embassage, ambassage (n.)
message, errand, business, mission
E3 I.ii.21[King David to Lorraine] Touching your embassage
E3 II.i.369[Warwick to himself] was never father had / Against his child an embassage so bad
LLL V.ii.98[Boyet to Princess, of Mote] That well by heart hath conned his embassage
MA I.i.259[Benedick to Don Pedro] I have almost matter enough in me for such an embassage
MA II.i.247[Benedick to Don Pedro] do you any embassage to the Pigmies
R2 III.iv.93[Queen Isabel as if to mischance] Doth not thy embassage belong to me
R3 II.i.3[King Edward to all] I every day expect an embassage / From my Redeemer
Sonn.26.3[] To thee I send this written ambassage

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