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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.i.84Wisdom, and constancy hath amazed me moreWisedome and constancy, hath amaz'd mee more
CymbelineCym I.v.123Yours, whom in constancy you think stands so safe.Yours, whom in constancie you thinke stands so safe.
Henry VH5 V.ii.153constancy; for he perforce must do thee right, becauseConstancie, for he perforce must do thee right, because
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.2And force them with a constancy, the CardinalAnd force them with a Constancy, the Cardinall
Julius CaesarJC II.i.227With untired spirits and formal constancy.With vntyr'd Spirits, and formall Constancie,
Julius CaesarJC II.i.299I have made strong proof of my constancy,I haue made strong proofe of my Constancie,
Julius CaesarJC II.iv.6O constancy, be strong upon my side;O Constancie, be strong vpon my side,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.169More bold in constancy ’ – More bould in constancie.
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.170.1In constancy than who?In constancie then who,
MacbethMac II.ii.68How easy is it then! Your constancyHow easie is it then? your Constancie
Measure for MeasureMM IV.ii.151provost, honesty and constancy. If I read it not truly,Prouost, honesty and constancie; if I reade it not truly,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.26And grows to something of great constancy;And growes to something of great constancie;
Troilus and CressidaTC I.iii.21To find persistive constancy in men? – To finde persistiue constancie in men?
Troilus and CressidaTC III.ii.159To keep her constancy in plight and youth,To keepe her constancie in plight and youth,
Twelfth NightTN II.iv.74mind is a very opal. I would have men of such constancyminde is a very Opall. I would haue men of such constancie
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG II.ii.8Here is my hand for my true constancy;Here is my hand, for my true constancie:


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
The Phoenix and TurtlePhoen.22 Love and constancy is dead; Loue and Constancie is dead,
SonnetsSonn.105.7 Therefore my verse to constancy confined, Therefore my verse to constancie confin'de,
SonnetsSonn.117.14 The constancy and virtue of your love. The constancy and virtue of your loue
SonnetsSonn.152.10 Oaths of thy love, thy truth, thy constancy, Othes of thy loue, thy truth, thy constancie,


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constancyconsistency, agreement, uniformity
constancyfortitude, self-control, steadfastness
constancypersistence, perseverance, steadfastness
faithconstancy, fidelity, loyalty
insisture[unclear meaning] steady continuance, constancy, regularity
resolveconstancy, firmness of purpose, steadfastness


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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
CONSTANCYBASICconstancy n, constant adj, constantly adv
CONSTANCYSTATEmarble-constant adj
CONSTANCYNOTinconstancy n, inconstant adj, unconstant adj


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