As You Like It

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Orlando, & Adam.Enter Orlando and Adam AYL
Adam. ADAM 
Deere Master, I can go no further: / O I die for food.Dear master, I can go no further. O, I die for food. AYL
Heere lie I downe, / And measure out my graue. FarwelHere lie I down and measure out my grave. Farewell, AYL
kinde master.kind master. AYL
Why how now Adam? No greater heart in thee:Why, how now, Adam, no greater heart in thee? AYL
Liue a little, comfort a little, cheere thy selfe a little. / IfLive a little, comfort a little, cheer thyself a little. Ifcomfort (v.)
take comfort, take heart, console oneself
this vncouth Forrest yeeld any thing sauage, / I wil eitherthis uncouth forest yield anything savage, I will eithersavage (adj.)

old form: sauage
fierce, ferocious, wild
uncouth (adj.)

old form: vncouth
unfamiliar, strange, unknown
be food for it, or bring it for foode to thee: / Thy conceite isbe food for it or bring it for food to thee. Thy conceit isconceit (n.)

old form: conceite
imagination, fancy, wit
neerer death, then thy powers. / For my sakenearer death than thy powers. (Raising him) For my sakepower (n.)
(plural) physical faculties, bodily strength
be comfortable, hold death a while / At the armes end: Ibe comfortable; hold death a while at the arm's end. Icomfortable (adj.)
cheerful, cheery, light-hearted
wil heere be with thee presently, / And if I bring thee not will here be with thee presently, and if I bring thee notpresently (adv.)
after a short time, soon, before long
something to eate, / I wil giue thee leaue to die: but ifsomething to eat, I will give thee leave to die; but if AYL
thou diest / Before I come, thou art a mocker of mythou diest before I come, thou art a mocker of my AYL
labor. / Wel said, thou look'st cheerely, / And Ile be withlabour. Well said! Thou lookest cheerly, and I'll be withcheerly (adv.)

old form: cheerely
cheerfully, brightly, animatedly
said, well

old form: Wel
well done
thee quickly: yet thou liest / In the bleake aire. Come, Ithee quickly. Yet thou liest in the bleak air. Come, I AYL
wil beare thee / To some shelter, and thou shalt not diewill bear thee to some shelter, and thou shalt not die AYL
For lacke of a dinner, / If there liue any thing in this Desert.for lack of a dinner, if there live anything in this desert. AYL
Cheerely good Adam. Cheerly, good Adam! AYL
ExeuntExeunt AYL
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