The Two Noble Kinsmen

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Key line

Enter Iaylors Daughter alone.Enter Gaoler's Daughter alone TNK II.v.1
Let all the Dukes, and all the divells rore,Let all the dukes and all the devils roar; TNK II.v.1
He is at liberty: I have venturd for him,He is at liberty. I have ventured for him,venture, venter (v.)

old form: venturd
run a risk, take a chance, dare to act
TNK II.v.2
And out I have brought him to a little woodAnd out I have brought him. To a little wood TNK II.v.3
A mile hence, I have sent him, where a CedarA mile hence I have sent him, where a cedar TNK II.v.4
Higher than all the rest, spreads like a planeHigher than all the rest spreads like a plane, TNK II.v.5
Fast by a Brooke, and there he shall keepe close,Fast by a brook, and there he shall keep close,fast (adj.)
close, very near [to]
TNK II.v.6
close (adv.)
safely, secretly, out of sight
Till I provide him Fyles, and foode, for yetTill I provide him files and food, for yet TNK II.v.7
His yron bracelets are not off. O LoveHis iron bracelets are not off. O love,bracelet (n.)
manacle, fetter, handcuff
TNK II.v.8
What a stout hearted child thou art! My FatherWhat a stout-hearted child thou art! My father TNK II.v.9
Durst better have indur'd cold yron, than done it:Durst better have endured cold iron than done it.endure (v.)

old form: indur'd
undergo, suffer, put up with
TNK II.v.10
iron (n.)

old form: yron
iron weapon, steel, sword
I love him, beyond love, and beyond reason,I love him beyond love, and beyond reason, TNK II.v.11
Or wit, or safetie: I have made him know itOr wit, or safety; I have made him know it.wit (n.)
intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability
TNK II.v.12
I care not, I am desperate, If the lawI care not, I am desperate. If the law TNK II.v.13
Finde me, and then condemne me for't; some wenches,Find me, and then condemn me for't, some wenches, TNK II.v.14
Some honest harted Maides, will sing my Dirge.Some honest-hearted maids, will sing my dirge,dirge (n.)
funeral song, song of mourning
TNK II.v.15
And tell to memory, my death was noble,And tell to memory my death was noble,memory (n.)
history, memorial record
TNK II.v.16
Dying almost a Martyr: That way he takes,Dying almost a martyr. That way he takes TNK II.v.17
I purpose is my way too: Sure he cannotI purpose is my way too; sure he cannotpurpose (v.)
intend, plan
TNK II.v.18
Be so unmanly, as to leave me here,Be so unmanly as to leave me here? TNK II.v.19
If he doe, Maides will not so easilyIf he do, maids will not so easily TNK II.v.20
Trust men againe: And yet he has not thank'd meTrust men again. And yet he has not thanked me TNK II.v.21
For what I have done: no not so much as kist me,For what I have done, no, not so much as kissed me, TNK II.v.22
And that (me thinkes) is not so well; nor scarcelyAnd that, methinks, is not so well; nor scarcelymethinks(t), methought(s) (v.)

old form: me thinkes
it seems / seemed to me
TNK II.v.23
Could I perswade him to become a Freeman,Could I persuade him to become a free man, TNK II.v.24
He made such scruples of the wrong he didHe made such scruples of the wrong he did TNK II.v.25
To me, and to my Father. Yet I hopeTo me and to my father. Yet I hope, TNK II.v.26
When he considers more, this love of mineWhen he considers more, this love of mine TNK II.v.27
Will take more root within him: Let him doeWill take more root within him. Let him do TNK II.v.28
What he will with me, so he use me kindly,What he will with me, so he use me kindly;kindly (adv.)
lovingly, gently, affectionately
TNK II.v.29
use (v.)
treat, deal with, manage
For use me so he shall, or ile proclaime himFor use me so he shall, or I'll proclaim him, TNK II.v.30
And to his face, no-man: Ile presentlyAnd to his face, no man. I'll presentlypresently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
TNK II.v.31
Provide him necessaries, and packe my cloathes up.Provide him necessaries, and pack my clothes up, TNK II.v.32
And where there is a path of ground Ile ventureAnd where there is a path of ground I'll venture, TNK II.v.33
So hee be with me; By him, like a shadowSo he be with me; by him, like a shadow, TNK II.v.34
Ile ever dwell; within this houre the whoobubI'll ever dwell. Within this hour the hubbub TNK II.v.35
Will be all ore the prison: I am thenWill be all o'er the prison; I am then TNK II.v.36
Kissing the man they looke for: farewell Father;Kissing the man they look for. Farewell, father; TNK II.v.37
Get many more such prisoners, and such daughters,Get many more such prisoners, and such daughters,get (v.)
beget, conceive, breed
TNK II.v.38
And shortly you may keepe your selfe. Now to him:And shortly you may keep yourself. Now to him.keep (v.)
guard, watch, tend
TNK II.v.39
Exit TNK II.v.39
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