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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
The Comedy of ErrorsCE III.ii.4Shall love in building grow so ruinous?Shall loue in buildings grow so ruinate?
CymbelineCym IV.ii.355It was a worthy building. How? A page?It was a worthy building. How? a Page?
Henry VH5 I.ii.198The singing masons building roofs of gold,The singing Masons building roofes of Gold,
King LearKL IV.ii.85May all the building in my fancy pluckMay all the building in my fancie plucke
MacbethMac II.iii.66.1The life o'the building.The Life o'th' Building.
PericlesPer II.i.157This jewel holds his building on my arm.This Iewell holdes his buylding on my arme:
Titus AndronicusTit V.i.23Upon the wasted building, suddenlyVpon the wasted building, suddainely
Troilus and CressidaTC IV.ii.102But the strong base and building of my loveBut the strong base and building of my loue,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG V.iv.9Lest, growing ruinous, the building fallLest growing ruinous, the building fall,


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
SonnetsSonn.80.12 He of tall building and of goodly pride. He of tall building, and of goodly pride.


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buildingposition, fixed place, location
buildingbuild, construction
buildingedifice, construction
bulkprojecting part of a building, structure for displaying goods at the front of a shop
coigncorner of a building, quoin
fabricbuilding, edifice
garden-housesmall building in a garden [often used for lovers' assignations]
juttyprojection, protrusion [of a building]
mansionryplace of habitation; or: building place
schoolpublic building, institution
sheepcotebuilding where sheep shelter


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building in a garden, small garden-house
building placemansionry
building where sheep sheltersheepcote
building, corner of acoign
building, projecting part of abulk
building, publicschool
corner of a buildingcoign
garden, small building in a garden-house
projecting part of a buildingbulk
protrusion [of a building]jutty
public buildingschool
sheep, building to sheltersheepcote