Troilus and Cressida

Character circles

A t t e n d a n t s S o l d i e r s A t t e n d a n t s S o l d i e r s s e d u c e r l e a d e r s GREEKS TROJANS PRIAM King of Troy MENELAUS King of Sparta THERSITES follower at the camp servants children daughter brothers servant spouses spouse leaders companion followers lovers niece lovers MAN BOY TROILUS ACHILLES ULYSSES NESTOR AJAX HELEN HELENUS CRESSIDA CALCHAS PANDARUS PROLOGUE SERVANT Servant SERVANT AENEAS Antenor HECTOR PARIS ANDROMACHE AGAMEMNON commander MARGARELON MYRMIDONS ALEXANDER CASSANDRA CASSANDRA DIOMEDES PATROCLUS DEIPHOBUS PRIAM 704735 PRIAM, King of Troy [Priamus] HECTOR 704724 HECTOR PARIS 704733 PARIS DEIPHOBUS 704722 DEIPHOBUS HELENUS 704726 HELENUS, a priest TROILUS 704740 TROILUS MARGARELON 704728 MARGARELON, a bastard [Margareton] AENEAS 704712 AENEAS PANDARUS 704732 PANDARUS, a lord, Cressidas uncle [Pan - dar] CALCHAS 704719 CALCHAS, Cressidas father, a defector to the Greeks ALEXANDER 704715 ALEXANDER, Cressidas servant ANDROMACHE 704717 ANDROMACHE, Hectors wife CRESSIDA 704721 CRESSIDA [Cressid] CASSANDRA 704720 CASSANDRA, Priams daughter, a proph - etess BOY 704718 BOY, servant of Troilus SERVANT 704737 Pariss SERVANT AGAMEMNON 704713 AGAMEMNON, general commander of the Greeks MENELAUS 704729 MENELAUS, King of Sparta, Agamem - nons brother ULYSSES 704741 ULYSSES ACHILLES 704711 ACHILLES AJAX 704714 AJAX NESTOR 704731 NESTOR DIOMEDES 704723 DIOMEDES [Diomed] PATROCLUS 704734 PATROCLUS, Achilles’ companion THERSITES 704739 THERSITES HELEN 704725 HELEN, Menelauss wife, living with Paris in Troy [Nell] PROLOGUE 704736 Speaker of the PROLOGUE MAN 704727 MAN, servant of Troilus MYRMIDONS 704730 MYRMIDONS SOLDIERS 704738 SOLDIERS ALL 704716 UNISON Lords

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