Character circles

t h a n e s / l o r d s k i l l S o l d i e r s M E S S E N G E R S E R V A N T s o l d i e r s - i n - a r m s BANQUO o n l o o k e r s 1ST 2ND 3RD 2ND 3RD 1ST WITCHES MALCOLM DONALBAIN Attendants Soldiers OLD MAN LENNOX ROSS MENTETH CAPTAIN ANGUS CATHNESS 1ST 2ND 3RD 1ST 2ND FLEANCE WIFE MACDUFF SON LORD MESSENGER Duncan KING of Scotland sons kill son MACBETH LADY Macbeth DOCTOR GENTLEWOMAN PORTER A t t e n d a n t s [Sinell] son spouse SEYTON MURDERERS MURDERERS armour- bearer SEYWARD Earl of Northumberland DOCTOR son YOUNG SEYWARD HECAT APPARITIONS ENGLISH FORCES MACBETHS CIRCLE WITCHES SCOTTISH COURT MALCOLM 704814 MALCOLM [Prince of Cumber - land; later, King of Scotland] FIRST WITCH 704802 FIRST WITCH SECOND WITCH 704825 SECOND WITCH MACBETH 704811 later of Cawdor, later King of Scotland LENNOX 704808 LENNOX [Lenox] MACBETH <i>and</i> LEN - NOX 704812 later of Cawdor, later King of Scotland MACBETH <i>and</i> LEN - NOX 704812 LENNOX [Lenox] DONALBAIN 704798 DONALBAIN BANQUO 704794 BANQUO MACDUFF 704813 ROSS 704822 ROSS MENTETH 704815 MENTETH [Menteith] ANGUS 704793 ANGUS CATHNESS 704796 CATHNESS [Caithness] FLEANCE 704803 FLEANCE, Banquos son SEYWARD 704828 SEYWARD, Earl of Northum - berland [Siward] YOUNG SEYWARD 704835 YOUNG SEYWARD, his son [Siward] SEYTON 704827 SEYTON, Macbeths ar - mour-bearer SON 704830 SON OF MACDUFF CAPTAIN 704795 A Captain PORTER 704821 A Porter OLD MAN 704820 An Old Man LADY 704807 LADY Macbeth [later, Queen of Scotland] WIFE 704834 WIFE OF MACDUFF GENTLEWOMAN 704804 Gentlewoman attendant on Lady Macbeth HECAT 704805 HECAT (Hecate] FIRST WITCH 704802 FIRST WITCH THIRD WITCH 704833 THIRD WITCH FIRST MURDERER 704801 FIRST MURDERER SECOND MURDERER 704824 SECOND MURDERER THIRD MURDERER 704832 THIRD MURDERER FIRST APPARITION 704800 FIRST APPARITION SECOND APPARITION 704823 SECOND APPARITION THIRD APPARITION 704831 THIRD APPARITION ENGLISH DOCTOR 704797 An English Doctor DOCTOR 705877 A Scottish Doctor KING 704806 DUNCAN, King of S