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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Love's Labour's LostLLL IV.i.101.1To the prince and his book-mates.To the Prince and his Booke-mates.


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Absey book[pron: 'absee, = aybee'see] ABC, child's primer
bookrecord, list, register
bookexpertly, as if following a manual
bookwriting tablet
bookBible, prayer-book
bookdeed, charter, set of indentures
bookbook-learning, scholarship, erudition
bookoff by heart, by rote
book(plural) good books, favour, regard
bookwriting, written composition
bookishof mere book-learning, obtained only from books, scholarly
book-manscholar, student
book-matefellow-student, scholarly associate
book-oathoath made on a Bible or prayer-book
bully rookmerry comrade, good mate, old rogue
coach-fellow[one of a team of horses drawing a coach] companion, mate, partner in crime
cock and pie, byby God and the service book
co-matecompanion, fellow, comrade
commonplacecommonplace book, collection, compilation
creditorcredit [column in an account book]
debitordebtor [debt column in an account book]
Ephesiangood mate, old drinking companion
inkhornpedantic, book-scribbling
love-bookbook dealing with matters of love, courtship manual
matefellow, individual
matecompanion, associate, comrade
mateastound, amaze, confound
matecheckmate, overcome, finish off
matebe a match for, cope with
matecheck, frustrate, hinder
mate and makehusband and wife
matedbewildered, confused
partitionwall, dividing structure; also: section of a learned book
peermate, companion; wife
rut-timemating season, time for sex
skains-mate[unclear meaning] cut-throat fellow
storybook of history, historical record
table-booknotebook, memo pad, memorandum book
title-leaftitle-page of a book
tollenter for sale in the toll-book [tax register] of a market
treadmate, pair up


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ABC [book]Absey book
book dealing with matters of lovelove-book
book of historystory
book of historychronicle
book, commonplacecommonplace
book, memorandumtable-book
book, section of a learnedpartition
book-learning, of merebookish
books, obtained only frombookish
commonplace bookcommonplace
credit [column in an account book]creditor
debtor [debt column in an account book]debitor
enter for sale in the toll-book of a markettoll
God and the service book, bycock and pie, by
good booksbook
good matebully rook
good mateEphesian
love, book aboutlove-book
mate [friend]coach-fellow
mate [friend]peer
mate [make a pair]tread
mate and makemake
mating seasonrut-time
memorandum booktable-book
oath made on a Bible or prayer-bookbook-oath
prayer-book, oath made on abook-oath
season, matingrut-time
section of a learned bookpartition
service book, by God and thecock and pie, by
title-page of a booktitle-leaf
toll-book, enter for sale in atoll

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