entertain (v.) Old form(s): entertain'd, entertaine
treat, deal with, handle
1H6 I.iv.38[Salisbury to Talbot, of his time as a prisoner of the French] Yet tellest thou not how thou wert entertained
1H6 II.iii.71[Countess to Talbot] I am sorry that with reverence / I did not entertain thee as thou art
H5 I.ii.111[Canterbury to King Henry] O noble English, that could entertain / With half their forces the full pride of France
KL I.iv.57[Third Knight to Lear] your highness is not entertained with that ceremonious affection as you were wont
Tim I.ii.184.1[Timon to Second Servant, of a gift of horses] Let the presents / Be worthily entertained

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