The Tempest

Character circles

b r o t h e r s ANTONIO usurping Duke of Milan ALONSO King of Naples PROSPERO Duke of Milan JUNO CERES IRIS ARIEL BOATSWAIN MIRANDA FERDINAND SEBASTIAN FRANCISCO GONZALO ADRIAN CALIBAN STEPHANO TRINCULO MASTER lords servant servants Other spirits daughter lovers son brothers conspirators councillor butler jester slave MARINERS THE SAILORS PROSPEROS CELL ALONSOS COURT THE SPIRIT WORLD THE PLOTTING SERVANTS M a s q u e o f S p i r i t s ALONSO 704772 ALONSO, King of Naples SEBASTIAN 704789 SEBASTIAN, his brother PROSPERO 704788 PROSPERO, the right Duke of Milan ANTONIO 704773 ANTONIO, his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan FERDINAND 704778 FERDINAND, son of the King of Naples FERDINAND <i>and</i> MIRANDA 704779 FERDINAND, son of the King of Naples GONZALO 704781 GONZALO, an honest old councillor ADRIAN 704771 ADRIAN FRANCISCO 704780 FRANCISCO CALIBAN 704776 CALIBAN, a savage and deformed slave TRINCULO 704791 TRINCULO, a jester STEPHANO 704790 STEPHANO, a drunken butler [Stefano] MASTER 704785 Master of a ship BOATSWAIN 704775 Boatswain MARINERS 704784 Mariners MIRANDA 704787 MIRANDA, daughter of Prospero ARIEL 704774 ARIEL, an airy spirit IRIS 704782 IRIS CERES 704777 CERES JUNO 704783 JUNO FERDINAND <i>and</i> MIRANDA 704779 MIRANDA, daughter of Prospero

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