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King Edward III

Character circles

S o l d i e r s H E R A L D W O M A N a n d c h i l d r e n M E S S E N G E R S COUNTESS of Salisbury CHARLES the Dauphin daughter spouse LORDS spouse lords nephew suitor sons secretary Danish troops soldier son QUEEN PHILIPPA POLONIAN CAPTAIN KING EDWARD KING JOHN II KING DAVID SUPPORTERS OF THE ENGLISH SCOTS SUPPORTERS OF THE FRENCH FRENCH (CAPETIANS) IN CALAIS ENGLISH (PLANTAGENETS) WARWICK MONTAGUE VILLIERS LORRAINE PHILIP MOUNTFORD CAPTAIN GOBIN de GRACE LODOWICK DOUGLAS PERCY AUDLEY ARTOIS DERBY Edward PRINCE of Wales FRENCHMEN CITIZENS 1ST 2ND 1ST 2nd 3RD 1ST 2ND 3RD Earl of SALISBURY King of BOHEMIA John COPLAND H E R A L D S S o l d i e r s C A P T A I N M A R I N E R E S Q U I R E S c a p t u r e s 1ST 2ND Others 1ST Others SIX WEALTHY SIX POOR CITIZENS 1ST 2ND 1ST 2ND KING EDWARD 704854 KING EDWARD III QUEEN 704866 QUEEN Philippa, King Edwards wife [Philip; Phillip; Philippe] PRINCE 704865 Edward, PRINCE of Wales, their son [Edward Plan - tagenet; Ned; Black Prince] SALISBURY 704867 Earl of SALISBURY [William