easy (adj.) Old form(s): easie
slight, petty, insignificant
2H4 V.ii.71[King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice] Rate, rebuke, and roughly send to prison / Th'immediate heir of England? Was this easy?
2H6 III.i.133[Suffolk to Gloucester] these faults are easy, quickly answered
Cor V.ii.41[First Watch to Menenius, of Coriolanus] you ... think to front his revenges with the easy groans of old women
Cor V.vi.65[First Lord to Aufidius, of Coriolanus] What faults he made before the last ... / Might have found easy fines
KJ III.i.207.1[Lewis the Dauphin to King Philip] the difference / Is purchase of a heavy curse from Rome, / Or the light loss of England for a friend. / Forgo the easier
Tit III.i.197[Titus to Aaron] As for my sons, say I account of them / As jewels purchased at an easy price

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