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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry VI Part 11H6 II.ii.20His new-come champion, virtuous Joan of Arc,His new-come Champion, vertuous Ioane of Acre,
Richard IIR2 V.ii.47That strew the green lap of the new-come spring?That strew the greene lap of the new-come Spring?


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accosting[unclear meaning] making of advances, coming on
affrontcome face to face with, meet, confront
after-timeshereafter, future, time to come
appointmentpreparation, arrangement, coming to terms
approacharrival, coming
approacharrive, come, turn up
articulatenegotiate, deal, come to terms
bebecome, come to be
becomecome to (be), to be found, reach
befallhappen to, come to
befortunebefall, happen, come upon
behindstill to come, to follow
bendchange, alter, turn in a new direction
betidehappen (to), befall, come (to)
blastcome to grief, be destroyed, fail
breakrush out, come out
Brownistfollower of Robert Browne, founder of a 16th-c religious sect advocating a new form of church government
calmbecalm, come to a halt, delay
chancehappen [to], transpire, come about
chancecome by chance, happen to arrive
changechange of fortune, new circumstances
closeagree, come to terms, compromise
closeget to grips, come to close quarters
colourdye, stain a new colour
comeapproach, move towards
comecome into fashion, become trendy
cometurn out, result
comeescape, get away
comecome forward [from the rear], reach, advance
come[whether a horse or dog has its tail docked or not] whatever happens, come what may
comeleave the field of combat, disengage
comebecome, grow, come to be
comeenter, come in/into
comeachieve, attain, arrive at
comepay up, settle up
comecome to pass, happen, turn out
comecome away, leave
comecome what may, whatever happens
comecome here, come on
comecome into existence, be displayed
comeexceed, surpass
comeovershadow, overwhelm, exercise influence over
comebegin to understand, start to appreciate
comedescend from
comespeak, talk, express oneself
come[drinking call] pass it round
comefind, acquire, come across
comesubmit, reconcile, yield
comeapproach, descend on
comerebound, come back [on]
cometurn out to be true, be fulfilled
comechange direction, veer round
come[expressing impatience, incredulity, exasperation] come on, come off it
comernewcomer, arrival, new visitor
coming-inincome, revenue, yield
coming-onamenable, agreeable, compliant
compositionsettlement, truce, coming to terms
composurecombination, bond, coming together
compoundcome to terms, reach an agreement
compromisereach agreement, come to terms
concludecome to a decision, make an agreement
concludecome to terms, reach accord [over]
congreeaccord, come together in agreement
conjoinmake contact, come together
conjunctionapparent coming together of heavenly bodies as seen from Earth
copeencounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
cuffs, go tocome to blows
declinefall, descend, come down
determinecome to an end, dissolve, melt
diecease, expire, come to an end
discoverfind, uncover, come upon
disposecome to terms, make a deal
downrightdirected straight down, coming from above
dropdrift, meander, come casually
eanlingnew-born lamb
egress and regress[legal] right of leaving and return, freedom to come and go
entrancearrival, coming in
fadgeturn out, end up, come off
faildie out, come to an end
fallhappen, occur, come to pass
fallbefall, fall on, come to
fallturn out, happen, come to pass
fallfall out, quarrel, come into conflict
falling inreconciliation, coming together
fiacome / go on, hurry up
finddiscover, find, come upon
finishdie, come to an end
fire-newfresh from the fire, brand-new, freshly minted
gocome along, come with me
goget moving, get to work, come on
gogo ahead, take place, come to pass
gocome, accompany, stay
good-years[unclear meaning] good times to come
greenfresh, recent, new
growarise, come into existence
haphappen, take place, come to pass
happycoming just at the right time
have[said at the start of a fencing attack or other confrontation] I come at, let me at [a person]
have [said at the start of a confrontation or attack; more usually: have at] I come
headedhaving come to a head, full-grown, matured
hereafterafter this, in time to come
high-engenderedcoming from the heavens, brought into being from above
hob, nobgive or take, come what may
ingraftgraft in, insert new growth into
inheritrealize, come to fruition
inheritreceive, obtain, come into possession [of]
injointunite, join up, come together
innovationnew fashion; or: insurrection
inspiredcoming from God, of divine origin
intrate[Latin] come in, boys
issuecome forth, sally out
joinencounter, come together, meet in conflict
laglate-coming, last, closing
lightalight, descend, fall, come to rest
lightcome across, meet with, chance upon
makecome, proceed, approach
makeadvance, come forward
marry come upexpression of (real or playful) impatience
meetcome together for love
miscarrycome to harm, perish, meet death
miscarrycome to harm, be lost, be destroyed
newnewly, freshly, recently, just
newimmediately, just
new-addedreinforced, supplemented, augmented
new-apparelledin a change of clothing
new-begotnewly acquired, freshly obtained
new-conceivedin early pregnancy
new-datedof recent date
new-deliveredlately freed, freshly released
new-devisednewfangled, freshly invented
new-enkindledfreshly lit
new-fallennewly become due, recently acquired
new-fangledfond of novelty, distracted by new things
new-firerekindle, ignite again
new-firedrekindled, inflamed anew
new-foundrecently invented, freshly created
new-replenishedrepeatedly blown out by the wind to their full length
new-storefreshly populate, supply with new children
new-ta'en[new-taken] freshly caught, just captured
new-trimmednewly fitted out
new-trothedrecently engaged
new-tunedfreshly coined, fashionable
non-comemalapropism for ‘nonplus’ [= state of perplexity]
overcomesuddenly come over, swiftly pass across
overreachovertake, come up with, pass by
overtakecatch up to, come up with
peerappear, come into sight
periodend, conclude; [with ‘comfort’ as object] put an end to; or [with ‘comfort’ as subject]: come to an end
pluckcome down [in level of aspiration], look lower
pointedending in a point, coming to a peak
presspush forward, thrust, come / go boldly
proceedresult, arise, come from
procurebring, induce, make come
putmake a show, come forward, promise
refiguremake a new likeness of, replicate
reformationradical political change, new government
renewbecome new, grow again, regenerate
repaircoming, arrival, approach
repaircome, go, make one's way
revivecome back to life, live again
ripingripening, coming to readiness
runfall, move, come
sealmake final arrangements, come to an agreement
self-graciouscoming from one's own gracious self
setdirect, put, make come
shootappear suddenly, come up, emerge
skyeycoming from the sky, planetary
sortturn out, fall out, come about
spitewhatever happens, come what may
stall[hunting] bring to a stand, come within range of
standcome forward, set to work
staystop, halt, come to a standstill
stepaction, movement, coming and going
stepcome into the path of, put oneself into the power of
still-closingalways coming together [after being divided]
succeedfollow on, ensue, come after
succeedinherit, come into possession of, be heir to
swathing-clothesswaddling clothes, cloths for wrapping round a new-born baby
takesuppose, conceive, come to believe
temporizenegotiate, come to terms, effect a compromise
thick-comingcoming in crowds, frequently appearing
tide[= betide] come, befall
timetime to come, future days
tracefollow on from, come from
tradetraffic, passage, coming and going
tradecross, come and go
transmigratepass into a new life; or: decompose, rot
truce, takecome to terms, negotiate
turnreturn, come back
turnredound, lead, come back
unbraideduntarnished, not shop-soiled, new
understandcome to an understanding, arrive at agreement
untimelypremature, coming before its time
veniI came, I saw, I conquered
verifycome true, be fulfilled
viacome / go on, hurry up
videsnedo you see who is coming?
wakecause to come out through staying awake
walkcome in, enter
wayscome along
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round
workhappen, proceed, come about
yearsmaturity, experience [coming through age]


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above, coming fromdownright
agreement, come to anseal
agreement, come together incongree
always coming together [after being divided]still-closing
awake, cause to come out by stayingwake
back, cometurn
be, come tocome
believe, come totake
blows, come tocuffs, go to
boldly come / gopress
casually, comedrop
chance, come bychance
children, supply with newnew-store
circumstances, newchange
close quarters, come toclose
cloths for wrapping round a new-born babyswathing-clothes
colour, stain a newcolour
come / go boldlypress
come / go onvia
come aboutchance
come aboutwork
come aboutsort
come acrosscome
come acrosslight
come aftersucceed
come alongways
come alonggo
come and gotrade
come and go, freedom toegress and regress
come awaycome
come backturn
come backturn
come backcome
come back to liferevive
come by chancechance
come casuallydrop
come cut and long tailcut
come downdecline
come down [in level of aspiration]pluck
come face to face withaffront
come forthissue
come forwardmake
come forwardput
come forwardstand
come forwardcome
come fromtrace
come fromproceed
come herecome
come inwalk
come income
come into existencecome
come into existencegrow
come offfadge
come oncome
come ongo
come outbreak
come out through staying awakewake
come over suddenlyovercome
come tobetide
come tobefall
come tofall
come tobecome
come to bebe
come to passcome
come to passhap
come to passfall
come to passfall
come togetherconjoin
come togetherinjoint
come togetherjoin
come together for lovemeet
come together in agreementcongree
come upshoot
come up withoverreach
come up withovertake
come uponbefortune
come upondiscover
come uponfind
come what mayhob, nob
come withgo
come, makeprocure
come, makeset
come, still tobehind
coming and goingtrade
coming and goingstep
coming before its timeuntimely
coming from abovedownright
coming from one's own gracious selfself-gracious
coming inentrance
coming onaccosting
coming togetherfalling in
coming together, alwaysstill-closing
conflict, come intofall
contact, come intocope
crowds, coming inthick-coming
decision, come to aconclude
direction, newbend
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
distracted by new thingsnew-fangled
end, come to andetermine
end, come to andie
end, come to anfinish
end, come to anfail
existence, come intogrow
existence, come intocome
fashion, come intocome
fashion, newinnovation
forward, comecome
forward, comemake
forward, comeput
forward, comestand
freedom to come and goegress and regress
fruition, come toinherit
God, coming frominspired
good times to comegood-years
government, newreformation
grief, come toblast
growth, insert newingraft
halt, come to acalm
harm, come tomiscarry
harm, come tomiscarry
head, having come to aheaded
heavens, coming from thehigh-engendered
lamb, new-borneanling
life, come back torevive
life, pass into a newtransmigrate
likeness, make a newrefigure
new circumstanceschange
new fashioninnovation
new governmentreformation
new likeness, make arefigure
new things, distracted bynew-fangled
new, becomerenew
new-born lambeanling
pass into a new lifetransmigrate
pass, come tofall
pass, come togo
path, come into thestep
peak, coming to apointed
possession, come intoinherit
possession, come intosucceed
range, come within [in hunting]stall
readiness, coming toriping
rest, come tolight
right time, coming at thehappy
sight, come intopeer
sky, coming from theskyey
stain a new colourcolour
standstill, come to astay
still to comebehind
suddenly come overovercome
supply with new childrennew-store
terms, come toarticulate
terms, come toclose
terms, come tocompound
terms, come toconclude
terms, come tocompromise
terms, come todispose
terms, come totruce, take
terms, come totemporize
terms, come toappointment
terms, come tocomposition
time to comeafter-times
time to cometime
time to come, inhereafter
time, coming at the righthappy
time, coming before itsuntimely
times to come, goodgood-years
together for love, comemeet
together in agreement, comecongree
together, always comingstill-closing
together, comeconjoin
together, comeinjoint
together, comejoin
together, comingcomposure
together, comingfalling in
true, comeverify
turn in a new directionbend
turn to face in a new directionwheel
understanding, come to anunderstand
visitor, newcomer

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