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Richard IIR2 V.ii.50Well, bear you well in this new spring of time,Well, beare you well in this new-spring of time


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Venus and AdonisVen.1171 She bows her head the new-sprung flower to smell, She bowes her head, the new-sprong floure to smel,


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bendchange, alter, turn in a new direction
Brownistfollower of Robert Browne, founder of a 16th-c religious sect advocating a new form of church government
buddevelop, spring forth, turn out
Castalion[unclear meaning] Castilian [Spanish]; Castalian [sacred spring on Mt Parnassus]
changechange of fortune, new circumstances
colourdye, stain a new colour
comernewcomer, arrival, new visitor
eanlingnew-born lamb
fire-newfresh from the fire, brand-new, freshly minted
FloraRoman goddess of flowers, who appears with the spring
fountspring, stream
fountainspring, source, well
freshfreshwater stream, fresh spring
gallant-springingfinely growing, developing well
greenfresh, recent, new
ingraftgraft in, insert new growth into
innovationnew fashion; or: insurrection
leakedsprung a leak, full of holes
love-springsyoung shoots of love, youthful growth of love
Naiades[pron: 'niyadeez] nymphs who inhabit springs, rivers, and lakes
newnewly, freshly, recently, just
newimmediately, just
new-addedreinforced, supplemented, augmented
new-apparelledin a change of clothing
new-begotnewly acquired, freshly obtained
new-conceivedin early pregnancy
new-datedof recent date
new-deliveredlately freed, freshly released
new-devisednewfangled, freshly invented
new-enkindledfreshly lit
new-fallennewly become due, recently acquired
new-fangledfond of novelty, distracted by new things
new-firerekindle, ignite again
new-firedrekindled, inflamed anew
new-foundrecently invented, freshly created
new-replenishedrepeatedly blown out by the wind to their full length
new-storefreshly populate, supply with new children
new-ta'en[new-taken] freshly caught, just captured
new-trimmednewly fitted out
new-trothedrecently engaged
new-tunedfreshly coined, fashionable
Niobe[pron: 'niyohbay] heroine of Thebes, daughter of Tantalus, whose sons and daughters were slain by Apollo and Diana; the gods then turned her into a rock, but her eyes continued to weep in the form of a spring
Pegasuswinged horse which sprang from the body of Medusa after her death; he brought thunderbolts to Zeus
primespring, springtime
refiguremake a new likeness of, replicate
reflectionreturn, turning back, retrogression [at the spring equinox]
reformationradical political change, new government
renewbecome new, grow again, regenerate
skipjump into action, spring up
springyouthful old age
springspring up, rise up, multiply
springclosing device, locking mechanism
springsapling, shoot, young growth
springfirst moment, dawn, break
springinggrowing, sprouting, developing
swathing-clothesswaddling clothes, cloths for wrapping round a new-born baby
transmigratepass into a new life; or: decompose, rot
unbraideduntarnished, not shop-soiled, new
Ver[personification of] spring, springtime
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round


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children, supply with newnew-store
circumstances, newchange
cloths for wrapping round a new-born babyswathing-clothes
colour, stain a newcolour
direction, newbend
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
distracted by new thingsnew-fangled
fashion, newinnovation
fresh springfresh
government, newreformation
growth, insert newingraft
lamb, new-borneanling
leak, sprung aleaked
life, pass into a newtransmigrate
likeness, make a newrefigure
new circumstanceschange
new fashioninnovation
new governmentreformation
new likeness, make arefigure
new things, distracted bynew-fangled
new, becomerenew
new-born lambeanling
pass into a new lifetransmigrate
spring forthbud
spring upspring
spring upskip
spring, freshfresh
spring, sacredCastalion
sprung a leakleaked
stain a new colourcolour
supply with new childrennew-store
turn in a new directionbend
turn to face in a new directionwheel
visitor, newcomer

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