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The Two Noble KinsmenTNK IV.ii.128Gently they swell, like women new-conceived,Gently they swell, like women new conceav'd,


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apprehendimagine, conceive, invent
bastardizingbeing conceived as a bastard
begetgive birth to, father, conceive
bendchange, alter, turn in a new direction
Brownistfollower of Robert Browne, founder of a 16th-c religious sect advocating a new form of church government
changechange of fortune, new circumstances
chewplan, devise, conceive
colourdye, stain a new colour
comernewcomer, arrival, new visitor
conceitconceive an idea [of], think, imagine
conceiveimagine, fancy
conceiveunderstand, comprehend, follow
conceivethink, hold an opinion
conceivebegin to feel, take into the mind
conceivedevise, form, conceptualize
conceivingimagination, insight, mental creativity
eanlingnew-born lamb
engendereddevised, hatched, conceived
fire-newfresh from the fire, brand-new, freshly minted
first-conceivedfirst perceived, previously heard
flightyswiftly conceived, quickly vanishing
getbeget, conceive, breed
greenfresh, recent, new
imagineconceive, devise, plan
imaginedof imagination, conceived in the mind
imaginedall imaginable, as much as can be conceived
ingraftgraft in, insert new growth into
innovationnew fashion; or: insurrection
newnewly, freshly, recently, just
newimmediately, just
new-addedreinforced, supplemented, augmented
new-apparelledin a change of clothing
new-begotnewly acquired, freshly obtained
new-conceivedin early pregnancy
new-datedof recent date
new-deliveredlately freed, freshly released
new-devisednewfangled, freshly invented
new-enkindledfreshly lit
new-fallennewly become due, recently acquired
new-fangledfond of novelty, distracted by new things
new-firerekindle, ignite again
new-firedrekindled, inflamed anew
new-foundrecently invented, freshly created
new-replenishedrepeatedly blown out by the wind to their full length
new-storefreshly populate, supply with new children
new-ta'en[new-taken] freshly caught, just captured
new-trimmednewly fitted out
new-trothedrecently engaged
new-tunedfreshly coined, fashionable
quick-conceivingperceptive, astute, ready to understand
quickenreceive life, be conceived
refiguremake a new likeness of, replicate
reformationradical political change, new government
renewbecome new, grow again, regenerate
stampmake an impression of, mint, conceive
swathing-clothesswaddling clothes, cloths for wrapping round a new-born baby
takesuppose, conceive, come to believe
teembe made pregnant, conceive
transmigratepass into a new life; or: decompose, rot
unbraideduntarnished, not shop-soiled, new
unfatheredunnaturally conceived, illegitimate
ungottenunbegotten, not yet conceived
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round


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bastard, conceived as abastardizing
children, supply with newnew-store
circumstances, newchange
cloths for wrapping round a new-born babyswathing-clothes
colour, stain a newcolour
conceive an ideaconceit
conceived as a bastardbastardizing
conceived in the mindimagined
conceived unnaturallyunfathered
conceived, be quicken
conceived, not yetungotten
conceived, swiftlyflighty
direction, newbend
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
distracted by new thingsnew-fangled
fashion, newinnovation
government, newreformation
growth, insert newingraft
idea, conceive anconceit
lamb, new-borneanling
life, pass into a newtransmigrate
likeness, make a newrefigure
mind, conceived in theimagined
new circumstanceschange
new fashioninnovation
new governmentreformation
new likeness, make arefigure
new things, distracted bynew-fangled
new, becomerenew
new-born lambeanling
pass into a new lifetransmigrate
stain a new colourcolour
supply with new childrennew-store
swiftly conceivedflighty
turn in a new directionbend
turn to face in a new directionwheel
unnaturally conceivedunfathered
visitor, newcomer

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