King Lear

Character circles

A t t e n d a n t s A t t e n d a n t s King LEAR Duke of ALBANY Earl of KENT (also: Caius) Duke of CORNWALL Earl of GLOUCESTER Duke of BURGUNDY King of FRANCE FOOL CORDELIA EDGAR (also: Poor Tom) GENTLEMAN GENTLEMAN GENTLEMAN HERALD 1st 2ND GONERILL CURAN 1ST OLD MAN REGAN EDMUND OSWALD MESSENGER MESSENGER 2ND CAPTAIN 3RD DOCTOR Knights daughters gentleman follower son bastard son oldest second youngest attendants OFFICERS steward SERVANTS tenant noble spouse spouse 1st 2nd 3RD 4th KNIGHTS suitor marries l o v e r s n o b l e l o v e r s LEAR 704763 LEAR, King of Britain GONERILL 704759 GONERILL, Lears eldest daughter [Duchess of Albany; Gonoril] REGAN 704767 REGAN, Lears second daughter [Duchess of Cornwall] CORDELIA 704746 CORDELIA, Lears youngest daughter [later, Queen of France] ALBANY 704742 DUKE OF ALBANY, husband of Gonerill CORNWALL 704747 DUKE OF CORNWALL, husband of Regan FRANCE 704756 KING OF FRANCE BURGUNDY 704744 DUKE OF BURGUNDY KENT 704761 EARL OF KENT, later disguised as Caius GLOUCESTER 704758 EARL OF GLOUCESTER EDGAR 704751 EDGAR, son of Gloucester, later disguised as Poor Tom [Tom oBedlam] EDMUND 704752 EDMUND, bastard son of Gloucester [Edmond; Bastard; later, Earl of Gloucester] OSWALD 704766 OSWALD, Gonerills steward FOOL 704755 Lears FOOL CURAN 704748 CURAN, gentleman of Gloucesters household OLD MAN 704765 OLD MAN, a tenant of Gloucester DOCTOR 704750 DOCTOR, attendant on Cordelia CAPTAIN 704745 A CAPTAIN, follower of Edmund HERALD 704760 HERALD THIRD SERVANT 704770 THIRD SERVANT FIRST SERVANT 704754 FIRST SERVANT SECOND SERVANT 704769 SECOND SERVANT SECOND OFFICER 704768 SECOND OFFICER GENTLEMAN 704757 GENTLEMAN KNIGHT 704762 KNIGHT MESSENGER 704764 MESSENGER ALBANY <i>and</i> CORNWALL 704743 DUKE OF ALBANY, husband of Gonerill ALBANY <i>and</i> CORNWALL 704743 DUKE OF CORNWALL, husband of Regan

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