The Winter's Tale

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Cleomines and Dion.Enter Cleomenes and Dion WT III.i.1.1
The Clymat's delicate, the Ayre most sweet,The climate's delicate, the air most sweet,delicate (adj.)
pleasant, delightful, congenial
WT III.i.1
Fertile the Isle, the Temple much surpassingFertile the isle, the temple much surpassing WT III.i.2
The common prayse it beares.The common praise it bears. WT III.i.3.1
Dion. DION 
I shall report,I shall report, WT III.i.3.2
For most it caught me, the Celestiall Habits,For most it caught me, the celestial habitshabit (n.)
dress, clothing, costume
WT III.i.4
(Me thinkes I so should terme them) and the reuerenceMethinks I so should term them – and the reverencemethinks(t), methought(s) (v.)

old form: Me thinkes
it seems / seemed to me
WT III.i.5
Of the graue Wearers. O, the Sacrifice,Of the grave wearers. O, the sacrifice! WT III.i.6
How ceremonious, solemne, and vn-earthlyHow ceremonious, solemn, and unearthly WT III.i.7
It was i'th' Offring?It was i'th' off'ring! WT III.i.8.1
But of all, the burstBut of all, the burst WT III.i.8.2
And the eare-deaff'ning Voyce o'th' Oracle,And the ear-deaf'ning voice o'th' oracle, WT III.i.9
Kin to Ioues Thunder, so surpriz'd my Sence,Kin to Jove's thunder, so surprised my sensesurprise (v.)

old form: surpriz'd
astonish, bewilder, perplex
WT III.i.10
Jove (n.)
[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme god
That I was nothing.That I was nothing. WT III.i.11.1
Dio. DION 
If th' euent o'th' IourneyIf th' event o'th' journeyevent (n.)
outcome, issue, consequence
WT III.i.11.2
Proue as successefull to the Queene (O be't so)Prove as successful to the Queen – O, be't so! –  WT III.i.12
As it hath beene to vs, rare, pleasant, speedie,As it hath been to us rare, pleasant, speedy,rare (adj.)
marvellous, splendid, excellent
WT III.i.13
The time is worth the vse on't.The time is worth the use on't. WT III.i.14.1
Great ApolloGreat Apollo WT III.i.14.2
Turne all to th' best: these Proclamations,Turn all to th' best! These proclamations, WT III.i.15
So forcing faults vpon Hermione,So forcing faults upon Hermione, WT III.i.16
I little like.I little like. WT III.i.17.1
Dio. DION 
The violent carriage of itThe violent carriage of itcarriage (n.)
conduct, management, course of action
WT III.i.17.2
violent (adj.)
rushed, hasty, impetuous
Will cleare, or end the Businesse, when the OracleWill clear or end the business. When the oracle, WT III.i.18
(Thus by Apollo's great Diuine seal'd vp)Thus by Apollo's great divine sealed up,divine (n.)

old form: Diuine
high-priest, holy man
WT III.i.19
Shall the Contents discouer: something rareShall the contents discover, something rarerare (adj.)
marvellous, splendid, excellent
WT III.i.20
discover (v.)

old form: discouer
reveal, show, make known
Euen then will rush to knowledge. Goe: fresh Horses,Even then will rush to knowledge. Go: fresh horses! WT III.i.21
And gracious be the issue. And gracious be the issue.issue (n.)
outcome, result, consequence(s)
WT III.i.22
Exeunt.Exeunt WT III.i.22
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