environ (v.) Old form(s): enuiron , Enuironed , Inuiron , Inuiron'd , Inuironed , inuironned
surround, envelop, encircle, engulf
1H6 V.iv.90[Pucelle to all] darkness and the gloomy shade of death / Environ you
2H4 IV.iii.97[Falstaff alone, of the effect of sherry on the brain] It ... dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapours which environ it
3H6 I.i.242[Queen to King] The trembling lamb environed with wolves
3H6 II.i.50[Messenger to Richard and Edward, of York] Environed he was with many foes
3H6 II.iv.4[Richard to Clifford, of his arms] both bound to revenge, / Wert thou environed with a brazen wall
R3 I.iv.59[Clarence to Keeper] a legion of foul fiends / Environed me
RJ IV.iii.50[Juliet alone, of the tomb] shall I not be distraught, / Environed with all these hideous fears
TG I.i.16[Proteus to Valentine] If ever danger do environ thee
Tit III.i.94[Titus to all] now I stand as one upon a rock / Environed with a wilderness of sea