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The Rape of LucreceLuc.770 With close-tongued treason and the ravisher! With close-tong'd treason & the rauisher.


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accentlanguage, tongue
againstin front of, close to
a-hold[nautical] close to the wind [to hold steady]
bite one's tonguestay silent, repress speech
bosomintimate, confidential, close
bosomedintimate, close
Bristowcity-port in SW England, close to the mouth of the R Severn
brotherfellow-councillor, close adviser
bucklegrapple, engage, fight at close quarters
buffclose-fitting jacket made of buff worn by constables and soldiers
bynear by, close at hand
Carthagecapital of the Carthaginian state, 1st millennium BC; close to the later site of Tunis
chant itsing out, give tongue
closeenclosed, confined, incarcerated
closesecret, concealed, hidden
closeclosely, staying near
closeagree, come to terms, compromise
closetightly, in a close-fitting way
closeclosely, in a hemmed-in way
closeengagement, encounter, confrontation
closesafely, secretly, out of sight
closeclosing cadence, end of a musical theme
closeprivate, secluded, sequestered
closeenclose, include, contain
closejoin, unite, combine [again]
closesecretive, tight-lipped, uncommunicative
closesecurely, in strict confinement
closesecret, covert, underhanded
closeclose together
closeembrace, cuddle, hug
closeunion, uniting
closeget to grips, come to close quarters
closefinally satisfy, put the finishing touches to
closeclosed, shut
closetightly, close-fistedly, stintingly
closeenclosure, yard
closejoin, clasp
close-stoolchamber-pot enclosed in a stool, privy
close-tonguedspeaking secretly, tight-lipped
closingagreeing, acquiescing, concurring
closurebringing to an end, conclusion, close
clutchclench, close
coif, quoifclose-fitting cap, nightcap
concludeend, finish, close
crygive tongue, cry out
doubletman's close-fitting jacket with short skirt
fallsetting, closing [of the day]
familiarclose to a family, domestic
familiarunduly intimate, too close
familiarclose friend, intimate associate
fastclose, very near [to]
fatstuffy, fusty, close
fetchsurround, close in upon, capture
footclose behind, closely
forkforked tongue
forseal[unclear usage] seal up close, forestall, prevent
gossipbe a close companion, talk together
half-sword, atat the length of a small-sized sword, at close quarters
hardclose, near
harvest-homeclose of the harvesting season
hatchedwith the upper half closed
heelclose behind, in close pursuit
hookstay close behind
hugbed down, curl up, lie close
immediateclose in succession, proximate, direct
includeconclude, settle, bring to a close
instantimminent, impending, close at hand
inwardintimate friend, close acquaintance
inwardnessattachment, intimacy, close friendship
jerkinmale upper garment, close-fitting jacket [often made of leather]
kindnature, close natural relationship
laglate-coming, last, closing
layattack at close quarters, lay alongside
lewd-tonguedfoul-mouthed, scurrilous, abusive
long-tonguedchattering, prattling
makemake fast, shut, close
narrowlycarefully, with close attention
nearclose to the throne [in order of succession], near relation
nearnessintimacy, close relationship
neighbourbe close, be well acquainted [with]
neighbourhoodfriendly relations, close alliance
nighnear, close
out-tonguespeak more loudly than, be more persuasive than
peeppeer through half-closed eyes
Philomel, Philomela[pron: 'filomel] daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Tereus raped her and cut out her tongue, but she told the tale in her embroidery; the gods turned her into a nightingale after she took her revenge
propinquityclose kinship, blood relationship
quoifclose-fitting cap, nightcap
seal[unclear usage] seal up close, forestall, prevent
seel[falconry: sewing up a bird's eyelids, as part of taming] sew up, close up, blind
setfixed, rigid, closed
setclose, shut
shut upprevent, bar, close off
spend[hunting] bark, bay, give tongue
springclosing device, locking mechanism
stallkeep close, place, stow away
standstay close, be near at hand
still-closingalways coming together [after being divided]
stopnote [produced by closing a finger-hole in a wind instrument]
stopmeans of closing a finger-hole in a wind instrument
stopstop up, close (up), shut
stopstaunch, close up, prevent from bleeding
stople[Q variant] stop up, close up, plug
straittight, close-fitting, narrow
stricttight, close, pressing
tonguespeak, babble about, utter
tongue[in expressions]
tongue(plural) foreign language
tonguereproach, censure, berate
tonguespeech, expression, language, words, voice
tonguespokesman, voice
wink[of the eyes] close, shut
winkclosing of the eyes, shutting, sleep
winkingwith closed petals
winkingwith closed eyes
winkingclosed, shut


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acquaintance, closeinward
adviser, closebrother
alliance, closeneighbourhood
attack at close quarterslay
attention, with closenarrowly
behind, closeheel
behind, closefoot
behind, stay closehook
bite one's tonguetongue
bring to a closeinclude
cadence, closingclose
close [action]conclude
close [action]clutch
close [action]closure
close [action]make
close [action]nigh
close [action]set
close [action]stop
close [adjective]bosom
close [adjective]bosomed
close [adjective]strict
close [adjective]hard
close [adjective]fast
close [adjective]fat
close [the eyes]wink
close acquaintanceinward
close adviserbrother
close allianceneighbourhood
close at handby
close at handinstant
close behindheel
close behindfoot
close behind, stayhook
close companiongossip
close friendfamiliar
close in successionimmediate
close in uponfetch
close natural relationshipkind
close of the harvesting seasonharvest-home
close offshut up
close pursuit, inheel
close quarters, athalf-sword, at
close quarters, come toclose
close quarters, fight atbuckle
close relationshipnearness
close to a familyfamiliar
close to the throne [in succession]near
close to the wind [nautical]a-hold
close togetherclose
close upstop
close upstople
close up [in falconry]seel
close, beneighbour
close, bring to ainclude
close, keepstall
close, liehug
close, seal upseal
close, seal upforseal
close, staystand
close, too familiar
closed eyes, with winking
closed petals, with winking
close-fitting capcoif, quoif
close-fitting jacketjerkin
close-fitting jacket made of buffbuff
close-fitting way, in aclose
closing [of the day]fall
closing cadenceclose
closing devicespring
closing of the eyeswink
companion, be a closegossip
device, closingspring
eyes, closing of thewink
eyes, peer through half-closedpeep
eyes, with closedwinking
family, close to afamiliar
fight at close quartersbuckle
forked tonguefork
friend, closefamiliar
friendship, closeinwardness
half closed, with the upper [of a door]hatched
harvesting season, close of theharvest-home
instrument, means of closing a finger-holestop
jacket, close-fittingjerkin
jacket, man's close-fittingdoublet
kinship, closepropinquity
lie closehug
natural relationship, closekind
peer through half-closed eyespeep
petals, with closedwinking
pursuit, in closeheel
quarters, attack at closelay
relationship, closenearness
relationship, close naturalkind
seal up closeseal
seal up closeforseal
stay closestand
stay close behindhook
succession, close inimmediate
throne, close to the [in succession]near
tongue, bite one'stongue
tongue, cut outPhilomel, Philomela
tongue, forkedfork
tongue, givecry
tongue, givechant it
tongue, give [in hunting]spend
upper half closed, with the [of a door]hatched
wind, close to the [nautical]a-hold

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Functional shift
Here, there, and where
Hither, thither, and whither
Classical mythology
Gods and goddesses
Britain [outside London]

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