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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Timon of AthensTim V.iv.61Of regular justice in your city's bounds,Of Regular Iustice in your Citties bounds,


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anon, ever andevery now and then, at regular intervals
ever and anonevery now and then, at regular intervals
formalstock, regular, conventionally portrayed
frameorder, definite form, regular shape
habitroutine, settled practice, regular behaviour
hauntfrequent resort, regular visit
hourlycontinual, constant, regular
lending(plural) advance of money to soldiers [in lieu of regular pay]
measurepattern of movement, regular course, routine
ordinaryregular meal, standard fare, mealtime
regularestablished, prescribed, constituted
resorthabitual meeting, regular visit
resorterregular, frequenter, customer
traderegular line of work, recognized business


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behaviour, regularhabit
course, regularmeasure
intervals, at regularever and anon
regular behaviourhabit
regular coursemeasure
regular intervals, atever and anon
regular shapeframe
regular visithaunt
regular visitresort
shape, regularframe
visit, regularhaunt
visit, regularresort
work, regular line oftrade

Themes and Topics

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Elision... listed below ’tis for example is the regular contraction of it is (by contrast with p...
Past tenses...st and future times are expressed) the regular formation adds -ed but -en is also comm...
...ferring to the class as a whole whether regular or irregular a related context is wh...
...opped (ayl ii iv 46) irregular > regular past tenses in shakespeare ...
... sweated / sweat mac iv i 64 regular > irregular past tenses in sh...

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
REGULARNOTirregular adj, irregulous adj


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