Yon words

The yon series of words in English always carry the suggestion that an object is some distance away but visible. Yond and yonder are used both as an adverb of place and as a demonstrative word before a noun (a determiner); yon has only determiner function. The senses are ‘over there’ or ‘in that place’ (for the adverb) and ‘that [one] over there’ (for the determiner).

Item Location Example Gloss
yon (det.) Ham I.i.168 yon high eastward hill that (one) over there
yond (adv.) Tem I.ii.410 say what thou seest yond there
yond (det.) 1H6 II.i.33 I’ll to yond corner that (one) over there
yonder (adv.) AYL I.i.24 Yonder comes my master in that place, over there
yonder (det.) MND III.ii.61 yonder Venus in her glimmering sphere that (one) over there



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