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Henry VH5 IV.i.54Tell him I'll knock his leek about his pateTell him Ile knock his Leeke about his Pate
Henry VH5 IV.vii.100your majesty takes no scorn to wear the leek upon Saintyour Maiesty takes no scorne to weare the Leeke vppon S.
Henry VH5 V.i.1Nay, that's right; but why wear you your leekNay, that's right: but why weare you your Leeke
Henry VH5 V.i.9yesterday, look you, and bid me eat my leek. It was in ayesterday, looke you, and bid me eate my Leeke: it was in a
Henry VH5 V.i.20Hence! I am qualmish at the smell of leek.Hence; I am qualmish at the smell of Leeke.
Henry VH5 V.i.23look you, this leek. Because, look you, you do not lovelooke you, this Leeke; because, looke you, you doe not loue
Henry VH5 V.i.36you fall to – if you can mock a leek, you can eat a leek.you fall too, if you can mocke a Leeke, you can eate a Leeke.
Henry VH5 V.i.38I say, I will make him eat some part of my leek,I say, I will make him eate some part of my leeke,
Henry VH5 V.i.44By this leek, I will most horribly revenge – I eatBy this Leeke, I will most horribly reuenge I eate
Henry VH5 V.i.47sauce to your leek? There is not enough leek to swearsauce to your Leeke: there is not enough Leeke to sweare
Henry VH5 V.i.59have another leek in my pocket which you shall eat.haue another Leeke in my pocket, which you shall eate.


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