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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
HamletHam IV.v.166They bore him bare-faced on the bier,They bore him bare fac'd on the Beer,
MacbethMac III.i.118With bare-faced power sweep him from my sightWith bare-fac'd power sweepe him from my sight,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND I.ii.91and then you will play bare-faced! But, masters, hereand then you will play bare-fac'd. But masters here


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abideendure, undergo, face
affrontcome face to face with, meet, confront
affrontequal, put in balance, set face to face
againagainst, facing
againstin the face of
answercope with, face, encounter
aspect[of a human face] look, appearance, expression
auditaccount, reckoning [especially: in the face of God]
baldbare-headed [as a sign of respect]
baremere, simple
barethreadbare, shabby, ragged
bareworthless, wretched; or: barefaced, shameless
bareunsheathed, exposed
bareunprotected, defenceless, without covering
barebareness, unadorned state
baregaunt, lean, needy
bareshave, trim
bare-boneskinny person, fleshless one
bare-bonedlike a skeleton, fleshless
bare-gnawntotally consumed, worn away to nothing
baringremoval, shaving off
barkedstripped, peeled bare, destroyed
barrennessarea [of skin] worn dry and bare
beardto his face, openly
beavervisor of a helmet, face-guard
bideface, await, undergo
blood-drinkingdraining the blood away [from the face]
blowzered-faced lass
both-sidestwo-faced, double-dealing, hypocritical
brazen-facedshameless, unblushing, unabashed
broad-frontedwith a broad forehead or face
championchallenge, defy, face
cheerface, look, expression
clearcheerfully, brightly, with unclouded face
coldempty, bare, lacking life
copeencounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
countenanceface up to, confront
countenanceexpression, look, face
currentaccepted, genuine, taken at face value
dog-ape[dog-faced] baboon
doubledeceptively, deceitfully, in a two-faced way
faceappearance, outward show, look
facedeceive, put on a false face
faceconfront with impudence, persist in contradicting
facecountenance, condone, cover over
facecover over, put a false face on
facebully, intimidate, turn
faceexclude, expel; or: deny [to one's face]
facebrazen out, carry through shamelessly
facebrazen out, carry through shamelessly
facetrim with braid, adorn
faceconfront impudently, defy
facerepresentation, image; skull
face-royalmajestic face, face like a king
facingtrimming, adorning, decking out
fairfair face, beauty
fair-facedattractive, appealing, presenting a good prospect
false-facedhypocritical, sanctimonious
figureface; or: body
fisnomyphysiognomy, face, countenance
'forein the face of
frontforehead, face
frontconfront, face, meet
frontingconfronting, facing
frownfierce look, severe face
gainstin the face of
glass-facedmirror-faced, self-reflecting
good-facedsmooth-faced, pretty
Gorgongenerally applied to Medusa, one of three monsters who had snakes in their hair, ugly faces, huge wings, and whose staring eyes could turn people to stone
grim-visagedwith a stern face
grinbare the teeth, grimace, snarl
groundface of the earth, globe
half-faceprofile, side-view
half-facedimperfect, incomplete, defective
half-facedthin-faced, with a pinched look
half-faced[of a coin] showing a monarch's profile; also: clipped, imperfect
half-facedwith only half the face visible
havelet's face, let's see
headto one's face, frankly, openly
high-colouredflushed, red-faced
humble-visagedwith humble faces
interviewface-to-face meeting
Janus[pron: 'jaynus] Roman god who guards gates and doors; shown with two faces, one at the back of his head
lookface, turn towards
mobledwith face muffled up, veiled
moppinggrimacing, making faces
mouthmake faces, grimace, show scorn
nakedbare, austere, unfurnished
opposedopposite, facing
outlookoutstare, overcome by facing up to
overmatchedoutnumbered, faced with superior strength
overstareoutstare, face down
paintingcosmetics, paint [for the face], beautifying
peepappear, show one's face
polledshorn, cleared, stripped bare
proposeface, confront, be ready to meet
sad-eyed, sad-facedgrave-looking
sanguinered-faced, ruddy-hued
seemingdeceptive appearance, two-faced behaviour, pretence
shame-faced, shamefastmodest, retiring, shy
smooth-facedplausible, bland, glib, deceitful
swart-complexioneddark-faced, black-looking
sweet-facedgood-looking, handsome
tallow-face[contemptuous] face as pale as wax
teethin the very face of, confronting face-to-face
teethto my face, in direct opposition
tripe-visagedtripe-faced, flabby
turnturn away, face the other way
turnturn and face the enemy, make a bold front
turningfacing the other way, retreating
unbarbeduncovered, unprotected, bare
unbonnetedbare-headed; with all modesty
unbonnetedbare-headed; recklessly
uncoveredbare-headed, with hat in hand [in respect]
undergofall under, experience, face up to
unshrubbedbare, empty, treeless
visageface, countenance
watchdial, clock face
wheelturn to face in a new direction, circle round
whey-facemilk-face, pasty-face
yellowsallow, pasty-faced; or: jealous


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bare the teethgrin
bare, peeledbarked
bare, strippedpolled
behaviour, two-faced seeming
broad forehead or face, with a broad-fronted
clock facewatch
come face to face withaffront
confronting face-to-faceteeth
direction, turn to face in a newwheel
draining the blood away [from the face]blood-drinking
earth, face of theground
face [head]countenance
face [head]cheer
face [head]visage
face [head]front
face [head]fisnomy
face [head]figure
face [meet]answer
face [meet]cope
face [meet]champion
face [meet]propose
face [meet]look
face [meet]front
face [undergo]abide
face [undergo]bide
face as pale as waxtallow-face
face downoverstare
face like a kingface-royal
face muffled up, with mobled
face of, in the veryteeth
face the enemy, turn andturn
face the other wayturn
face to face, setaffront
face up tocountenance
face up toundergo
face value, taken atcurrent
face visible, with only half the half-faced
face, fairfair
face, majesticface-royal
face, protection against the sunmask
face, put on a falseface
face, put on a falseface
face, severefrown
face, show one'speep
face, to one'steeth
face, to one'sbeard
face, to one'shead
face, uglyGorgon
face, with a broad broad-fronted
face, with a sterngrim-visaged
face, with uncloudedclear
faces, makemouth
faces, makingmopping
faces, twoJanus
faces, with humble humble-visaged
face-to-face meetinginterview
facing the other wayturning
facing up so as to overcomeoutlook
fair facefair
false face, put on aface
false face, put on aface
half the face visible, with only half-faced
humble faces, with humble-visaged
king, face like aface-royal
lass, red-facedblowze
majestic faceface-royal
meeting, face-to-faceinterview
muffled up, with facemobled
paint [for the face]painting
pale as wax, face astallow-face
peeled barebarked
red-faced lassblowze
severe facefrown
show one's facepeep
stern face, with a grim-visaged
strength, faced with superiorovermatched
stripped barepolled
superior strength, faced withovermatched
teeth, bare thegrin
turn and face the enemyturn
turn to face in a new directionwheel
two-faced behaviourseeming
two-faced way, in adouble
ugly faceGorgon
unclouded face, with clear
wax, face as pale astallow-face
way, face the other turn
way, facing the otherturning

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