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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.v.79Thou art not here; murder is thy alms-deed;Thou art not heere; Murther is thy Almes-deed:


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actevent, deed, happening
almscharity, good deed, meritorious act
alms-basketbasket containing offerings to be given out for charity
alms-deedalmsgiving, act of charity
alms-drinkdregs of drink given away in charity; or: drink taken in charity [to foster reconciliation]
bandbond, promissory note, legal deed requiring payment
bonddeed, contract, pledge
bookdeed, charter, set of indentures
bringing-forthachievement, accomplishment, public deed
businessdeed, action, affair, task
certificateofficial document, formal deed
deedperformance, action
deed-achievingachieved by deeds, won by actions
deedlessperforming no deeds, inactive
desert, desartworthy deed, meritorious action
dishonestydishonour, shameful deed, disgraceful action
effectpurpose, end, intended deed
exploitact, deed, enterprise
factevil deed, wicked act, crime
feat[wicked] deed, action, crime
feataction, deed, conduct
gestfeat, deed, exploit
good deedin truth, in reality
hardimentdisplay of valour, daring deed
issueaction, deed, proceeding
loveact of kindness, affectionate deed
manner[legal] act, work, deed
mischiefwicked action, evil deed, harmful scheme
mouth-honourhonour shown in words not deeds
prankoutrageous deed, excessive behaviour
prankmalicious act, wicked deed
sake[cry of a prisoner calling for alms through a cell window] in jail
stratagemdeed of violence, bloody act
talkersomeone of words but not deeds
touchact, action, deed
turnact, action, deed
undeededwithout any deeds performed
workdeed, doing, action


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achieved by deedsdeed-achieving
affectionate deedlove
daring deedhardiment
deed [event]feat
deed [event]act
deed [event]business
deed [event]issue
deed [event]touch
deed [event]turn
deed [event]work
deed [event]exploit
deed [event]manner
deed [event]gest
deed [event]feat
deed [written]book
deed [written]bond
deed requiring payment [legal]band
deed, daringhardiment
deed, evilmischief
deed, evilfact
deed, formalcertificate
deed, goodalms
deed, intendedeffect
deed, outrageousprank
deed, publicbringing-forth
deed, shamefuldishonesty
deed, wickedprank
deed, worthydesert, desart
deeds performed, withoutundeeded
deeds, achieved by deed-achieving
deeds, performing nodeedless
deeds, words not talker
evil deedmischief
evil deedfact
formal deedcertificate
good deedalms
honour shown in words not deedsmouth-honour
intended deedeffect
legal deed requiring paymentband
outrageous deedprank
performing no deedsdeedless
public deedbringing-forth
shameful deeddishonesty
violence, deed ofstratagem
wicked deedprank
words not deedstalker
worthy deeddesert, desart

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