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As You Like ItAYL III.ii.20more plenty in it, it goes much against my stomach.more plentie in it, it goes much against my stomacke.
CymbelineCym III.vi.21Plenty and peace breeds cowards: hardness everPlentie, and Peace breeds Cowards: Hardnesse euer
CymbelineCym V.iv.145and flourish in peace and plenty.and flourish in Peace and Plentie.
CymbelineCym V.v.443and flourish in peace and plenty.and flourish in Peace and Plentie.
CymbelineCym V.v.459.1Promises Britain peace and plenty.Promises Britaine, Peace and Plenty.
Henry VIIIH8 V.v.47And so stand fixed. Peace, plenty, love, truth, terror,And so stand fix'd. Peace, Plenty, Loue, Truth,Terror,
MacbethMac II.iii.5expectation of plenty. Come in time! Have napkins enowexpectation of Plentie: Come in time, haue Napkins enow
MacbethMac IV.iii.71Convey your pleasures in a spacious plentyConuey your pleasures in a spacious plenty,
PericlesPer I.iv.22A city on whom plenty held full hand,A Cittie on whom plentie held full hand:
Richard IIIR3 V.v.34With smiling plenty, and fair prosperous days!With smiling Plenty, and faire Prosperous dayes.
The TempestTem IV.i.110Earth's increase, foison plenty,Earths increase, foyzon plentie,
Timon of AthensTim III.v.68He has made too much plenty with 'em.He has made too much plenty with him:
Twelfth NightTN II.iii.48In delay there lies no plentyIn delay there lies no plentie,


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The Rape of LucreceLuc.557 A swallowing gulf that even in plenty wanteth; A swallowing gulfe that euen in plentie wanteth.
Venus and AdonisVen.20 But rather famish them amid their plenty, But rather famish them amid their plentie,
Venus and AdonisVen.545 He with her plenty pressed, she faint with dearth Ho with her plentie prest she faint with dearth,


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fatplenty, wealth, abundance
foison[pron: 'foyzn] abundance, plenty, profusion
fulnessprosperity, affluence, situation of plenty
martlemas[applied to a person] case of plenty, fullness of being
oldplenty of, abundant, more than enough
storeabundance, plenty, surplus, quantity
veal[unclear usage] Dutch pronunciation of ‘well’; or: version of Dutch ‘viel’ = plenty


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plenty ofold
plenty, case ofmartlemas
plenty, situation offulness

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PLENTYBASICplenitude n, plenteous adj, plenteously adv, plentiful adj, plentifully adv, plenty n


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