King Lear

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter with Drum and Colours, Cordelia, Gentlemen, and Enter, with drum and colours, Cordelia, Doctor, andcolours (n.)
battle-flags, ensigns, standards, banners
KL IV.iv.1.1
Souldiours.soldiers KL IV.iv.1.2
Alacke, 'tis he: why he was met euen nowAlack, 'tis he! Why, he was met even now KL IV.iv.1
As mad as the vext Sea, singing alowd,As mad as the vexed sea, singing aloud,vexed (adj.)

old form: vext
stormy, turbulent, blustery
KL IV.iv.2
Crown'd with ranke Fenitar, and furrow weeds,Crowned with rank fumiter and furrow-weeds,rank (adj.)

old form: ranke
foul-smelling, stinking
KL IV.iv.3
fumiter (n.)

old form: Fenitar
fumitory [variety of weed]
furrow-weed (n.)

old form: furrow weeds
weed growing in the furrows of ploughed fields
With Hardokes, Hemlocke, Nettles, Cuckoo flowres,With hardokes, hemlock, nettles, cuckoo-flowers,hemlock (n.)

old form: Hemlocke
variety of poisonous plant
KL IV.iv.4
hardoke (n.)
variety of weedy plant, possibly burdock
cuckoo-flower (n.)

old form: Cuckoo flowres
variety of wild flower growing at the time of year when cuckoos call
Darnell, and all the idle weedes that growDarnel, and all the idle weeds that growidle (adj.)
useless, barren, worthless
KL IV.iv.5
darnel (n.)

old form: Darnell
weeds, cockle, tares
In our sustaining Corne. A Centery send forth;In our sustaining corn. (To soldiers) A century send forth;sustaining (adj.)
life-supporting, nourishing
KL IV.iv.6
century (n.)

old form: Centery
army company of 100 soldiers
Search euery Acre in the high-growne field,Search every acre in the high-grown field KL IV.iv.7
And bring him to our eye.And bring him to our eye.eye (n.)
sight, view, presence
KL IV.iv.8.1
Exeunt soldiers KL IV.iv.8.0
(To Doctor) KL IV.iv.8.3
What can mans wisedomeWhat can man's wisdomwisdom (n.)
knowledge, learning, science
KL IV.iv.8.2
In the restoring his bereaued Sense;In the restoring his bereaved sense?bereaved (adj.)

old form: bereaued
deprived, robbed, stolen
KL IV.iv.9
he that helpes him, / Take all my outward worth.He that helps him, take all my outward worth.outward (adj.)
external, surface, superficial
KL IV.iv.10
worth (n.)
means, resources, wherewithal
There is meanes Madam:There is means, madam. KL IV.iv.11
Our foster Nurse of Nature, is repose,Our foster-nurse of nature is repose,nature (n.)
natural powers, normal state [of mind and body]
KL IV.iv.12
foster-nurse (n.)

old form: foster Nurse
nurse who brings up someone else's child as her own
The which he lackes: that to prouoke in himThe which he lacks; that to provoke in himprovoke (v.)

old form: prouoke
bring about, induce, engender
KL IV.iv.13
Are many Simples operatiue, whose powerAre many simples operative, whose poweroperative (adj.)

old form: operatiue
effective, efficacious, capable of working
KL IV.iv.14
simple (n.)
medicinal herb, medicine
Will close the eye of Anguish.Will close the eye of anguish. KL IV.iv.15.1
All blest Secrets,All blest secrets, KL IV.iv.15.2
All you vnpublish'd Vertues of the earthAll you unpublished virtues of the earth,unpublished (adj.)

old form: vnpublish'd
undisclosed, concealed, not divulged
KL IV.iv.16
virtue (n.)

old form: Vertues
power, capability, efficacy, property
Spring with my teares; be aydant, and remediateSpring with my tears! Be aidant and remediateremediate (adj.)

old form: remediate
remedial, restorative, healing
KL IV.iv.17
spring (v.)
spring up, rise up, multiply
aidant (adj.)

old form: aydant
helpful, assisting, beneficial
In the Goodmans desires: seeke, seeke for him,In the good man's distress. Seek, seek for him, KL IV.iv.18
Least his vngouern'd rage, dissolue the lifeLest his ungoverned rage dissolve the liferage (n.)
madness, insanity, derangement
KL IV.iv.19
ungoverned (adj.)

old form: vngouern'd
uncontrolled, unchecked, violent
That wants the meanes to leade it.That wants the means to lead it.want (v.)
lack, need, be without
KL IV.iv.20.1
Enter Messenger.Enter a Messenger KL IV.iv.20
Newes Madam,News, madam: KL IV.iv.20.2
The Brittish Powres are marching hitherward.The British powers are marching hitherward.power (n.)

old form: Powres
armed force, troops, host, army
KL IV.iv.21
'Tis knowne before. Our preparation stands'Tis known before. Our preparation standspreparation (n.)
equipped military force, force ready for war
KL IV.iv.22
In expectation of them. O deere Father,In expectation of them. O dear father, KL IV.iv.23
It is thy businesse that I go about:It is thy business that I go about. KL IV.iv.24
Therfore great FranceTherefore great France KL IV.iv.25
My mourning, and important teares hath pittied:My mourning and importuned tears hath pitied.importuned (adj.)
beseeching, pleading, imploring
KL IV.iv.26
No blowne Ambition doth our Armes incite,No blown ambition doth our arms inciteblown (adj.)

old form: blowne
swollen, inflated with pride
KL IV.iv.27
But loue, deere loue, and our ag'd Fathers Rite:But love, dear love, and our aged father's right. KL IV.iv.28
Soone may I heare, and see him. Soon may I hear and see him! KL IV.iv.29
Exeunt.Exeunt KL IV.iv.29
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