entertain (v.) Old form(s): entertain'd, entertaine
hire, employ, maintain, take into service
AW IV.iii.88[Bertram to all] I have ... entertained my convoy
Cym IV.ii.394.1[disguised Innogen to Lucius] So please you entertain me
JC V.v.60[Octavius to all] All that served Brutus, I will entertain them
KL III.vi.77[Lear to Edgar as Poor Tom] You, sir, I entertain for one of my hundred [i.e. knights]
MA I.iii.54[Borachio to Don John] Being entertained for a perfumer
MW I.iii.10[Host to Falstaff] I will entertain Bardolph
MW I.iii.50[Pistol to Falstaff, of Ford's 'legion of angels'] As many devils entertain! [or: do battle]
R3 I.ii.256[Richard to himself] I'll ... entertain a score or two of tailors
TG II.iv.102[Valentine to Silvia, of Proteus] entertain him / To be my fellow-servant to your ladyship
TG IV.iv.60[Proteus to disguised Julia] I have entertained thee
TG IV.iv.67[Proteus to disguised Julia, of her qualities] for this I entertain thee
TG IV.iv.88[disguised Julia alone, of Proteus] thou hast entertained / A fox to be the shepherd of thy lambs
Tim IV.iii.492[Flavius to Timon] entertain me as your steward still