All's Well That Ends Well

Character circles

S o l d i e r s A t t e n d a n t s Count BERTRAM astringer infatuated with marries allies friends friends daughter daughter [Gerard de Narbon] associates ward ward son 1ST 2nd KING of France SECOND (Captain Dumaine) CLOWN (Lavatch) STEWARD (Rynaldo) DUKE of Florence WIDOW Capilet FIRST (Captain Dumaine) MESSENGER ATTENDANT LAFEW PAGE GENTLEMAN COUNTESS PAROLLES HELENA DIANA MARIANA SOLDIERS FOURTH LORDS Third ROSSILLION FRENCH COURT FLORENCE SpeakerName SpeakerId CharacterDescription COUNTESS 705439 BERTRAM 705436 BERTRAM, Count of Rossillion, a ward of the King of France [County] HELENA 705446 HELENA, a young girl brought up by the Countess [Helen] PAROLLES 705452 PAROLLES, Bertrams friend [Paroles; Tom Drum] STEWARD 705455 Rynaldo, STEWARD in the Countesss household [Ri - naldo] CLOWN 705438 Lavatch, CLOWN in the Countesss household PAGE 705451 A Page in the Countesss household KING 705447 LAFEW 705448 LAFEW, an old Lord [Lafeu] GENTLEMAN 705445 A GENTLEMAN, Astringer [Austringer] to the Court of France MESSENGER 705450 A Messenger DUKE 705441 WIDOW 705456 WIDOW Capilet of Florence WIDOW <i>and</i> MARIANA 705457 WIDOW Capilet of Florence DIANA 705440 DIANA, the Widows daughter [?Violenta] MARIANA 705449 MARIANA, a friend of the Widow FIRST LORD 705442 FIRST FRENCH LORD, one of the brothers Dumaine [Captain] SECOND LORD 705453 SECOND FRENCH LORD, one of the brothers Du - maine [Captain] BOTH LORDS 705437 FIRST FRENCH LORD, one of the brothers Dumaine [Captain] BOTH LORDS 705437 SECOND FRENCH LORD, one of the brothers Du - maine [Captain] ALL THE LORDS 705434 UNISON Lords FOURTH LORD 705444 FOURTH LORD FIRST SOLDIER 705443 FIRST SOLDIER ALL SOLDIERS 705433 UNISON Soldiers ATTENDANT 705435 Attendant EPILOGUE 705432 SECOND SOLDIER 705454 SECOND SOLDIER

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