The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Euans and Enter Evans disguised as a Satyr, and others as MW V.iv.1.1
Fairies.Fairies MW V.iv.1.2
Euans. EVANS 
Trib, trib Fairies: Come, and remember yourTrib, trib, fairies. Come. And remember your MW V.iv.1
parts: be pold (I pray you) follow me into the pit, andparts. Be pold, I pray you. Follow me into the pit, and MW V.iv.2
when I giue the watch-'ords, do as I pid you: Come,when I give the watch-'ords, do as I pid you. Come, MW V.iv.3
come, trib, trib. come; trib, trib. MW V.iv.4
ExeuntExeunt MW V.iv.4
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