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The Comedy of ErrorsCE IV.ii.64Come, sister, I am pressed down with conceitCome sister, I am prest downe with conceit:
CoriolanusCor I.ii.9They have pressed a power, but it is not knownThey haue prest a Power, but it is not knowne
CoriolanusCor III.i.122That ne'er did service for't. Being pressed to th' war,They ne're did seruice for't; being prest to'th' Warre,
Henry IV Part 11H4 IV.ii.20duck. I pressed me none but such toasts-and-butter,Ducke. I prest me none but such Tostes and Butter,
Henry IV Part 11H4 IV.ii.36all the gibbets and pressed the dead bodies. No eye hathall the Gibbets, and prest the dead bodyes. No eye hath
Henry VH5 IV.iv.34Il me commande à vous dire que vous faites vous prêtIl me commande a vous dire que vous faite vous prest,
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.v.64From London by the King was I pressed forth;From London, by the King was I prest forth,
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.v.66Came on the part of York, pressed by his master;Came on the part of Yorke, prest by his Master:
Henry VIIIH8 II.iv.186And pressed in with this caution. First, methoughtAnd prest in with this Caution. First, me thought
King Edward IIIE3 III.iv.10More in the clustering throng are pressed to deathMore in the clustering throng are prest to death,
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.i.160And I am prest unto it. Therefore speak.And I am prest vnto it: therefore speake.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND II.ii.71With half that wish the wisher's eyes be pressed.With halfe that wish, the wishers eyes be prest.
OthelloOth III.iv.173I have this while with leaden thoughts been pressed:I haue this while with leaden thoughts beene prest,
PericlesPer Chorus.IV.45Prest for this blow. The unborn eventPrest for this blow, the vnborne euent,
Richard IIR2 III.ii.58For every man that Bolingbroke hath pressedFor euery man that Bullingbrooke hath prest,
Richard IIR2 III.iv.72O, I am pressed to death through want of speaking!Oh I am prest to death through want of speaking:
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.109.1Is pressed with deeper matter.Is prest with deeper matter.


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Venus and AdonisVen.430 I had my load before, now pressed with bearing: I had my lode before, now prest with bearing,
Venus and AdonisVen.545 He with her plenty pressed, she faint with dearth Ho with her plentie prest she faint with dearth,


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prestengaged, made ready, hired


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