman
woman, man-likemankind
worry [like a ferret]ferret
wrap round like a scarfscarf
youth, like an inexperiencedgreenly

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