Antony and Cleopatra

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Anthony and Octauia.Enter Antony and Octavia AC III.iv.1
Nay, nay Octauia, not onely that,Nay, nay, Octavia, not only that; AC III.iv.1
That were excusable, that and thousands moreThat were excusable, that, and thousands more AC III.iv.2
Of semblable import, but he hath wag'dOf semblable import – but he hath wagedsemblable (adj.)
similar, like, comparable
AC III.iv.3
New Warres 'gainst Pompey. Made his will, and read it,New wars 'gainst Pompey; made his will, and read it AC III.iv.4
To publicke eare, To public ear; AC III.iv.5
spoke scantly of me, / When perforce he could notSpoke scantly of me; when perforce he could notperforce (adv.)
of necessity, with no choice in the matter
AC III.iv.6
scantly (adv.)
scantily, grudgingly, half-heartedly
But pay me tearmes of Honour: cold and sicklyBut pay me terms of honour, cold and sickly AC III.iv.7
He vented then most narrow measure: lent me,He vented them, most narrow measure lent me;narrow (adj.)
limited, very small, poor
AC III.iv.8
measure (n.)
extent, size, amount, quantity, mass
vent (v.)
utter, express, air, proclaim
When the best hint was giuen him: he not look't,When the best hint was given him, he not took't,hint (n.)
opportunity, moment, chance
AC III.iv.9
Or did it from his teeth.Or did it from his teeth.teeth, from one's
in a pretended way, without conviction
AC III.iv.10.1
Octaui. OCTAVIA 
Oh my good Lord,O, my good lord, AC III.iv.10.2
Beleeue not all, or if you must beleeue,Believe not all; or, if you must believe, AC III.iv.11
Stomacke not all. A more vnhappie Lady,Stomach not all. A more unhappy lady,stomach (v.)

old form: Stomacke
resent, take offence at
AC III.iv.12
If this deuision chance, ne're stood betweeneIf this division chance, ne'er stood between,chance (v.)
happen [to], transpire, come about
AC III.iv.13
Praying for both parts:Praying for both parts. AC III.iv.14
The good Gods wil mocke me presently,The good gods will mock me presentlypresently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
AC III.iv.15
When I shall pray: Oh blesse my Lord, and Husband,When I shall pray ‘ O, bless my lord and husband!’; AC III.iv.16
Vndo that prayer, by crying out as loud,Undo that prayer by crying out as loud AC III.iv.17
Oh blesse my Brother. Husband winne, winne Brother,‘ O, bless my brother!’ Husband win, win brother, AC III.iv.18
Prayes, and distroyes the prayer, no midwayPrays, and destroys the prayer; no midway AC III.iv.19
'Twixt these extreames at all.'Twixt these extremes at all. AC III.iv.20.1
Gentle Octauia,Gentle Octavia,gentle (adj.)
well-born, honourable, noble
AC III.iv.20.2
Let your best loue draw to that point which seeksLet your best love draw to that point which seeks AC III.iv.21
Best to preserue it: if I loose mine Honour,Best to preserve it. If I lose mine honour, AC III.iv.22
I loose my selfe: better I were not yoursI lose myself; better I were not yours AC III.iv.23
Then your so branchlesse. But as you requested,Than yours so branchless. But, as you requested,branchless (adj.)

old form: branchlesse
maimed, disfigured, cut down
AC III.iv.24
Your selfe shall go between's, the meane time Lady,Yourself shall go between's. The meantime, lady, AC III.iv.25
Ile raise the preparation of a WarreI'll raise the preparation of a war AC III.iv.26
Shall staine your Brother, make your soonest hast,Shall stain your brother. Make your soonest haste;stain (v.)

old form: staine
eclipse, belittle, put in the shade
AC III.iv.27
So your desires are yours.So your desires are yours. AC III.iv.28.1
Thanks to my Lord,Thanks to my lord. AC III.iv.28.2
The Ioue of power make me most weake, most weake,The Jove of power make me, most weak, most weak,Jove (n.)
[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme god
AC III.iv.29
You reconciler: Warres 'twixt you twaine would be,Your reconciler! Wars 'twixt you twain would be AC III.iv.30
As if the world should cleaue, and that slaine menAs if the world should cleave, and that slain men AC III.iv.31
Should soader vp the Rift.Should solder up the rift.solder (v.)

old form: soader
unite, interlink, fasten
AC III.iv.32
When it appeeres to you where this begins,When it appears to you where this begins, AC III.iv.33
Turne your displeasure that way, for our faultsTurn your displeasure that way, for our faults AC III.iv.34
Can neuer be so equall, that your loueCan never be so equal that your love AC III.iv.35
Can equally moue with them. Prouide your going,Can equally move with them. Provide your going;provide (v.)

old form: Prouide
prepare, make ready, plan
AC III.iv.36
Choose your owne company, and command what costChoose your own company, and command what costcost (n.)
outlay, expense, expenditure
AC III.iv.37
Your heart he's mind too. Your heart has mind to. AC III.iv.38
Exeunt.Exeunt AC III.iv.38
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