Character circles

MESSENGER GUILDENSTERN ROSENCRANTZ GENTLEMAN PRIEST Gentlemen FOLLOWERS Attendants HORATIO HAMLET OPHELIA LORD LAERTES REYNALDO POLONIUS OSRICK Claudius KING of Denmark Gertrude QUEEN of Denmark GHOST of Hamlet, late King of Denmark VOLTEMAND CORNELIUS CAPTAIN Prince FORTINBRAS [Fortinbras] [Norway] SAILOR 1ST CLOWN 2ND CLOWN (gravediggers) ENGLISH AMBASSADORS 1ST Others AMBASSADOR 1ST PLAYER (King) 2ND PLAYER (Queen) 3RD PLAYER (Kings nephew) 4TH PLAYER (Prologue) Other Players FRANCISCO MARCELLUS BARNARDO THE DANISH COURT ambassadors brothers spouse 1 spouse 2 son son brothers son daughter servant fellow- students courtier councillor lovers friend nephew SOLDIERS THE PLAYERS THE GRAVEYARD THE NORWEGIAN ARMY GHOST 704386 GHOST of Hamlet, lately King of DenmarkKING 704392 Claudius, his brother, now KING of DenmarkQUEEN 704402 Gertrude, QUEEN of Denmark, widow of the late King and now wife of his brother ClaudiusHAMLET 704388 HAMLET, son of the late King Hamlet and of Gertrude [Prince of Denmark]POLONIUS 704400 POLONIUS, counsellor to the KingLAERTES 704393 LAERTES, son of PoloniusOPHELIA 704398 OPHELIA, daughter of PoloniusREYNALDO 704403 REYNALDO, servant of PoloniusHORATIO 704390 HORATIO, friend of Prince HamletHORATIO <i>and</i> MARCELLUS 704391 HORATIO, friend of Prince HamletVOLTEMAND 704411 VOLTEMAND [Valtemand]VOLTEMAND <i>and</i> CORNELIUS 704412 VOLTEMAND [Valtemand]VOLTEMAND <i>and</i> CORNELIUS 704412 CORNELIUSROSENCRANTZ 704404 ROSENCRANTZROSENCRANTZ <i>and</i> GUILDENSTERN 704405 ROSENCRANTZGUILDENSTERN 704387 GUILDENSTERNROSENCRANTZ <i>and</i> GUILDENSTERN 704405 GUILDENSTERNOSRICK 704399 OSRICK [Osric]LORD 704394 A LORDGENTLEMEN 704385 GENTLEMENFRANCISCO 704383 FRANCISCOBARNARDO 704377 BARNARDOMARCELLUS 704395 MARCELLUSHORATIO <i>and</i> MARCELLUS 704391 MARCELLUSMARCELLUS <i>and</i> BARNARDO 704396 MARCELLUSSAILOR 704406 A SAILORFIRST CLOWN 704379 FIRST CLOWN, a gravediggerSECOND CLOWN 704407 SECOND CLOWN, a gravedigger, his companionPRIEST 704401 A PRIESTFORTINBRAS 704381 FORTINBRAS, Prince of Norway [Young Fortinbras]CAPTAIN 704378 A CAPTAIN, A NorwegianFIRST PLAYER 704380 FIRST PLAYER, who leads the troupe and takes the part of a king [Player King]SECOND PLAYER 704408 SECOND PLAYER, who takes the part of a queen [Player Queen]THIRD PLAYER 704409 THIRD PLAYER, who takes the part of Lucianus, nephew of the kingFOURTH PLAYER 704382 FOURTH PLAYER, who speaks a PrologueALL 704375 HORATIO, friend of Prince HamletALL 704375 BARNARDOALL 704375 MARCELLUSGENTLEMAN 704384 GENTLEMANMESSENGER 704397 A MessengerHIS FOLLOWERS 704389 Followers of LaertesVOICES 704410 UNISON members of the courtALL LORDS 705932 UNISON members of the courtAMBASSADOR 704376 English AMBASSADORS

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