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CoriolanusCor I.iii.41Than gilt his trophy. The breasts of Hecuba,Then gilt his Trophe. The brests of Hecuba
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.i.84the money too. Thou didst swear to me upon a parcel-giltthe mony too. Thou didst sweare to mee vpon a parcell gilt
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.iii.49if I be enforced, if you do not all show like gilt twopencesif I be enforc'd, if you do not all shew like gilt two-pences
Henry VH5 II.chorus.26Have, for the gilt of France – O guilt indeed! – Haue for the Gilt of France (O guilt indeed)
Henry VH5 IV.iii.110Our gayness and our gilt are all besmirchedOur Gaynesse and our Gilt are all besmyrcht
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.ii.139Iron of Naples hid with English gilt,Iron of Naples, hid with English gilt,
Henry VIIIH8 I.i.23As cherubins, all gilt; the madams too,As Cherubins, all gilt: the Madams too,
Henry VIIIH8 IV.i.37.9in his coat of arms, and on his head he wore a giltin his Coate of Armes, and on his head he wore a Gilt
King JohnKJ II.i.316Hither return all gilt with Frenchmen's blood.Hither returne all gilt with Frenchmens blood:
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.644A gilt nutmeg.A gilt Nutmegge.
Richard IIR2 II.i.294Wipe off the dust that hides our sceptre's gilt,Wipe off the dust that hides our Scepters gilt,
Timon of AthensTim IV.iii.304thy gilt and thy perfume, they mocked thee for toothy Gilt, and thy Perfume, they mockt thee for too
Titus AndronicusTit II.i.6And, having gilt the ocean with his beams,And hauing gilt the Ocean with his beames,
Troilus and CressidaTC II.iii.24If I could have remembered a gilt counterfeit,If I could haue remembred a guilt counterfeit,
Troilus and CressidaTC III.iii.178And give to dust that is a little giltAnd goe to dust, that is a little guilt,
Troilus and CressidaTC III.iii.179More laud than gilt o'erdusted.More laud then guilt oredusted.
Twelfth NightTN III.ii.23hand, and this was balked. The double gilt of thishand, and this was baulkt: the double gilt of this


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giltcoated with gold
giltpast form of 'gild'
giltcoated, glazed
giltgold, money
giltgold-gilded state, gold-coated effects


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