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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.v.60The ministration and required officeThe ministration, and required office
Antony and CleopatraAC II.ii.92To lend me arms and aid when I required them,To lend me Armes, and aide when I requir'd them,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE IV.iv.116The debt he owes will be required of me.The debt he owes will be requir'd of me.
CoriolanusCor III.ii.63My fortunes and my friends at stake requiredMy Fortunes and my Friends at stake, requir'd
Henry VH5 III.ii.133better opportunity to be required, look you, I will bebetter oportunitie to be required, looke you, I will be
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.122As I required; and wot you what I foundAs I requir'd: and wot you what I found
King LearKL IV.iii.6personal return was most required and necessary.
OthelloOth II.i.225required conveniences, her delicate tenderness will findrequir'd Conueniences, her delicate tendernesse wil finde
The TempestTem V.i.51I here abjure, and when I have requiredI heere abiure: and when I haue requir'd
The Winter's TaleWT I.ii.245From course required. Or else thou must be countedFrom Course requir'd: or else thou must be counted
The Winter's TaleWT III.ii.62I loved him as in honour he required:I lou'd him, as in Honor he requir'd:
The Winter's TaleWT V.iii.94.2It is requiredIt is requir'd


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boundobliged, required, forced


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