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Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.i.36Yet let not this make thee be bloody-minded;Yet let not this make thee be bloody-minded,
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.vi.33Some troops pursue the bloody-minded Queen,Some Troopes pursue the bloody-minded Queene,


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absoluteresolved, positive, settled in mind
affecteddisposed, inclined, minded
affectiondisposition, character, state of mind
amissdeficient [in mind], deranged
apprehensionconception, grasping by the mind, awareness
apprehensionsharpness of mind, quickness of uptake
barren-spiriteddull-minded, lacking the spirit to respond
bearbear in mind, keep note of
bestraughtbereft of wits, mad, out of one's mind
bethinkcall to mind, think about, consider, reflect
bethinkresolve, decide, have a mind
bleedingbloody, blood-soaked, bloodstained
blood-bolteredwith hair matted with blood, with tangled bloody knots of hair
bloodyable to cause bloodshed
bloodybloodthirsty, warlike, ferocious
bloodyportending bloodshed; or: blood-red, scarlet
bloodyin the blood, in the veins
bloodyinvolving bloodshed
bloody-mindedbloodthirsty, ready to shed someone's blood
body forthmake available to the mind, give mental shape to
bogglerwaverer, vacillator, mind-changer
bosomtake to heart, keep in mind
callarouse, prompt, bring to mind
carefulpainstaking, serious-minded, attentive
carnalbloody, murderous
changechange of mind, changeableness, caprice
citecall to mind, make reference to
compositionconstitution, make-up, state [of mind and body]
conceitedof the same opinion, minded
conceivebegin to feel, take into the mind
concordantagreeing as one, harmonious, of one heart and mind
confusiondisturbance, distraction, agitation [of the mind]
conscienceto my mind
contentsatisfied, calm, easy in mind
contentcontentment, peace of mind
contentedcalm, easy in mind, restrained
courtcare, custody, minding
deliverexpress one's mind, disburden in speech
determinationmind, decision, resolution
deviceresourcefulness, aspiration, cast of mind
discontentdiscontented mind, dissatisfied soul
diseasemental illness, disturbance of mind
disposedof a particular disposition, with a turn of mind
dispositioncomposure, state of mind, temperament
dispositioninclination, mood, frame of mind
dispositionnatural temperament, normal state of mind
dotagefeebleness of mind, senility
dotantdotard, dullard, one whose mind is impaired by age
dotingfoolish, stupid, weak-minded
ecstasyemotion, state of mind, feeling
fancyimagination, mind, mental state
fantasticimagined, existing only in the mind
fantasyimagination, mind, thought
framenature, frame of mind, disposition
fury-innocent[unclear usage] anyone in a calm state of mind; anyone passion-free
generouswell-bred, mannerly, noble-minded
givedispose, mind, incline
giveconsider, account, hold [in mind]
givendisposed, inclined, minded
greatnessnobility of mind, dignity of spirit
guessrecall, remember, bring to mind
haughtyhigh-minded, aspiring, lofty
high-mindedarrogant, haughty, imperious
humourmood, disposition, frame of mind, temperament [as determined by bodily fluids]
ignorantdull, unwitting, simple-minded
ill-spiritedevil-hearted, wickedly minded
imaginedof imagination, conceived in the mind
inventionmind, thought, imagination
jealousysuspicious nature, apprehensive state of mind
keyaccord, rapport, mind
likelike-minded, harmonious
maliciouswicked, evil-minded, of ill will
meanintend for, have in mind for
mindthink of, call to mind
mindintention, purpose, intent
mindinclination, desire, wish
mindput in mind, remind
mindintend, have a mind
mindcharacter, disposition, spirit
mindpay attention to, take notice of
mindfeeling, presentiment, misgiving
mindpurpose, intend, hold an opinion
minded[in compounds]
minute-jackmind-changing villain, fickle lout
moodframe of mind, mental state
motley-mindedmuddle-headed, foolish-minded
naturenatural powers, normal state [of mind and body]
niggardlymean-minded, tight-fisted, miserly
partquality, attribute, gift, accomplishment [of mind or body]
partialdisposed, minded, inclined
patientcalm, serene, of quiet mind
ploodyWelsh pronunciation of 'bloody'
promptremind, put in mind, make reflect
propensionpropensity, inclination, cast of mind
proposebring up for consideration, set before the mind
purplebright-red, blood-coloured, bloody
quietcalmness, peace of mind, serenity
reachcapacity of mind, penetration
reasonablemoderate, not excessive, fair-minded
recoverrecall, recollect, bring to mind
rememberrecollect, recall, call to mind
rememberremind, bring to someone's mind
remembrancememory, bringing to mind, recollection
resolvedecide, make up one's mind
respectbear in mind, consider
retentionmeans of retaining, way of keeping in mind
rightin her right mind, sane, rational
rightcorrect [in opinion], right-minded
satisfactionremoval of doubt, resolved state of mind
sayfinish speaking, speak one's mind, make one's point
seelymiserable, pathetic; or: simple-minded
sensemind, power of reason, wits
sodden-wittedstew-brained, limp-minded, alcohol-crazed
spiritdisposition, temperament, frame of mind
spritespirit, feeling, frame of mind
stomachfeelings, temper, state of mind
stratagemdeed of violence, bloody act
tantaeneis there so much anger in heavenly minds?
temperframe of mind, temperament, disposition
tempermental balance, stable mind
thinkbring to mind, recall
thoughtenassured, of a mind, thinking
tunestate of mind, mood
twainof separate minds, at variance
veinstate of mind, motive, mood
weenthink, intend, expect, be minded
well advisedin one's right mind, sane, rational
well-mindedright-minded, well-disposed, loyal
what thoughwhat of it, never mind
witfaculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)
witmind, brain, thoughts
witlively person, sharp-minded individual


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accomplishment [of mind or body]part
age, one whose mind is impaired withdotant
apprehensive state of mindjealousy
available to the mind, makebody forth
bloody actstratagem
bring to mindcall
bring to mindthink
bring to mindrecover
bring to mindguess
bring to mindremember
bring to mindremembrance
call to mindremember
change of mindchange
clear [mind]pure
clear [mind]fine
conceived in the mindimagined
deficient [in mind]amiss
discontented minddiscontent
disturbance of minddisease
easy in mindcontented
express one's minddeliver
faculties of the mindwit
feebleness of minddotage
frame of mindtemper
frame of minddisposition
frame of mindmood
frame of mindsprite
frame of mindspirit
frame of mindhumour
frame of mindframe
frenzied state [of mind]distraction
grasping by the mindapprehension
heart and mind, oneconcordant
hold [in mind]give
mind impaired by agedotant
mind, bear inbear
mind, bear inrespect
mind, bring tocall
mind, bring tothink
mind, bring toremember
mind, bring toremembrance
mind, bring torecover
mind, bring toguess
mind, call tobethink
mind, call tocite
mind, call tomind
mind, call toremember
mind, capacity ofreach
mind, cast ofdevice
mind, cast ofpropension
mind, change ofchange
mind, conceived in theimagined
mind, discontenteddiscontent
mind, disturbance ofdisease
mind, easy incontent
mind, easy incontented
mind, existing only in thefantastic
mind, express one'sdeliver
mind, faculties of thewit
mind, feebleness ofdotage
mind, frame oftemper
mind, frame ofspirit
mind, frame ofhumour
mind, frame offrame
mind, frame ofsprite
mind, frame ofdisposition
mind, frame ofmood
mind, grasping by theapprehension
mind, have abethink
mind, have amind
mind, have inmean
mind, in one's rightright
mind, in one's rightwell advised
mind, keep inbosom
mind, make available to thebody forth
mind, make up one'sresolve
mind, nobility ofgreatness
mind, normal state ofdisposition
mind, of athoughten
mind, of quietpatient
mind, out of one'sbestraught
mind, peace ofquiet
mind, peace ofcontent
mind, put inmind
mind, put inprompt
mind, resolved state ofsatisfaction
mind, set before thepropose
mind, settled inabsolute
mind, stabletemper
mind, state ofaffection
mind, state ofdisposition
mind, state ofecstasy
mind, state ofstomach
mind, state oftune
mind, state ofvein
mind, take into theconceive
mind, to my conscience
mind, way of keeping inretention
mind, with a turn ofdisposed
mind-changing villainminute-jack
minded, beween
minded, wickedlyill-spirited
minds, of separatetwain
nobility of mindgreatness
normal state [of mind and body]nature
normal state of minddisposition
one heart and mindconcordant
peace of mindquiet
peace of mindcontent
quiet mind, ofpatient
resolved state of mindsatisfaction
right mind, in one'sright
right mind, in one'swell advised
separate minds, oftwain
set before the mindpropose
settled in mindabsolute
sharp-minded individualwit
speak one's mindsay
stable mindtemper
state of mindaffection
state of mindtune
state of mindvein
state of minddisposition
state of mindecstasy
state of mindstomach
state of mind, apprehensivejealousy
state of mind, normaldisposition
state of mind, resolvedsatisfaction
state, normal [of mind and body]nature
tangled bloody knots of hair, with blood-boltered
villain, mind-changingminute-jack
wickedly mindedill-spirited

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