The Winter's Tale

Character circles

G A O L E R O F F I C E R S E R V A N T A t t e n d a n t s c o u r t i e r s e x i l e d a s a b a b y c o u r t i e r s King POLIXENES King LEONTES FLORIZEL PERDITA HERMIONE MAMILLIUS ANTIGONUS PAULINA DION CLEOMENES LORDS LORD Others LADY GENTLEMAN EMILIA PERDITA DORCAS MOPSA Shepherds CLOWN Shepherdesses Countrymen Rustics SERVANT spouse spouse gentlewoman SHEPHERD AUTOLYCUS a rogue TIME Chorus CAMILLO Lord ARCHIDAMUS GENTLEMEN COURT BOHEMIA SICILIA COUNTRYSIDE COURT 1ST 2ND 1ST 2ND 3RD son son son lovers adopted daughter daughter friends M A R I N E R LEONTES 705666 LEONTES, King of Sicilia HERMIONE 705665 HERMIONE, his wife MAMILLIUS 705670 MAMILLIUS, his son PERDITA 705675 PERDITA, his daughter [later, Queen of the Feast]] CAMILLO 705653 CAMILLO ANTIGONUS 705650 ANTIGONUS CLEOMENES 705654 CLEOMENES CLEOMENES <i>and</i> DION 705655 CLEOMENES CLEOMENES <i>and</i> DION 705655 DION DION 705657 DION PAULINA 705674 PAULINA, wife of Antigonus EMILIA 705659 EMILIA, a lady attending on Hermione GAOLER 705663 A Gaoler [Jailer] MARINER 705671 A Mariner POLIXENES 705676 POLIXENES, King of Bohemia FLORIZEL 705662 FLORIZEL, his son [later, disguised as Dor - icles] ARCHIDAMUS 705651 ARCHIDAMUS, a Bohemian Lord AUTOLYCUS 705652 AUTOLYCUS, a rogue SHEPHERD 705680 Old SHEPHERD, reputed father of Perdita CLOWN 705656 CLOWN, his son MOPSA 705672 MOPSA DORCAS 705658 DORCAS TIME 705682 TIME, as Chorus FIRST LADY 705661 First Lady SECOND LADY 705678 Second Lady LORD 705667 Lord LORDS 705669 UNISON Lords OFFICER 705673 SERVANT 705679 SERVANT of Leontes SHEPHERDS SERVANT 705881 A Servant of the old Shepherd FIRST GENTLEMAN 705660 First Gentleman SECOND GENTLEMAN 705677 Second Gentleman [Rogero] THIRD GENTLEMAN 705681 GENTLEMAN 705664 Gentleman

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