Henry VI Part 1

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Talbot with Trumpe and Drumme, before Burdeaux.Enter Talbot, with trump and drum, before Bordeauxtrump (n.)

old form: Trumpe
1H6 IV.ii.1
Go to the Gates of Burdeaux Trumpeter,Go to the gates of Bordeaux, trumpeter; 1H6 IV.ii.1
Summon their Generall vnto the Wall. Summon their general unto the wall. 1H6 IV.ii.2
Sounds. Enter Generall aloft.Trumpet sounds. Enter the General aloft with his men 1H6 IV.ii.3.1
English Iohn Talbot (Captaines) call you forth,English John Talbot, captains, calls y