Henry VI Part 3

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Excursions. Enter Richard and Clifford.Excursions. Enter Richard and Clifford 3H6 II.iv.1.1
Now Clifford, I haue singled thee alone,Now, Clifford, I have singled thee alone.single (v.)
[hunting] single out, pick out
3H6 II.iv.1
Suppose this arme is for the Duke of Yorke,Suppose this arm is for the Duke of York, 3H6 II.iv.2
And this for Rutland, both bound to reuenge,And this for Rutland, both bound to revenge,bound (adj.)
obliged, indebted, under an obligation
3H6 II.iv.3
Wer't thou inuiron'd with a Brazen wall.Wert thou environed with a brazen wall.environ (v.)

old form: inuiron'd
surround, envelop, encircle, engulf
3H6 II.iv.4
brazen (adj.)
everlasting, imperishable, impenetrable
Now Richard, I am with thee heere alone,Now, Richard, I am with thee here alone. 3H6 II.iv.5
This is the hand that stabb'd thy Father Yorke,This is the hand that stabbed thy father York, 3H6 II.iv.6
And this the hand, that slew thy Brother Rutland,And this the hand that slew thy brother Rutland, 3H6 II.iv.7
And here's the heart, that triumphs in their death,And here's the heart that triumphs in their deathtriumph (v.)
exult, gloat, glory
3H6 II.iv.8
And cheeres these hands, that slew thy Sire and Brother,And cheers these hands that slew thy sire and brothercheer (v.)

old form: cheeres
encourage, urge on, galvanize
3H6 II.iv.9
To execute the like vpon thy selfe,To execute the like upon thyself;like (adj.)
same, similar, alike, equal
3H6 II.iv.10
And so haue at thee.And so, have at thee! 3H6 II.iv.11
They Fight, Warwicke comes, Clifford flies.They fight. Warwick comes. Clifford flies 3H6 II.iv.12.1
Nay Warwicke, single out some other Chace,Nay, Warwick, single out some other chase;chase (n.)

old form: Chace
prey, game, victim, quarry
3H6 II.iv.12
For I my selfe will hunt this Wolfe to death.For I myself will hunt this wolf to death. 3H6 II.iv.13
Exeunt.Exeunt 3H6 II.iv.13
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