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All's Well That Ends WellAW V.ii.8eat no fish of Fortune's buttering. Prithee, allow theeate no Fish of Fortunes butt'ring. Prethee alow the
As You Like ItAYL I.i.44of nations allows you my better, in that you are the firstof nations allowes you my better, in that you are the first
As You Like ItAYL I.i.67Therefore allow me such exercises as may become atherefore allow me such exercises as may become a
CoriolanusCor III.iii.45Allow their officers, and are contentAllow their Officers, and are content
CymbelineCym I.v.3since he hath been allowed the name of. But I couldsince he hath beene allowed the name of. But I could
CymbelineCym II.iii.115And though it be allowed in meaner parties – And though it be allowed in meaner parties
CymbelineCym III.iii.17But being so allowed. To apprehend thus,But being so allowed. To apprehend thus,
HamletHam I.ii.38Of these delated articles allow.Of these dilated Articles allow:
HamletHam V.i.228Yet here she is allowed her virgin crants,Yet heere she is allowed her Virgin Rites,
HamletHam V.ii.47.1Not shriving time allowed.Not shriuing time allowed.
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.i.20Why, they will allow us ne'er aWhy, you will allow vs ne're a
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.iii.5I well allow the occasion of our arms,I well allow the occasion of our Armes,
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.100I do allow this wen to be as familiarI do allow this Wen to bee as familiar
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.ii.54I like them all, and do allow them well,I like them all, and doe allow them well:
Henry IV Part 22H4 V.v.69For competence of life I will allow you,For competence of life, I will allow you,
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.iv.20For once allowed the skilful pilot's charge?For once allow'd the skilfull Pilots Charge?
Henry VIIIH8 I.i.133A full hot horse, who being allowed his way,A full hot Horse, who being allow'd his way
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.83Not ours, or not allowed; what worst, as oftNot ours, or not allow'd; what worst, as oft
Henry VIIIH8 II.ii.111Scholars allowed freely to argue for her.Schollers allow'd freely to argue for her.
Henry VIIIH8 II.iv.4And on all sides th' authority allowed.And on all sides th'Authority allow'd,
Henry VIIIH8 III.i.151Almost no grave allowed me. Like the lilyAlmost no Graue allow'd me? Like the Lilly
Julius CaesarJC III.ii.60By our permission, is allowed to make.(By our permission) is allow'd to make.
King LearKL II.iv.186Allow obedience, if you yourselves are old,Allow Obedience; if you your selues are old,
King LearKL II.iv.261Allow not nature more than nature needs – Allow not Nature, more then Nature needs:
King LearKL III.vi.97Which, if convenience will not allow,
King LearKL III.vii.104Allows itself to anything.
King LearKL V.iii.231The time will not allow the complimentThe time will not allow the complement
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.ii.124this damsel, I must keep her at the park; she is allowedthis Damsell, I must keepe her at the Parke, shee is alowd
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.478You put our page out – go, you are allowed;You put our Page out: go, you are alowd.
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.216If the law would allow it, sir.If the Law would allow it, sir.
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.217But the law will not allow it, Pompey; nor itBut the Law will not allow it Pompey; nor it
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.218shall not be allowed in Vienna.shall not be allowed in Vienna.
Measure for MeasureMM III.ii.6the merriest was put down, and the worser allowed bythe merriest was put downe, and the worser allow'd by
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.300The law allows it, and the court awards it.The Law allowes it, and the Court awards it.
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.ii.220allowed for your many warlike, courtlike, and learnedallow'd for your many war-like, court-like, and learned
OthelloOth I.iii.222allowed sufficiency, yet opinion, a more sovereign mistressallowed sufficiencie; yet opinion, a more soueraigne Mistris
Richard IIR2 I.i.62Which to maintain I would allow him odds,Which to maintaine, I would allow him oddes,
Richard IIR2 I.i.123Free speech and fearless I to thee allow.Free speech, and fearelesse, I to thee allow.
Richard IIR2 III.ii.164Allowing him a breath, a little scene,Allowing him a breath, a little Scene,
Richard IIR2 V.ii.40Whose state and honour I for aye allow.Whose State, and Honor, I for aye allow.
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.82Doth grace for grace and love for love allow.Doth grace for grace, and Loue for Loue allow:
Timon of AthensTim III.iii.41And this is all a liberal course allows:And this is all a liberall course allowes,
Timon of AthensTim V.i.160Allowed with absolute power, and thy good nameAllowed with absolute power, and thy good name
Troilus and CressidaTC III.ii.89we are tasted, allow us as we prove. Our head shall gowe are tasted, allow vs as we proue: our head shall goe
Twelfth NightTN I.ii.60That will allow me very worth his service.That will allow me very worth his seruice.
Twelfth NightTN I.v.89in an allowed fool, though he do nothing but rail; nor noin an allow'd foole, though he do nothing but rayle; nor no
Twelfth NightTN I.v.189in. I heard you were saucy at my gates, and allowed yourin. I heard you were sawcy at my gates, & allowd your
Twelfth NightTN IV.ii.57shalt hold the opinion of Pythagoras ere I will allow ofshalt hold th'opinion of Pythagoras, ere I will allow of
Twelfth NightTN V.i.292ladyship will have it as it ought to be, you must allowLadyship will haue it as it ought to bee, you must allow
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.iv.4.1That these times can allow.That these times can allow.
The Winter's TaleWT I.ii.185.1To her allowing husband!To her allowing Husband.
The Winter's TaleWT I.ii.263Are such allowed infirmities that honestyAre such allow'd Infirmities, that honestie
The Winter's TaleWT IV.i.15Now seems to it. Your patience this allowing,Now seemes to it: your patience this allowing,
The Winter's TaleWT IV.i.29Is th' argument of Time. Of this allow,Is th' argument of Time: of this allow,
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iv.465He will allow no speech – which I do guessHe will allow no speech: (which I do ghesse


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The Rape of LucreceLuc.1845 Who, wondering at him, did his words allow. Who wondring at him, did his words allow.
SonnetsSonn.19.11 Him in thy course untainted do allow Him in thy course vntainted doe allow,
SonnetsSonn.112.4 So you o'ergreen my bad, my good allow? So you ore-greene my bad, my good alow?


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admitpermit, allow, grant
affordgrant, permit, allow
all-licensedallowed to do anything, given free range
allowacknowledge, commend, receive [with praise]
allowapprove, sanction, encourage
allowpermit to indulge, surrender, give over
allowacknowledge, grant, admit
allowbestow, legally assign
allowedapproved, acknowledged, granted
allowedlicensed, authorized, permitted
Arion[a'riyon] legendary Greek musician; about to be robbed and killed by a ship’s crew, he was allowed to sing one last song; dolphins then appeared, Arion leapt overboard, and was carried by one of them to safety
beteem, beteeneallow, permit, let, grant
beteeneallow, permit, let, grant
breatheallow to breathe, rest
brookallow, permit, bear
chasteof allowed love-making [because married]
endurelet, allow, permit
entertainaccept as true, allow, accommodate
full-gorgedallowed to eat her fill
givegrant, allow, bestow
letallow to stay, let remain
privileged[of a professional fool] allowed to say anything
savespare, allow to live
servesuit, allow, afford
slipfail to keep, allow to pass by
sliplet go, allow to leave, unleash
sliplet go of, allow to leave, unleash
staykeep, make to stay, allow to remain
sufferallow, permit, let
tarrystay for, wait for, allow time for
three-suitedallowed three suits a year; servile
unlimitedallowing changes in the location of action; or: all-inclusive
unrecuringincurable, terminal, allowing no recovery
usepermit, allow, tolerate
vouchsafeallow, permit, grant
warrantallowed, warranted, justifiable


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action, allowing changes in locationunlimited
allowbeteem, beteene
allow timetarry
allow to leaveslip
allow to leaveslip
allow to livesave
allow to pass byslip
allow to staylet
allowed three suits a yearthree-suited
allowed to do anythingall-licensed
allowed to say anythingprivileged
breathe, allow tobreathe
leave, allow toslip
leave, allow toslip
live, allow tosave
love-making, of allowedchaste
pass by, allow toslip
recovery, allowing nounrecuring
remain, allow tostay
stay, allow tolet
suits, allowed threethree-suited
time, allowtarry

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