The Two Noble Kinsmen

Modern text


Key line

Enter Hymen with a Torch burning: a Boy, in Music. Enter Hymen with a torch burning; a boy inHymen (n.)
[pron: 'hiymen] Greek god who led a wedding procession; associated with a torch, crown of flowers, and flute
TNK I.i.1.1
a white Robe before singing, and strewing Flowres: a white robe before, singing and strewing flowers; TNK I.i.1.2
After Hymen, a Nimph, encompast in her Tresses, after Hymen, a nymph, encompassed in her tresses, TNK I.i.1.3
bearing a wheaten Garland. Then Theseus betweene two bearing a wheaten garland; then Theseus between twoTheseus (n.)
[pron: 'theesius] legendary king of Athens; killer of the Minotaur; he conquered the Amazons and married their queen, Hippolyta
TNK I.i.1.4
other Nimphs with wheaten Chaplets on their heades. other nymphs with wheaten chaplets on their heads;chaplet (n.)
garland, wreath
TNK I.i.1.5
Then Hipolita the Bride, lead by Theseus, and another then Hippolyta the bride, led by Pirithous, and anotherHippolyta (n.)
[pron: hi'polita] queen of the Amazons
TNK I.i.1.6
holding a Garland over her head (her Tresses likewise holding a garland over her head, her tresses likewise TNK I.i.1.7
hanging.) After her Emilia holding up her Traine.hanging; after her, Emilia holding up her train; TNK I.i.1.8
The Song,then Artesius and attendants TNK I.i.1.9
Musike. (sings) TNK I.i.1
ROses their sharpe spines being gon,Roses, their sharp spines being gone, TNK I.i.1
Not royall in their smels alone,Not royal in their smells alone, TNK I.i.2
But in their hew.But in their hue, TNK I.i.3
Maiden Pinckes, of odour faint,Maiden pinks, of odour faint, TNK I.i.4
Dazies smel-lesse, yet most quaintDaisies smell-less, yet most quaint,quaint (adj.)
pretty, attractive, lovely
TNK I.i.5
And sweet Time true. And sweet thyme true, TNK I.i.6
Prim-rose first borne, child of Ver,Primrose, first-born child of Ver,Ver (n.)
[personification of] spring, springtime
TNK I.i.7
Merry Spring times Herbinger,Merry springtime's harbinger,harbinger (n.)

old form: Herbinger
forerunner, herald, precursor
TNK I.i.8
With her bels dimme.With harebells dim,dim (adj.)

old form: dimme
dull, pale-coloured, lacking lustre
TNK I.i.9
Oxlips, in their Cradles growing,Oxlips, in their cradles growing, TNK I.i.10
Mary-golds, on death beds blowing,Marigolds, on deathbeds blowing,death-bed (n.)

old form: death beds
TNK I.i.11
blow (v.)
blossom, bloom, flower
Larkes-heeles trymme.Lark's-heels trim,lark's-heels (n.)
TNK I.i.12
All deere natures children: sweete-All dear Nature's children sweet, TNK I.i.13
Ly fore Bride and Bridegroomes feeteLie 'fore bride and bridegroom's feet, TNK I.i.14
Blessing their sence.Blessing their sense.sense (n.)

old form: sence
senses, sensation, organs of sense
TNK I.i.15
Strew Flowers.He strews flowers TNK I.i.16
Not an angle of the aire,Not an angel of the air, TNK I.i.16
Bird melodious, or bird faire,Bird melodious or bird fair, TNK I.i.17
Is absent hence.Is absent hence; TNK I.i.18
The Crow, the slaundrous Cuckoe, norThe crow, the slanderous cuckoo, nor TNK I.i.19
The boding Raven, nor Clough heeThe boding raven, nor chough hoar,chough (n.)

old form: Clough
TNK I.i.20
hoar (adj.)
grey-white, hoary
boding (adj.)
ominous, full of foreboding
Nor chattring Pie, Nor chattering pie,pie (n.)
TNK I.i.21
May on our Bridehouse pearch or sing,May on our bridehouse perch or sing,bridehouse (n.)
house where a wedding is held
TNK I.i.22
Or with them any discord bringOr with them any discord bring, TNK I.i.23
But from it fly.But from it fly. TNK I.i.24
Enter 3. Queenes in Blacke, with vailes staind, withEnter three Queens in black, with veils stained, with stained (adj.)

old form: staind
dyed black
TNK I.i.25.1
imperiall Crownes. The 1. Queene fals downe at the imperial crowns. The First Queen falls down at the TNK I.i.25.2
foote of Theseus; The 2. fals downe at the foote of foot of Theseus; the Second falls down at the foot of TNK I.i.25.3
Hypolita. The 3. before Emilia.Hippolyta; the Third before Emilia TNK I.i.25.4
For pitties sake and true gentilities,For pity's sake and true gentility's,gentility (n.)
nobility, good birth
TNK I.i.25
Heare, and respect me.Hear and respect me!respect (v.)
pay attention to, heed
TNK I.i.26.1
For your Mothers sake,For your mother's sake, TNK I.i.26.2
And as you wish your womb may thrive with faire ones,And as you wish your womb may thrive with fair ones, TNK I.i.27
Heare and respect me,Hear and respect me! TNK I.i.28
Now for the love of him whom Iove hath markdNow for the love of him whom Jove hath markedJove (n.)
[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme god
TNK I.i.29
The honour of your Bed, and for the sakeThe honour of your bed, and for the sake TNK I.i.30
Of cleere virginity, be AdvocateOf clear virginity, be advocateclear (adj.)

old form: cleere
pure, spotless, faultless
TNK I.i.31
For us, and our distresses: This good deedeFor us and our distresses! This good deed TNK I.i.32
Shall raze you out o'th Booke of TrespassesShall raze you out o'th' book of trespassesraze, raze out
erase, obliterate, wipe out
TNK I.i.33
All you are set downe there.All you are set down there TNK I.i.34
Sad Lady rise.Sad lady, rise.sad (adj.)
downcast, distressed, mournful, gloomy
TNK I.i.35.1
Stand up.Stand up. TNK I.i.35.2
No knees to me.No knees to me. TNK I.i.35.3
What woman I may steed that is distrest,What woman I may stead that is distressedstead (v.)

old form: steed
help, assist, benefit
TNK I.i.36
Does bind me to her.Does bind me to her.bind (v.), past form bound
oblige, make grateful, indebt
TNK I.i.37
What's your request? Deliver you for all.What's your request? Deliver you for all.for (prep.)
on behalf of
TNK I.i.38
deliver (v.)
report [to], communicate [to], tell, describe
We are 3. Queenes, whose Soveraignes fel beforeWe are three queens, whose sovereigns fell before TNK I.i.39
The wrath of cruell Creon; who enduredThe wrath of cruel Creon; who enduredCreon (n.)
[pron: 'krayon] king of Thebes who gave orders that any who died attacking Thebes should be left unburied
TNK I.i.40
The Beakes of Ravens, Tallents of the Kights,The beaks of ravens, talons of the kites, TNK I.i.41
And pecks of Crowes, in the fowle feilds of Thebs.And pecks of crows in the foul fields of Thebes.Thebes (n.)
[theebz] city-state in Boeotia, SE Greece; associated with wisdom and learning
TNK I.i.42
He will not suffer us to burne their bones,He will not suffer us to burn their bones, TNK I.i.43
To urne their ashes, nor to take th' offenceTo urn their ashes, nor to take th' offence TNK I.i.44
Of mortall loathsomenes from the blest eyeOf mortal loathsomeness from the blest eye TNK I.i.45
Of holy Phaebus, but infects the windesOf holy Phoebus, but infects the windsPhoebus (n.)
[pron: 'feebus] Latin name for Apollo as the sun-god; also called Phoebus Apollo
TNK I.i.46
With stench of our slaine Lords. O pitty Duke,With stench of our slain lords. O, pity, Duke! TNK I.i.47
Thou purger of the earth, draw thy feard SwordThou purger of the earth, draw thy feared sword TNK I.i.48
That does good turnes to'th world; give us the BonesThat does good turns to th' world; give us the bones TNK I.i.49
Of our dead Kings, that we may Chappell them;Of our dead kings, that we may chapel them; TNK I.i.50
And of thy boundles goodnes take some noteAnd of thy boundless goodness take some note TNK I.i.51
That for our crowned heades we have no roofe,That for our crowned heads we have no roof, TNK I.i.52
Save this which is the Lyons, and the Beares,Save this which is the lion's and the bear's, TNK I.i.53
And vault to every thing.And vault to everything.vault (n.)
roof, covering, ceiling
TNK I.i.54.1
Pray you kneele not,Pray you kneel not; TNK I.i.54.2
I was transported with your Speech, and suffer'dI was transported with your speech, and sufferedtransport (v.)
carry away, captivate, enrapture
TNK I.i.55
suffer (v.)

old form: suffer'd
allow, permit, let
Your knees to wrong themselves; I have heard the fortunesYour knees to wrong themselves. I have heard the fortunes TNK I.i.56
Of your dead Lords, which gives me such lamentingOf your dead lords, which gives me such lamenting TNK I.i.57
As wakes my vengeance, and revenge for 'em.As wakes my vengeance and revenge for 'em. TNK I.i.58
King Capaneus, was your Lord the dayKing Capaneus was your lord; the dayCapaneus (n.)
[kapa'nayus] one of seven champions – the 'Seven against Thebes' – who attacked Thebes to deprive Eteocles of his kingship
TNK I.i.59
That he should marry you, at such a season,That he should marry you, at such a season TNK I.i.60
As now it is with me, I met your Groome,As now it is with me, I met your groom. TNK I.i.61
By Marsis Altar, you were that time faire;By Mars's altar, you were that time fair;Mars (n.)
Roman god of war
TNK I.i.62
Not Iunos Mantle fairer then your Tresses,Not Juno's mantle fairer then your tresses,mantle (n.)
loose sleeveless cloak
TNK I.i.63
Juno (n.)
Roman supreme goddess, wife of Jupiter, associated with the Moon, childbirth, marriage, and female identity
Nor in more bounty spread her. Your wheaten wreatheNor in more bounty spread her; your wheaten wreathspread (v.)
cover, envelop, enfold
TNK I.i.64
Was then nor threashd, nor blasted; Fortune at youWas then nor threshed nor blasted; Fortune at youFortune (n.)
Roman goddess, shown as a woman at a spinning-wheel, or controlling a rudder, and as blind
TNK I.i.65
blast (v.)
blight, wither, destroy
Dimpled her Cheeke with smiles: Hercules our kinesmanDimpled her cheeks with smiles. Hercules our kinsman – Hercules (n.)
[Roman form of Heracles] proverbial for his mythical physical strength and miraculous achievements
TNK I.i.66
(Then weaker than your eies) laide by his Club,Then weaker than your eyes – laid by his club; TNK I.i.67
He tumbled downe upon his Nenuan hideHe tumbled down upon his Nemean hideNemean lion
monstrous lion, reputably invulnerable, from the region of Nemea; its destruction was one of the twelve labours of Hercules
TNK I.i.68
And swore his sinews thawd: O greife, and time,And swore his sinews thawed. O grief and time,thaw (v.)

old form: thawd
dissolve, soften, melt
TNK I.i.69
sinew (n.)
Fearefull consumers, you will all devoure.Fearful consumers, you will all devour! TNK I.i.70
O I hope some God,O, I hope some god, TNK I.i.71
Some God hath put his mercy in your manhoodSome god hath put his mercy in your manhood,manhood (n.)
manliness, courage, valour
TNK I.i.72
Whereto heel infuse powre, and presse you forthWhereto he'll infuse power, and press you forthpress (v.)

old form: presse
urge, compel, spur
TNK I.i.73
Our undertaker.Our undertaker.undertaker (n.)
champion, helper, upholder
TNK I.i.74.1
O no knees, none Widdow,O, no knees, none, widow; TNK I.i.74.2
Vnto the Helmeted-Belona use them,Unto the helmeted Bellona use them,Bellona (n.)
[pron: bel'ohna] Roman goddess of war
TNK I.i.75
And pray for me your Souldier. Troubled I am.And pray for me, your soldier; troubled I am. TNK I.i.76
turnes away.He turns away TNK I.i.77
Honoured HypolitaHonoured Hippolyta, TNK I.i.77
Most dreaded Amazonian, that ha'st slaineMost dreaded Amazonian, that hast slainAmazon, Amazonian (n.)
one of a race of warrior women, said to be descended from Ares, god of war
TNK I.i.78
The Sith-tuskd-Bore; that with thy Arme as strongThe scythe-tusked boar, that with thy arm as strong TNK I.i.79
As it is white, wast neere to make the maleAs it is white wast near to make the male TNK I.i.80
To thy Sex captive; but that this thy LordTo thy sex captive, but that this thy lord, TNK I.i.81
Borne to uphold Creation, in that honourBorn to uphold creation in that honour TNK I.i.82
First nature stilde it in, shrunke thee intoFirst Nature styled it in, shrunk thee intostyle (v.)

old form: stilde
appoint, order, assign
TNK I.i.83
The bownd thou wast ore-flowing; at once subduingThe bound thou wast o'erflowing, at once subduingbound (n.)

old form: bownd
limit, boundary, confine, barrier
TNK I.i.84
Thy force, and thy affection: SoldiresseThy force and thy affection; soldieress,soldieress (n.)

old form: Soldiresse
female soldier
TNK I.i.85
That equally canst poize sternenes with pitty,That equally canst poise sternness with pity,poise (v.)

old form: poize
balance, weigh, make even
TNK I.i.86
Whom now I know hast much more power on himWhom now I know hast much more power on himpower (n.)
control, influence, sway
TNK I.i.87
Then ever he had on thee, who ow'st his strength,Then ever he had on thee, who owest his strengthowe (v.)

old form: ow'st
own, possess, have
TNK I.i.88
And his, Love too: who is a Servant forAnd his love too, who is a servant forservant (n.)
devotee, one who gives dedicated service, lover
TNK I.i.89
The Tenour of the Speech. Deere Glasse of LadiesThe tenor of thy speech; dear glass of ladies,tenor, tenour (n.)
meaning, purpose, intention
TNK I.i.90
glass (n.)

old form: Glasse
mirror, looking-glass
Bid him that we whom flaming war doth scortch,Bid him that we whom flaming war doth scorch TNK I.i.91
Vnder the shaddow of his Sword, may coole us:Under the shadow of his sword may cool us; TNK I.i.92
Require him he advance it ore our heades;Require him he advance it o'er our heads;require (v.)
request, ask, beg
TNK I.i.93
Speak't in a womans key: like such a womanSpeak't in a woman's key, like such a womankey (n.)
tone, voice, manner of expression
TNK I.i.94
As any of us three; weepe ere you faile; As any of us three; weep ere you fail.ere (conj.)
rather than
TNK I.i.95
lend us a knee;Lend us a knee; TNK I.i.96
But touch the ground for us no longer timeBut touch the ground for us no longer time TNK I.i.97
Then a Doves motion, when the head's pluckt off:Then a dove's motion when the head's plucked off; TNK I.i.98
Tell him if he i'th blood cizd field, lay swolneTell him, if he i'th' blood-sized field lay swollen,field (n.)
field of battle, battleground, field of combat
TNK I.i.99
blood-sized (adj.)

old form: blood cizd
blood-soaked, smeared with blood
Showing the Sun his Teeth; grinning at the MooneShowing the sun his teeth, grinning at the moon, TNK I.i.100
What you would doe.What you would do. TNK I.i.101.1
Poore Lady, say no more:Poor lady, say no more; TNK I.i.101.2
I had as leife trace this good action with youI had as lief trace this good action with youtrace (v.)
imitate, pursue, follow in one's footsteps
TNK I.i.102
lief, had as

old form: leife
should like just as much
As that whereto I am going, and never yetAs that whereto I am going, and never yet TNK I.i.103
Went I so willing, way. My Lord is takenWent I so willing way. My lord is taken TNK I.i.104
Hart deepe with your distresse: Let him consider:Heart-deep with your distress; let him consider. TNK I.i.105
Ile speake anon.I'll speak anon.anon (adv.)
soon, shortly, presently
TNK I.i.106.1
kneele to Emilia. (to Emilia) TNK I.i.106
O my petition wasO, my petition was TNK I.i.106.2
Set downe in yce, which by hot greefe uncandiedSet down in ice, which by hot grief uncandieduncandied (adj.)
thawed, dissolved, melted
TNK I.i.107
Melts into drops, so sorrow wanting formeMelts into drops; so sorrow wanting formwant (v.)
lack, need, be without
TNK I.i.108
Is prest with deeper matter.Is pressed with deeper (v.)

old form: prest
impress [as a stamp on a coin], imprint, mark
TNK I.i.109.1
matter (n.)
subject-matter, content, substance
Pray stand up,Pray stand up; TNK I.i.109.2
Your greefe is written in your cheeke.Your grief is written in your cheek. TNK I.i.110.1
O woe,O woe, TNK I.i.110.2
You cannot reade it there; there through my teares,You cannot read it there; there through my tears, TNK I.i.111
Like wrinckled peobles in a glasse streameLike wrinkled pebbles in a glassy stream, TNK I.i.112
You may behold 'em (Lady, Lady, alacke)You may behold 'em. Lady, lady, alack, TNK I.i.113
He that will all the Treasure know o'th earthHe that will all the treasure know o'th' earth TNK I.i.114
Must know the Center too; he that will fishMust know the centre too; he that will fish TNK I.i.115
For my least minnow, let him lead his lineFor my least minnow, let him lead his linelead (v.)
put lead weights on
TNK I.i.116
To catch one at my heart. O pardon me,To catch one at my heart. O, pardon me! TNK I.i.117
Extremity that sharpens sundry witsExtremity that sharpens sundry witswits, also five wits
faculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)
TNK I.i.118
Makes me a Foole.Makes me a fool. TNK I.i.119.1
Pray you say nothing, pray you,Pray you say nothing, pray you; TNK I.i.119.2
Who cannot feele, nor see the raine being in't,Who cannot feel nor see the rain, being in't, TNK I.i.120
Knowes neither wet, nor dry, if that you wereKnows neither wet nor dry. If that you were TNK I.i.121
The ground-peece of some Painter, I would buy youThe ground-piece of some painter, I would buy youground-piece (n.)

old form: ground-peece
[unclear meaning] painting used as a teaching-aid
TNK I.i.122
T'instruct me gainst a Capitall greefe indeedT' instruct me 'gainst a capital grief, indeedcapital (adj.)

old form: Capitall
mortal, deadly, fatal
TNK I.i.123
Such heart peirc'd demonstration; but alasSuch heart-pierced demonstration; but alas, TNK I.i.124
Being a naturall Sister of our SexBeing a natural sister of our sex, TNK I.i.125
Your sorrow beates so ardently upon me,Your sorrow beats so ardently upon meardently (adv.)
burningly, intensely, passionately
TNK I.i.126
That it shall make a counter reflect gainstThat it shall make a counter-reflect 'gainstcounter-reflect (n.)reflection back againTNK I.i.127
My Brothers heart, and warme it to some pittyMy brother's heart, and warm it to some pity TNK I.i.128
Though it were made of stone: pray have good comfort.Though it were made of stone. Pray have good comfort. TNK I.i.129
Forward to'th Temple, leave not out a IotForward to th' temple! Leave not out a jot TNK I.i.130
O'th sacred Ceremony.O'th' sacred ceremony. TNK I.i.131.1
O This CelebrationO, this celebration TNK I.i.131.2
Will long last, and be more costly then,Will longer last and be more costly than TNK I.i.132
Your Suppliants war: Remember that your FameYour suppliants' war. Remember that your fame TNK I.i.133
Knowles in the eare, o'th world: what you doe quickly,Knolls in the ear o'th' world; what you do quicklyknoll (v.)

old form: Knowles
toll, ring, peal
TNK I.i.134
Is not done rashly; your first thought is more.Is not done rashly; your first thought is more TNK I.i.135
Then others laboured meditance: your premeditatingThan others' laboured meditance, your premeditatingmeditance (n.)
meditation, reflection, contemplation
TNK I.i.136
More then their actions: But oh Iove, your actionsMore than their actions. But O Jove, your actions, TNK I.i.137
Soone as they mooves as Asprayes doe the fish,Soon as they move, as ospreys do the fish, TNK I.i.138
Subdue before they touch, thinke, deere Duke thinkeSubdue before they touch. Think, dear Duke, think TNK I.i.139
What beds our slaine Kings have.What beds our slain kings have. TNK I.i.140.1
What greifes our bedsWhat griefs our beds, TNK I.i.140.2
That our deere Lords have none.That our dear lords have none. TNK I.i.141.1
None fit for'th dead:None fit for th' dead. TNK I.i.141.2
Those that with Cordes, Knives, drams precipitance,Those that with cords, knives, drams, precipitance,precipitance (n.)
jumping from a great height, headlong fall
TNK I.i.142
dram (n.)
[small dose of] poison
Weary of this worlds light, have to themselvesWeary of this world's light, have to themselves TNK I.i.143
Beene deathes most horrid Agents, humaine graceBeen death's most horrid agents, human grace TNK I.i.144
Affords them dust and shaddow.Affords them dust and shadow. TNK I.i.145.1
But our LordsBut our lords TNK I.i.145.2
Ly blistring fore the visitating Sunne,Lie blistering 'fore the visiting sun,visitating (adj.)
visiting, attending, observing
TNK I.i.146
And were good Kings, when living.And were good kings when living. TNK I.i.147.1
It is true.It is true, TNK I.i.147.2
and I will give you comfort,And I will give you comfort, TNK I.i.148
To give your dead Lords graves: / The which to doe,To give your dead lords graves; the which to do TNK I.i.149
must make some worke with Creou;Must make some work with Creon. TNK I.i.150.1
And that worke And that work TNK I.i.150.2
presents it selfe to'th doing:Presents itself to th' doing.present (v.)
put forward [for immediate action]
TNK I.i.151
Now twill take forme, the heates are gone to morrow.Now 'twill take form; the heats are gone tomorrow. TNK I.i.152
Then, booteles toyle must recompence it selfe,Then, bootless toil must recompense itselfbootless (adj.)

old form: booteles
useless, worthless, fruitless, unavailing
TNK I.i.153
With it's owne sweat; Now he's secure,With its own sweat; now, he's secure,secure (adj.)
over-confident, unsuspecting, too self-confident
TNK I.i.154
Not dreames, we stand before your puissanceNot dreams we stand before your puissance,puissance (n.)
power, might, force
TNK I.i.155
Wrinching our holy begging in our eyesRinsing our holy begging in our eyes TNK I.i.156
To make petition cleere.To make petition clear. TNK I.i.157.1
Now you may take him,Now you may take him, TNK I.i.157.2
Drunke with his victory.Drunk with his victory. TNK I.i.158.1
And his Army fullAnd his army full TNK I.i.158.2
Of Bread, and sloth.Of bread and sloth. TNK I.i.159.1
Artesuis that best knowestArtesius, that best knowest TNK I.i.159.2
How to draw out fit to this enterpise,How to draw out fit to this enterprisefit (adj.)
suited, fitting, appropriate
TNK I.i.160
draw out (v.)
choose, select, find
The prim'st for this proceeding, and the numberThe primest for this proceeding, and the numberprimest (n./adj.)

old form: prim'st
best, finest, most supreme
TNK I.i.161
To carry such a businesse, forth and levyTo carry such a business, forth and levyforth (adv.)
TNK I.i.162
carry (v.)
carry out, manage, conduct
Our worthiest Instruments, whilst we despatchOur worthiest instruments, whilst we dispatchinstrument (n.)
agent, servant, retainer
TNK I.i.163
This grand act of our life, this daring deedeThis grand act of our life, this daring deed TNK I.i.164
Of Fate in wedlocke.Of fate in wedlock. TNK I.i.165.1
Dowagers, take handsDowagers, take hands. TNK I.i.165.2
Let us be Widdowes to our woes, delayLet us be widows to our woes; delay TNK I.i.166
Commends us to a famishing hope.Commends us to a famishing hope.commend (v.)
commit, entrust, hand over
TNK I.i.167.1
Farewell.Farewell. TNK I.i.167.2
We come unseasonably: But when could greefeWe come unseasonably; but when could grief TNK I.i.168
Cull forth as unpanged judgement can, fit'st timeCull forth, as unpanged judgement can, fittest timeunpanged (adj.)
undistracted by pain, untormented
TNK I.i.169
cull forth (v.)
select, pick out, choose
For best solicitation.For best solicitation? TNK I.i.170.1
Why good Ladies,Why, good ladies, TNK I.i.170.2
This is a service, whereto I am going,This is a service, whereto I am going, TNK I.i.171
Greater then any was; it more imports meGreater than any war; it more imports meimport (v.)
be of importance to, concern, matter to
TNK I.i.172
Then all the actions that I have foregone,Than all the actions that I have foregoneforego (v.)
perform before, carry out in the past
TNK I.i.173
action (n.)
engagement, combat, fighting
Or futurely can cope.Or futurely can cope.futurely (adv.)
in the future, hereafter
TNK I.i.174.1
cope, cope with (v.)
encounter, face, have to do [with], come into contact [with]
The more proclaimingThe more proclaiming TNK I.i.174.2
Our suit shall be neglected, when her ArmesOur suit shall be neglected, when her arms,suit (n.)
formal request, entreaty, petition
TNK I.i.175
Able to locke Iove from a Synod, shallAble to lock Jove from a synod, shallsynod (n.)
assembly, council, gathering
TNK I.i.176
lock (v.)

old form: locke
keep captive, keep away, detain
By warranting Moone-light corslet thee, oh whenBy warranting moonlight corslet thee; O, whenwarrant (v.)
authorize, sanction, license
TNK I.i.177
corslet (v.)
hold tightl embrace [like a corslet = defensive armour]
Her twyning Cherries shall their sweetnes fallHer twinning cherries shall their sweetness fallcherries (n.)
[metaphor for] lips
TNK I.i.178
Vpon thy tastefull lips, what wilt thou thinkeUpon thy tasteful lips, what wilt thou think TNK I.i.179
Of rotten Kings or blubberd Queenes, what careOf rotten kings or blubbered queens, what careblubbered (adj.)

old form: blubberd
tear-stained, disfigured with weeping [no comic overtones]
TNK I.i.180
For what thou feelst not? what thou feelst being ableFor what thou feelest not, what thou feelest being able TNK I.i.181
To make Mars spurne his Drom. O if thou couchTo make Mars spurn his drum? O, if thou couchspurn (v.)

old form: spurne
reject, scorn, despise, treat with contempt
TNK I.i.182
couch (v.)
lie, sleep, go to bed
But one night with her, every howre in't willBut one night with her, every hour in't will TNK I.i.183
Take hostage of thee for a hundred, andTake hostage of thee for a hundred, and TNK I.i.184
Thou shalt remember nothing more, then whatThou shalt remember nothing more than what TNK I.i.185
That Banket bids thee too.That banquet bids thee too.banquet, banket (n.)
appetizer, first course, hors d'oeuvres
TNK I.i.186.1
bid (v.), past form bade
invite, ask, entice
(kneels) TNK I.i.186
Though much unlikeThough much unlikeunlike (adj.)
unlikely, improbable, doubtful
TNK I.i.186.2
You should be so transported, as much sorryYou should be so transported, as much sorrytransport (v.)
carry away, captivate, enrapture
TNK I.i.187
I should be such a Suitour; yet I thinkeI should be such a suitor; yet I think TNK I.i.188
Did I not by th'abstayning of my joyDid I not by th' abstaining of my joy, TNK I.i.189
Which breeds a deeper longing, cure their surfeitWhich breeds a deeper longing, cure their surfeitsurfeit (n.)
sickness brought on by excess
TNK I.i.190
That craves a present medcine, I should pluckeThat craves a present medicine, I should pluckpluck (v.)

old form: plucke
draw down, bring down
TNK I.i.191
crave (v.)
need, demand, require
All Ladies scandall on me. Therefore SirAll ladies' scandal on me. Therefore, sir, TNK I.i.192
As I shall here make tryall of my prayres,As I shall here make trial of my prayers, TNK I.i.193
Either presuming them to have some force,Either presuming them to have some force TNK I.i.194
Or sentencing for ay their vigour dombe,Or sentencing for aye their vigour dumb,aye (adv.)

old form: ay
always, ever, for eternity
TNK I.i.195
Prorogue this busines, we are going about, and hangProrogue this business we are going about, and hangprorogue (v.)
postpone, delay, defer
TNK I.i.196
Your Sheild afore your Heart, about that neckeYour shield afore your heart, about that neckafore, 'fore (prep.)
before, in front of
TNK I.i.197
Which is my ffee, and which I freely lendWhich is my fee, and which I freely lendfee (n.)

old form: ffee
possession, property
TNK I.i.198
To doe these poore Queenes service.To do these poor queens service. TNK I.i.199.1
All Queens.ALL QUEENS  
(to Emilia) TNK I.i.199
Oh helpe nowO, help now! TNK I.i.199.2
Our Cause cries for your knee.Our cause cries for your knee. TNK I.i.200.1
(kneels) TNK I.i.200
If you grant notIf you grant not TNK I.i.200.2
My Sister her petition in that force,My sister her petition in that force,force (n.)
energy, power, conviction
TNK I.i.201
With that Celerity, and nature whichWith that celerity and nature which TNK I.i.202
Shee makes it in: from henceforth ile not dareShe makes it in, from henceforth I'll not dare TNK I.i.203
To aske you any thing, nor be so hardyTo ask you anything, nor be so hardyhardy (adj.)
bold, daring, forward
TNK I.i.204
Ever to take a Husband.Ever to take a husband. TNK I.i.205.1
Pray stand up.Pray stand up. TNK I.i.205.2
I am entreating of my selfe to doeI am entreating of myself to do TNK I.i.206
That which you kneele to have me;That which you kneel to have me. TNK I.i.207.1
All the ladies rise TNK I.i.207
PyrithousPirithous, TNK I.i.207.2
Leade on the Bride; get you and pray the GodsLead on the bride; get you and pray the gods TNK I.i.208
For successe, and returne, omit not any thingFor success and return; omit not anything TNK I.i.209
In the pretended Celebration: QueenesIn the pretended celebration. Queens,pretended (adj.)
intended, purposed, proposed
TNK I.i.210
Follow your Soldier (as before) hence youFollow your soldier. (To Artesius) As before, hence you, TNK I.i.211
And at the banckes of Anly meete us withAnd at the banks of Aulis meet us withAulis (n.)
[pron: 'awlis] seaport in Boeotia, SE Greece
TNK I.i.212
bank (n.)

old form: banckes
coast, shore
The forces you can raise, where we shall findeThe forces you can raise, where we shall find TNK I.i.213
The moytie of a number, for a busines,The moiety of a number for a businessmoiety (n.)

old form: moytie
share, portion, part
TNK I.i.214
More bigger look't; since that our Theame is hasteMore bigger-looked. (To Hippolyta) Since that our theme is haste,bigger-looked (adj.)
of more daunting appearance
TNK I.i.215
I stamp this kisse upon thy currant lippe,I stamp this kiss upon thy current lip; stamp (v.)
press, impress, coin
TNK I.i.216
current (adj.)

old form: currant
[as of a coin] authentic, genuine, valid
(he kisses her) TNK I.i.217
Sweete keepe it as my Token; Set you forwardSweet, keep it as my token. – Set you forward, TNK I.i.217
For I will see you gone.For I will see you gone. TNK I.i.218
Exeunt towards the Temple.The marriage procession moves towards the temple TNK I.i.219
Farewell my beauteous Sister: PyrithousFarewell, my beauteous sister. Pirithous, TNK I.i.219
Keepe the feast full, bate not an howre on't.Keep the feast full, bate not an hour on't.full (adv.)
fully, completely, properly
TNK I.i.220.1
bate (v.)
omit, lose, leave out
SirSir, TNK I.i.220.2
Ile follow you at heeles; The Feasts solempnityI'll follow you at heels; the feast's solemnityheels, at

old form: heeles
close behind, in close pursuit
TNK I.i.221
solemnity (n.)

old form: solempnity
ritual, ceremony, celebration
Shall want till your returne.Shall want till your return.want (v.)
lack, need, be without
TNK I.i.222.1
Cosen I charge youCousin, I charge you, TNK I.i.222.2
Boudge not from Athens; We shall be returningBudge not from Athens. We shall be returning TNK I.i.223
Ere you can end this Feast; of which I pray youEre you can end this feast, of which I pray you TNK I.i.224
Make no abatement; once more farewell all.Make no abatement. Once more, farewell all.abatement (n.)
lessening, decrease, diminution
TNK I.i.225
The procession goes out TNK I.i.225
Thus do'st thou still make good the tongue o'th world.Thus dost thou still make good the tongue o'th' world.make good
justify, vindicate, confirm
TNK I.i.226
still (adv.)
ever, now [as before]
And earnst a Deity equal with Mars,And earn'st a deity equal with Mars. TNK I.i.227
If not above him, forIf not above him, for TNK I.i.228
Thou being but mortall makest affections bendThou being but mortal makest affections bendaffection (n.)
emotion, feeling
TNK I.i.229
bend (v.)
give way, bow, submit
To Godlike honours; they themselves some sayTo godlike honours; they themselves, some say, TNK I.i.230
Grone under such a Mastry.Groan under such a mastery. TNK I.i.231.1
As we are menAs we are men, TNK I.i.231.2
Thus should we doe, being sensually subdudeThus should we do; being sensually subdued,subdued (adj.)

old form: subdude
overcome, overwhelmed, subjugated
TNK I.i.232
We loose our humane tytle; good cheere Ladies.We lose our human title. Good cheer, ladies;title (n.)

old form: tytle
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
TNK I.i.233
Now turne we towards your Comforts.Now turn we towards your comforts.  TNK I.i.234
Florish. Exeunt.Flourish. Exeunt TNK I.i.234
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