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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
King Edward IIIE3 IV.iv.20And new-replenished pendants cuff the airAnd new replenisht pendants cuff the aire,


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bendchange, alter, turn in a new direction
Brownistfollower of Robert Browne, founder of a 16th-c religious sect advocating a new form of church government
changechange of fortune, new circumstances
colourdye, stain a new colour
comernewcomer, arrival, new visitor
eanlingnew-born lamb
fire-newfresh from the fire, brand-new, freshly minted
greenfresh, recent, new
ingraftgraft in, insert new growth into
innovationnew fashion; or: insurrection
newnewly, freshly, recently, just
newimmediately, just
new-addedreinforced, supplemented, augmented
new-apparelledin a change of clothing
new-begotnewly acquired, freshly obtained
new-conceivedin early pregnancy
new-datedof recent date
new-deliveredlately freed, freshly released
new-devisednewfangled, freshly invented
new-enkindledfreshly lit
new-fallennewly become due, recently acquired
new-fangledfond of novelty, distracted by new things
new-firerekindle, ignite again
new-firedrekindled, inflamed anew
new-foundrecently invented, freshly created
new-replenishedrepeatedly blown out by the wind to their full length
new-storefreshly populate, supply with new children
new-ta'en[new-taken] freshly caught, just captured
new-trimmednewly fitted out
new-trothedrecently engaged
new-tunedfreshly coined, fashionable
refiguremake a new likeness of, replicate
reformationradical political change, new government
renewbecome new, grow again, regenerate
replenishedcomplete, perfect, consummate
swathing-clothesswaddling clothes, cloths for wrapping round a new-born baby
transmigratepass into a new life; or: decompose, rot
unbraideduntarnished, not shop-soiled, new
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round


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children, supply with newnew-store
circumstances, newchange
cloths for wrapping round a new-born babyswathing-clothes
colour, stain a newcolour
direction, newbend
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
distracted by new thingsnew-fangled
fashion, newinnovation
government, newreformation
growth, insert newingraft
lamb, new-borneanling
life, pass into a newtransmigrate
likeness, make a newrefigure
new circumstanceschange
new fashioninnovation
new governmentreformation
new likeness, make arefigure
new things, distracted bynew-fangled
new, becomerenew
new-born lambeanling
pass into a new lifetransmigrate
stain a new colourcolour
supply with new childrennew-store
turn in a new directionbend
turn to face in a new directionwheel
visitor, newcomer

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