entertain (v.) Old form(s): entertain'd, entertaind, entertaine
receive, admit, let in
2H4 V.ii.54[King Henry V to his brothers] be sad; / But entertain no more of it ... / Than a joint burden laid upon us all
2H6 IV.ix.14[King as if to heaven] set ope thy everlasting gates / To entertain my vows of thanks and praise!
CE III.i.120[Antipholus of Ephesus to Angelo] mine own doors refuse to entertain me
Luc.1629[Lucrece to Collatine, quoting Tarquin's words] entertain my love
Per II.ii.14[Simonides to Thaisa] 'Tis now your honour ... to entertain / The labour of each knight in his device
R3 I.iii.4[Grey to Queen Elizabeth] entertain good comfort
TC I.iii.354[Nestor to Ulysses, of people taking from success a good opinion of themselves] Which entertained, limbs are his instruments
Tem II.i.18[Gonzalo to Alonso] When every grief is entertained that's offered
Ven.969[of Venus] All entertained, each passion labours so / That every present sorrow seemeth chief