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All's Well That Ends WellAW III.iv.25.2What angel shallWhat Angell shall
Antony and CleopatraAC II.iii.22Where Caesar's is not. But near him thy angelWhere Casars is not. But neere him, thy Angell
The Comedy of ErrorsCE IV.iii.19He that came behind you, sir, like an evil angel, and bidhee that came behinde you sir, like an euill angel, and bid 
CymbelineCym II.ii.50Though this a heavenly angel, hell is here.Though this a heauenly Angell: hell is heere.
CymbelineCym III.vii.15By Jupiter, an angel! Or, if not,By Iupiter an Angell: or if not
CymbelineCym IV.ii.248That angel of the world – doth make distinction(That Angell of the world) doth make distinction
HamletHam I.v.55So lust, though to a radiant angel linked,So Lust, though to a radiant Angell link'd,
HamletHam II.ii.306like an angel, in apprehension how like a god: thelike an Angel? in apprehension, how like a God? the
HamletHam III.iv.163Of habits devil, is angel yet in this,
HamletHam V.i.237A ministering angel shall my sister beA Ministring Angell shall my Sister be,
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.iii.35God's angel!' But thou art altogether given over, andBut thou art altogether giuen ouer; and
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.iii.175O my sweet beef, I must still be good angelO my sweet Beefe: / I must still be good Angell
Henry IV Part 11H4 IV.i.108As if an angel dropped down from the cloudsAs if an Angell dropt downe from the Clouds,
Henry IV Part 11H4 IV.ii.6This bottle makes an angel.This Bottle makes an Angell.
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.ii.166and down, like his ill angel.and downe, like his euill Angell.
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.ii.167Not so, my lord; your ill angel is light, but INot so (my Lord) your ill Angell is light: but I
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.330boy, there is a good angel about him, but the devil bindsBoy, there is a good Angell about him, but the Deuill out-bids
Henry VH5 I.i.28Consideration like an angel cameConsideration like an Angell came,
Henry VH5 V.ii.109An angel is like you, Kate, and you are likeAn Angell is like you Kate, and you are like
Henry VH5 V.ii.110an angel.an Angell.
Henry VIIIH8 IV.i.44Sir, as I have a soul, she is an angel;Sir, as I haue a Soule, she is an Angell;
Julius CaesarJC III.ii.182For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel.For Brutus, as you know, was Casars Angel.
Julius CaesarJC IV.iii.277Art thou some god, some angel, or some devil,Art thou some God, some Angell, or some Diuell,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.241And she an angel, pure, divine, unspotted:And shee an Angell pure deuine vnspotted,
King JohnKJ IV.i.68An if an angel should have come to meAnd if an Angell should haue come to me,
King JohnKJ V.ii.64And even there, methinks, an angel spake.And euen there, methinkes an Angell spake,
King LearKL III.vi.31white herring. Croak not, black angel! I have no food for
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.i.113Than for that angel knowledge you can say,Then for that Angell knowledge you can say,
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.ii.166is a familiar; Love is a devil; there is no evil angel butis a familiar, Loue is a Diuell. There is no euill Angell but
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.103‘ For,’ quoth the King, ‘ an angel shalt thou see;For quoth the King, an Angell shalt thou see:
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.105The boy replied ‘ An angel is not evil;The Boy reply'd, An Angell is not euill:
MacbethMac III.vi.45His wisdom can provide. Some holy angelHis wisedome can prouide. Some holy Angell
MacbethMac V.vi.53And let the angel whom thou still hast servedAnd let the Angell whom thou still hast seru'd
Measure for MeasureMM II.iv.16Let's write ‘ good Angel ’ on the devil's horn,Let's write good Angell on the Deuills horne
Measure for MeasureMM III.ii.260Though angel on the outward side?Though Angel on the outward side?
The Merchant of VeniceMV II.vii.56A coin that bears the figure of an angelA coyne that beares the figure of an Angell
The Merchant of VeniceMV II.vii.58But here an angel in a golden bedBut here an Angell in a golden bed
The Merchant of VeniceMV V.i.61But in his motion like an angel sings,But in his motion like an Angell sings,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND III.i.122What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?What Angell wakes me from my flowry bed?
Much Ado About NothingMA II.iii.31or come not near me; noble, or not I for an angel; ofor come not neere me: Noble, or not for an Angell: of
Much Ado About NothingMA IV.i.159In angel whiteness beat away those blushes;In Angel whitenesse beare away those blushes,
OthelloOth V.ii.131.2O, the more angel she,Oh the more Angell she,
OthelloOth V.ii.207Yea, curse his better angel from his side,Yea, curse his better Angell from his side,
Richard IIR2 III.ii.61A glorious angel. Then if angels fight,A glorious Angell: then if Angels fight,
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.53A shadow like an angel, with bright hairA Shadow like an Angell, with bright hayre
Richard IIIR3 IV.i.68Which issued from my other angel husbandWhich issued from my other Angell Husband,
Richard IIIR3 V.iii.176God and good angel fight on Richmond's side,God, and good Angels fight on Richmonds side,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.ii.26O, speak again, bright angel! – for thou artOh speake againe bright Angell, for thou art
The Taming of the ShrewTS IV.ii.61An ancient angel coming down the hillAn ancient Angel comming downe the hill,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.16Not an angel of the air,Not an angle of the aire,


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The Passionate PilgrimPP.2.3 My better angel is a man right fair, My better Angell is a Man (right faire)
The Passionate PilgrimPP.2.6 Tempteth my better angel from my side, Tempteth my better Angell from my side,
The Passionate PilgrimPP.2.9 And whether that my angel be turned fiend, And whether that my Angell be turnde feend,
The Passionate PilgrimPP.2.12 I guess one angel in another's hell. I ghesse one Angell in anothers hell:
The Passionate PilgrimPP.2.14 Till my bad angel fire my good one out. Till my bad Angell fire my good one out.
SonnetsSonn.144.3 The better angel is a man right fair, The better angell is a man right faire :
SonnetsSonn.144.6 Tempteth my better angel from my side, Tempteth my better angel from my sight,
SonnetsSonn.144.9 And whether that my angel be turned fiend And whether that my angel be turn'd finde,
SonnetsSonn.144.12 I guess one angel in another's hell. I gesse one angel in an others hel.
SonnetsSonn.144.14 Till my bad angel fire my good one out. Till my bad angel fire my good one out.


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angeldemon, evil spirit, attendant spirit
angelgold coin [with the angel Michael depicted], value between a third and half of a pound
angelministering spirit, person who can perform a helpful office
cherubincherub, angel; or: cherubim, angels
daemon, demonministering spirit, guardian angel
demonministering spirit, guardian angel
geniusspirit, angel
keeperprotecting spirit, guardian angel


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angel, guardiandaemon, demon
angel, guardiankeeper
angel, high-placedprincipality
guardian angelkeeper
guardian angeldaemon, demon

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Money...amounts unit example value angel ce iv iii 40 gold coin value between...

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ANGELBASICangel adj, angel n, angelical adj, angel-like adj


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Angelo Isabella scene
Isabella Angelo scene
Isabella Angelo scene
Angelo Isabella scene

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