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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.iii.268Is ruminated, plotted, and set down,Is ruminated, plotted, and set downe,
Henry VI Part 11H6 I.i.24That plotted thus our glory's overthrow?That plotted thus our Glories ouerthrow?
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.iv.3Too rashly plotted. All our general forceToo rashly plotted. All our generall force,
Henry VI Part 22H6 III.i.153Will not conclude their plotted tragedy.Will not conclude their plotted Tragedie.
Richard IIR2 IV.i.10In that dead time when Gloucester's death was plottedIn that dead time, when Glousters death was plotted,
Richard IIIR3 III.v.37This day had plotted, in the Council House,This day had plotted, in the Councell-House,
The Taming of the ShrewTS I.i.185Ay, marry, am I, sir – and now 'tis plotted.I marry am I sir, and now 'tis plotted.
The TempestTem V.i.273For he's a bastard one – had plotted with them(For he's a bastard one) had plotted with them
Titus AndronicusTit II.iii.47And give the King this fatal-plotted scroll.And giue the King this fatall plotted Scrowle,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG II.iv.181Plotted and 'greed on for my happiness.Plotted, and 'greed on for my happinesse.


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death-practisedwhose death has been plotted


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death plotted, who has haddeath-practised
plotted, whose death has beendeath-practised