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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
King LearKL V.iii.259She's dead as earth. Lend me a looking-glass;She's dead as earth: Lend me a Looking-glasse,
Richard IIR2 IV.i.267Go some of you, and fetch a looking-glass.Goe some of you, and fetch a Looking-Glasse.
Richard IIIR3 I.i.15Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;Nor made to court an amorous Looking-glasse:
Richard IIIR3 I.ii.255I'll be at charges for a looking-glassIle be at Charges for a Looking-glasse,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG IV.iv.149But since she did neglect her looking-glassBut since she did neglect her looking-glasse,
The Winter's TaleWT I.ii.117As in a looking-glass; and then to sigh, as 'twereAs in a Looking-Glasse; and then to sigh, as 'twere


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abidewait for, await, look out for
apprehendview, see, look
aspect[of a human face] look, appearance, expression
aspectgaze, look
attendsee to, look after, apply oneself to
awaitexpect, anticipate, look out for
basiliskmythical serpent which killed with its look
bearbehave, look, conduct [oneself]
beauty-waningof fading looks, of diminishing beauty
beseeminglooking, appearing
beseemingappearance, look
bigger-lookedof more daunting appearance
blurt attreat with contempt, scorn, look down on
bugle-braceletbracelet adorned with ornamental tube-shaped glass beads
by-peeppeep sideways, look aside
cheaterdeceiver, sharper, gamester; also: officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crown
cheerface, look, expression
cherishentertain kindly, look after well
complexionappearance, look, colouring
connive atlook indulgently on, cooperate with
countenanceappearance, aspect, look
countenanceexpression, look, face
demurelook demurely, gaze decorously
dress[of land] cultivate, tend, look after
eliadamorous glance, look of love, ogle
expressureexpression, attitude, look
eyelook, appear, seem
eyelook at, stare at, regard
eyelook, glance, gaze
eye-glasslens of the eye
faceappearance, outward show, look
fairhandsome, good-looking, beautiful
fairmake good-looking, beautify
favour[facial] appearance, countenance, features, looks
favourappearance, look, aspect
featurephysical appearance, bodily shape, looks
figurereproduce, look like, shape like
foulplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
frownfierce look, severe face
gastnessterror, dread, frightened look
gazeviewing, observation, direction of looking
gaze[of a deer] in an expectant stance, with intent look
glassmirror, looking-glass
glass[sand of the] hourglass
glassmagic mirror, crystal ball
glassenclose in glass
glass eyesspectacles
glass-facedmirror-faced, self-reflecting
glass-gazingadmiring oneself in the mirror
glassy[unclear meaning] frail as glass, brittle; or: mirroring, reflecting [divinity]
glassyas if made of glass, translucent
go aread through, look over
goodlygood-looking, handsome, attractive, comely
grave-beseemingsuitably dignified, sober-looking
grim-lookedgrim-looking, forbidding
half-facedthin-faced, with a pinched look
hanglook vexed, pout, sulk
hearkenlook forward to, lie in wait for
homelyplain-looking, unattractive, ugly
husbandmanage, handle, look after
ill-seemingof ugly appearance, unpleasant to look at
keeplook after, watch over, maintain
keeplook to, attend to, follow
la yousee, look now
lean-lookedlean-looking, gaunt
leercomplexion, countenance, look
leerglance, look, eye
leerlook sideways, cast a side glance, smile disarmingly
likeresemble, look like, take after
likethrive, look, do
likelypromising, hopeful; or: seemly, good-looking
likenessappearance, look
liplook vexed, pout, sulk
listenlook out for, keep a watch on
lolook, behold, notice
looklook likely, promise, tend
lookexpect, hope for, anticipate
lookfind, seek, look for
lookbecome visible, show clearly
looktake care, see, be sure
lookbe watchful for, look after
lookexpect, anticipate, hope, await the time
lookwhenever, as soon as
lookfollow with the eye, look with favour on
looklook at directly
lookwait for, be on the lookout for
lookbe on the lookout, be wary
lookface, turn towards
lookchange one's state through one's looks
lookturn towards, look in the direction of
lookbeware, be on your guard
lookwatch closely, keep an eye on, police
lookjust as
looklook on, act like a spectator
lookbe prepared, expect, count on
lookrespect, hold in esteem, regard highly
lookexaggerate, find too much in
lookbe cheerful, take courage
lookattend to, take care of
looktake notice of, turn towards
lookobserve, be a witness to
lookseek out, find by looking
lookshow, appear, manifest
look youcan't you see?
lourfrown, scowl, look dark and threatening
oeillade[pron: 'iliad, uh'yahd] ] amorous glance, look of love, ogle
outsideappearance, look, outward show
outwardacting as an external observer, looking from outside
overeyewatch, observe; or: look too much at
overlooklook over, peruse, read through
overlookrise above, look down on
overlookingguardianship, looking after, custody
overpeerlook down on, look out over, overlook
overseebe executor of, officially look after
peepemerge into view, look around
Perseusson of Zeus and Danae; advised by Athene to look at the reflection in his shield when cutting off Medusa's head, thereby avoiding being turned to stone; associated with the winged horse released by her death
pipewhistle, look in vain
pluckcome down [in level of aspiration], look lower
preservekeep, maintain, look after
pretty[of men] fine, good-looking
preventanticipate, expect, look ahead to
propergood-looking, handsome, comely
provisionforesight, advance preparation, looking ahead
regardgaze upon, look down on, observe
regardtend, look after, take care of
regardlook, glance, gaze
reviewsurvey again, look once more at
ruderough, wild, harsh-looking
sad-eyed, sad-facedgrave-looking
searchseek, seek out, look for
seelook out for
seemhave the look [of], give the appearance [of]
seemingappearance, look, aspect
semblativeresembling, looking like
settingfixed look, settled expression
shiftprovide, look out, take care
showappear, look [like], present [as]
shunlook to escape, seek safety in flight
spectaclefit with spectacles, give glasses
speculationlooking on, spectating, observation
stareglare, glower, look madly
still-solicitingalways begging, forever looking for favours
strike[unclear meaning] tap the casks; fill the cups; clink the glasses; bang the drums
superviselook over, read through, peruse
surveyinspect, look over, examine carefully
swart-complexioneddark-faced, black-looking
sweet-facedgood-looking, handsome
tenderlook after, take care of
thinkexpect, anticipate, look
tidygood-looking, handsome; also: fat, plump
truewell-proportioned, clean-cut, good-looking
upwardupturned, looking upwards
usuringexpecting ample interest, looking for maximum return
visagedfeatured, looking
watchbe on the watch for, look out for
watchkeep watch on, look out over
well-beseemingfine-looking, well-ordered
well-favouredgood-looking, attractive in appearance
well-seemingattractively looking, presenting a plausible appearance
winkfail to look, connive
winkgive someone a significant glance, invite with a look
wonderstare in curiosity, look in fascination
wrinklefrown, disapproving look


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ahead, lookprevent
ahead, lookingprovision
aside, lookby-peep
attractively lookingwell-seeming
bracelet adorned with ornamental tube-shaped glass beadsbugle-bracelet
change state through lookslook
clink the glassesstrike
dark looklour
demurely lookdemure
direction of lookinggaze
direction of, look in thelook
directly look atlook
disapproving lookwrinkle
enclose in glassglass
escape, look toshun
fading looks, ofbeauty-waning
fascination, look inwonder
favour, look withlook
favours, forever looking forstill-soliciting
fierce lookfrown
find by lookinglook
fixed looksetting
forward, lookhearken
frail as glassglassy
frightened lookgastness
glass, enclose inglass
glass, frail asglassy
glass, made ofglassy
glasses, clink thestrike
glasses, givespectacle
good-looking, makefair
grave-lookingsad-eyed, sad-faced
indulgently, lookconnive at
intent look, with [of a deer]gaze
invite with a lookwink
likely, looklook
look afterattend
look aftertender
look afterdress
look afterpreserve
look afterkeep
look afterregard
look afterhusband
look afterlook
look after officiallyoversee
look after wellcherish
look aheadprevent
look aroundpeep
look asideby-peep
look ateye
look at directlylook
look dark and threateninglour
look demurelydemure
look down onblurt at
look down onoverpeer
look down onoverlook
look down onregard
look forsearch
look forlook
look forward tohearken
look in fascinationwonder
look in the direction oflook
look in vainpipe
look indulgently onconnive at
look likeshow
look likelike
look likefigure
look likelylook
look lowerpluck
look madlystare
look of loveeliad
look of loveoeillade
look onlook
look once more atreview
look outshift
look out forabide
look out forawait
look out forwatch
look out forsee
look out forlisten
look out overwatch
look out overoverpeer
look overoverlook
look oversurvey
look oversupervise
look overgo a
look sidewaysleer
look tokeep
look too much atovereye
look vexedhang
look vexedlip
look with favour onlook
look, disapprovingwrinkle
look, fail towink
look, fiercefrown
look, fixedsetting
look, frightenedgastness
look, have theseem
look, invite with awink
look, serpent which killed with itsbasilisk
look, unpleasantill-seeming
look, with a pinchedhalf-faced
looking afteroverlooking
looking aheadprovision
looking from outsideoutward
looking likesemblative
looking onspeculation
looking upwardsupward
looking, direction ofgaze
looking, find bylook
looks, change state throughlook
looks, of fadingbeauty-waning
love, look ofeliad
love, look ofoeillade
lower, lookpluck
madly, lookstare
officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crowncheater
outside, looking fromoutward
pinched look, with a half-faced
return, looking for maximumusuring
sideways, lookleer
threatening looklour
unpleasant to look atill-seeming
upwards lookingupward
vain, look inpipe
vexed, lookhang
vexed, looklip
well, look aftercherish

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