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Love's Labour's Lost

Character circles

COURT OF FRANCE COURT OF NAVARRE FUNCTIONARIES AT NAVARRE BEROWNE ROSALINE KATHARINE MARIA HIEMS VER MOTE lords visitor FORESTER suitors ladies lord page BOYET LORDS DUMAINE IST Other LONGAVILLE KING Ferdinand of Navarre COSTARD swain (as POMPEY ) DULL constable JAQUENETTA dairymaid HOLOFERNES schoolmaster (as PRESENTER, JUDAS ) NATHANIEL curate (as ALEXANDER ) MARCADE messenger Don Adriano de ARMADO (as HECTOR ) PRINCESS of France suitors KING 705329 KING FERDINAND OF NAVARRE BEROWNE 705315 BEROWNE [Biron] LONGAVILLE 705330 LONGAVILLE [Longueville] DUMAINE 705320 DUMAINE ARMADO 705313 DON ADRIANO DE ARMADO, a Spanish braggart ARMADO <i>as Hector</i> 705314 DON ADRIANO DE ARMADO, a Spanish braggart MOTE 705333 MOTE, his page HOLOFERNES 705324 HOLOFERNES, a schoolmaster HOLOFERNES <i>as Judas</i> 705325 HOLOFERNES, a schoolmaster HOLOFERNES <i>as presenter</i> 705326 HOLOFERNES, a schoolmaster NATHANIEL 705334 NATHANIEL, a curate NATHANIEL <i>as Alexander</i> 705335 NATHANIEL, a curate DULL 705319 DULL, a constable COSTARD 705317 COSTARD, a swain COSTARD <i>as Pompey</i> 705318 COSTARD, a swain JAQUENETTA 705327 JAQUENETTA, a dairymaid FORESTER 705322 A FORESTER PRINCESS 705336 THE PRINCESS OF FRANCE ROSALINE 705337 ROSALINE MARIA 705332 MARIA KATHARINE 705328 KATHARINE [Katherine; Catherine] BOYET 705316 BOYET, a French lord FIRST LORD 705321 First Lord MARCADE 705331 MARCADE, a messenger [Mercadé] HIEMS 705323 HIEMS VER 705338 VER

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