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HamletHam II.i.80Ungartered, and down-gyved to his ankle,Vngartred, and downe giued to his Anckle,


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abaselower, cast down
allayingdiluting, watering down
banepoison, kill, put down
bearstay upright, not fall down
bearoverwhelm, put down, overcome
biteerode, wear down, eat away at
blurt attreat with contempt, scorn, look down on
branchlessmaimed, disfigured, cut down
brawldestroy with uproar, force down with clamour
brewdilute, water down
burdenload down, weigh down
carousetoast, long draught, cup filled to the brim to be downed in one go
cast[wrestling] throw down, make fall
chargeoverload, overburden, weigh down
chokesuppress, crush, put down
chop-fallendowncast, dejected, down in the mouth
contentcalm [down], settle, relax
controlcalm down, gently rebuke
couchlower, bring down [to attack position]
couchlay down, rest, repose
couchmake crouch down, cause to cower
couch downcrouch, cower, lie down
couching[heraldry] lying down, crouching
crackcollapse, break down, fall to pieces
crazecrack, break down, shatter
cropcut down, remove, hack off
crouchduck down, lie hidden
crouchbend low, bow down, cringe
crushdrink down, quaff, knock back
crushedbroken-down, subdued, forced out of shape
custom-shrunkdown in business, suffering great loss of trade
dashcast down, daunt, dishearten
deceivedisappoint, frustrate, let down
declinefall, descend, come down
declinedvanquished person, someone brought down
dejecthumble, abase, cast down
dejectdejected, downcast, cast down
dejectedcast down, abased, humbled
depressbring low, humble, put down
derivebring down [on], direct [to]
digdig down, lessen by digging, excavate
dismountlower, cast down
dispongepour out [as from a sponge], rain down, discharge
dispungepour out, rain down, discharge
disquantitylessen in quantity, reduce, cut down
dissolvemelt into tears, break down in grief
distiltrickle down, fall in tiny drops
downdowns, undulating hills
downfall, go down, be overthrown
downin bed
downdead on the ground
downnonsense word using in song
down-gyvedhanging down like fetters [gyves]
down-pillowpillow made of soft feathers
downrightdirected straight down, coming from above
down-ropetrickle down, seep
DownsThe Downs; anchorage just off the Kent coast
down-sleevelong sleeve to the wrist
downysoft as down, comfort-giving
drawdraw down, bring about
drinkdrink down, swallow up
emboss[hunting] run down, drive to exhaustion
englutswallow up, gulp down, devour
enscheduleput in a schedule, write down in a list
essentiallyin fact, really, deep down
extenuatemitigate, lessen, tone down
failfall short, let down, disappoint
fixtureway of placing, setting down
fledgecovered with down, displaying growth
foundermake lame, cause to break down
fraughtburden, weigh down, encumber
gagepledge, challenge [usually, a glove or gauntlet thrown down]
gonelost, ruined, brought down
heavyweighed down, burdened, laden
hillo, illofalconer's cry to bring a hawk down
hugbed down, curl up, lie close
illofalconer's cry to bring a hawk down
ill-rootedunstable, unsteady, likely to fall down
inditewrite, compose, set down
killput down, outdo, master
lay[highwaymen] stand and deliver; put down your weapons
laybring down, inflict
layflatten, bring down, lay low
laykeep down, make subside
liesettle down, lay to rest
lightenflash out, send down as lightning
loadenladen, weighed down
lodgebeat down, flatten, make level
lollhang down loosely, thrust out
minceplay down, soften, make little of
miresink in the mire, get bogged down
missfail to meet, let down
outfaceput down, overcome, put to shame
overbearoverrule, overcome, put down
overlookrise above, look down on
overpeerlook down on, look out over, overlook
overrunflow over, stream down
overstareoutstare, face down
paperput down on paper, write down
peiseweigh down, burden, load
peiseweigh down, burden, load down
pennedspecially composed, set down in writing
play[drinking call] finish it off, down it
pledgeglove [thrown down], gage
pluckdraw down, bring down
pluckcome down [in level of aspiration], look lower
pluckpull down, drag down
practicpractical, pragmatic, down-to-earth
precipitationthrowing headlong, hurling down
prescriptprescribed, appropriate, laid down
pressoverburden, weigh down, oppress
pressoppress, burden, weigh down
presupposesuggest earlier, previously lay down
prickmark down, pick out, select [for death]
prickmark (down), put on a list, record in writing
prickchoose, select, mark down
pricksongvocal music written down, printed music
pridehighest point reached by a bird of prey before swooping down
putting downsuppression, restraint, repression
quaffdrink down, take a long draught of
qualifyappease, pacify, calm down
quenchcool down, settle down
rankplace, class, put down
raseobliterated, torn down
rebukerepress, put down, check
regardgaze upon, look down on, observe
registerrecord, formally write down
salvemake more acceptable, soften down, account for
setchallenge, put down a stake against
setsettle down
setseated, sitting down
setting-downsiege, besieging, encampment
sinkfail, fall down, give way
slackreduce to inactivity, quieten down
slackslacken, reduce, slow down
souseswoop down on, beat away
standfight stoutly, get down to business
steep-downprecipitous, sheer
stoopkneel, submit, bow down
strike[of sails] lower, take down [especially before a mightier vessel]
subdueget the better of, bring down, reduce
subscribeput down for [a sum of money], pledge
subscribewrite one down as, proclaim to be
swearreduce to silence by swearing, put down by swearing
swilldrink greedily, gulp down
takehumble, lower, cut down to size
tempermoderate, soften, tone down
treadpress down on, thrust against
unbuildpull down, demolish, dismantle
underdown, in a bad way, in a low position
undoneruined, destroyed, brought down
vaillower, bow down, cast down [as in submission]
vailsetting, going down
virginalmove the fingers up and down [as if playing a virginal]
visitafflict with sickness, strike down with disease
waterishabounding in water; also: wishy-washy, watered down
wavemove up and down, incline
whitein black-and-white, written down
wringwrack, rack, press down


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beat downlodge
bed downhug
bogged down, getmire
bow downcrouch
bow downvail
bow downstoop
break downcrack
break downcraze
break down in griefdissolve
break down, cause tofounder
bring downpluck
bring downsubdue
bring downlay
bring downlay
bring downderive
bring downcouch
brought downundone
brought downgone
brought down, someonedeclined
business, down incustom-shrunk
business, get down tostand
calm downcontent
calm downcontrol
calm downqualify
cast downabase
cast downdejected
cast downdash
cast downdeject
cast downdismount
cast downdeject
cast down [as in submission]vail
clamour, force down withbrawl
come downdecline
come down [in level of aspiration]pluck
cool downquench
crouch down, makecouch
cut downbranchless
cut downcrop
cut downdisquantity
cut down to sizetake
deep downessentially
dig downdig
disease, strike down withvisit
down in the mouthchop-fallen
down itplay
down, covered withfledge
down, directed straightdownright
down, soft asdowny
drag downpluck
draw downdraw
draw downpluck
drink downcrush
drink downdrink
drink downquaff
duck downcrouch
face downoverstare
fall downsink
fall down, likely toill-rooted
fall down, notbear
fetters, hanging down likedown-gyved
fingers up and down, move thevirginal
force down with clamourbrawl
formally write downregister
go downdown
going downvail
grief, break down indissolve
gulp downenglut
gulp downswill
hang down looselyloll
hanging down like fettersdown-gyved
highest point reached by a bird of prey before swooping downpride
hurling downprecipitation
keep downlay
laid downprescript
lay downcouch
lay down previouslypresuppose
let downdeceive
let downmiss
let downfail
lie [down]couch
lie [down]hull
lie [down]lodge
lie [down]couch down
lightning, send down aslighten
load downburden
load downpeise
look down onblurt at
look down onoverpeer
look down onoverlook
look down onregard
loosely hang downloll
lying down [heraldry]couching
mark downprick
mark downprick
mark downprick
move up and downwave
paper, put down onpaper
play downmince
point, highest [reached by a bird of prey before swooping down]pride
press downwring
press down ontread
previously lay downpresuppose
pull downunbuild
pull downpluck
put downbane
put downbear
put downchoke
put downdepress
put downoutface
put downoverbear
put downrank
put downrebuke
put downkill
put down by swearingswear
put down for [a sum of money]subscribe
quieten downslack
rain downdispunge
run down [in hunting]emboss
set downindite
set down in writingpenned
setting downfixture
settle downquench
settle downset
settle downlie
sitting downset
size, cut down totake
slow downslack
soft as downdowny
soften downsalve
stake, put down aset
stream downoverrun
swoop down onsouse
take down [of sails]strike
throw down [in wrestling]cast
tone downtemper
tone downextenuate
torn downrase
trickle downdown-rope
trickle downdistil
water downbrew
watered downwaterish
watering downallaying
wear downbite
weigh downburden
weigh downcharge
weigh downpeise
weigh downpress
weigh downpress
weigh downpeise
weigh downfraught
weighed downheavy
weighed downloaden
write downpaper
write down formallyregister
write one down assubscribe
writing, set down in penned
written downwhite

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Britain [outside London]
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